Products for Pet Play – feel animal passion!

Products for Pet Play – feel animal passion!.

If you are an amateur of Pet Play, or want to try this interesting practice from BDSM, then you will easily find many products with us that will help you or your partner get used to the role of a domestic animal and get a maximum pleasure from the game.

First of all, the atmosphere will help create masks: vinyl, latex, lace, from artificial and genuine leather, for reincarnation into a pet of your choice, whether it be a dog, a cat or even a pretty rabbit. We suggest paying attention to luxurious fluffy sleeves of natural fur and wood – With such accessories to become an affectionate favorite will not be difficult!

Many masks are equipped with collars with a ring, which can be used to fix the collar, bondage, handcuffs and other things, as well as convenient lightning in the mouth of the mouth to open or close access to it. If you like the more ponies, then a stylish bridle with shores and anal sleeve-hobby – This is exactly what you need! There are even colored tails in stock, for especially juicy and bright games.

Do not forget to choose the main accessory for your pet – a collar, a leash to which you, too, can choose without problems on our website. The choice of collars is truly great, you will find both classic black leather models, and more intricate suede, lace, made of soft neoprene, transparent, decorated with crystals or rhinestones, with brutal spikes, connected to handcuffs and clamps for nipples. The most functional collars – having one or more rings to which you can fix the leash, by the way, some models of the collars are included with a leash.

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