Prites of deprivation of virginity in various cultures

Prites of deprivation of virginity in various cultures.

Concepts «Women’s virgin» In some countries (India, Brazil, Chile) it does not exist at all, because in the genitals of women of these countries there is no virgin pool. Everything is explained very simply — In these countries, mothers are so energetically washing their children so vigorously that the hymen is completely destroyed in their early childhood. Moreover, if one of the girls Himen will remain before marriage, and the man will be forced to «break through» a member of the first sexual intercourse, then those around him and even her husband believe that a girl «Poorly raised», that she grew up as a bastard (if she was poorly washed). So the preservation of virginity in a girl is considered shameful there. What contrast compared to Europe!

Previously, in countries where religious faith is Islam (all Arabic, countries, countries of the Middle East, etc.), female rituals of imprisonment others. Upon reaching a girl of a certain age (usually at 13—14 years old) She was planted with the penis on a wooden penis, after being removed and believed that she turned into a woman and had the right to marry. This is how female rituals happened «Dedications of girls into women». And although «penis» A lot is small in size (it can be described by the formula «Swan-Prince»- A variety of a member), after a ritual of deprivation of virginity, after which a sexual life was allowed (and every girl sought it), a young girl sometimes could unsuccessfully sit down «An virgin» and injure the genital organ. Sometimes, sacrificing her virginity to God, the woman received severe bleeding or infected her trichomonosis, and often by gonorrhea, since the girls sat on «member» God one after another (each sat exactly 5 minutes — As much as, according to the ministers of the cult, normal sexual intercourse should continue). The whole procedure took place in unsanitary conditions. The worship minister jealously watched whether the blood appeared on a wooden dick after the next girl, and then washed her off «holy water», And sat down the next one. Woe was the one that did not give God its first female blood (t. e., if she was no longer a virgin) by the time «initiations». It was believed that she was defiled and she was expelled from the village.

And although men in ethyl countries practically «The whole» They didn’t break, because they all went to a wooden member, but the women are not so hardened anywhere as there. For example, a woman does not even have the right to raise her eyes to a man, not only talk with him or smile. Thus, strictly speaking, sexual emancipation does not so much depend on the presence or absence of a woman on the first wedding night of the virgin rod. The origins of the sexual freedom of a woman are much deeper.

Here in Europe and America it is still believed that to demand from the wife «virgin» The first wedding night is by no means stupid! Well, there is no signs or rather than this, if not assuming that the virgin is the impressive of women has been broken more than once and restored for the pleasure of proud men! No wonder one sage said: «If you get a good wife, you will become lucky if bad — You become a philosopher…»

Male rituals

For men, there are also their rituals of deprivation of virginity. For example, in Turkey, Iran, Armenia until 1920. there was (and in some countries continues to exist now) a male ritual when a young man who has reached a certain age (usually 16—18 years) «Dedicated to men». Especially for this case, a young donkey is growing up so that by the time of dedication she was no more than two years old. The young man should in front of all men of the village «Break the virgin» Ishachka. And if he does it, he «Accepted in a man». If he does not have an erection of a penis, then he does not consider a man, because «A real man has a member should even stand on the animal».

Of course, breaking through a virgin pleasant ischka is easier than a woman: both the spit is thinner and the vagina is wider than the female, and the member of the man is much less than the dick of the donkey. Nevertheless, such a male ritual exists. They say that in these countries there are absolutely no impotent on nervous grounds among men. Since childhood, a man tunes in a rude sexual intercourse, meaning that spiritual affection, love here is inappropriate, that you can satisfy sexual passion, even having an animal partner. That is why it is not surprising that monstrous sexual perversion is so widespread in Armenia—Sodigy, or pedara. To by the time «initiations» not to get into a mess, a young man, as soon as he begins to have a member of a member (from about 13 years old), begins to train on animals in advance. In particular, on ischiki. Armenians have no breaks in sexual life associated with the menstrual cycle of his wife. During menstruation, the Armenians are assigned to the anus with their wives, while others are — with animals (stacking) or men (sodistry).

Jews and Magometan have a male ritual «Cutting». It consists in cutting the extreme flesh of the penis. The Qur’an claims that Allah ordered so much to preserve the health of a Muslim. And in fact, the circumcision of the foreskin has a healing value: usually, under the foreskin, male accumulates, sperm and urine, with carcinogenic properties;In the conditions of a hot climate, they quickly decompose, which can lead a man to cancer of the penis and cause similar diseases of the female penis.

Of course, with a simple shift of the foreskin, this part of the penis becomes available to a man from the head of a member, and if men are clean and love to follow the hygiene of their body, then they can always contain their dick in perfect cleanliness, which is much better than any «Cutting». But personal hygiene of Arabs, Turks, Iranians, Afghanistians, and nationalities of Central Asia is still at such a terribly low level that «circumcision» Indeed, it is a healing event for them. And this was confirmed by scientific studies: cancer of the penis does not occur at all in persons who have undergone in time «circumcision». This disease is unknown to Muslims. Women in these countries are much less common for genital cancer.

Cutting can be carried out at any age (as well as baptism in the Christian church). In many countries, circumcision is necessarily produced by a woman, as a rule, elderly (a kind «godmother»), under the supervision of ministers of the male ritual. At the age of 4 years, boys tolerate circumcision very easily. The older the boy, the more painful the circumcision. In addition, due to the lack of elementary conditions of sanitation, it is possible to introduce infection into the resulting wound. Muslim has the right to marry the Qur’an only after circumcision. You can understand how hard to those who agree to accept Islam in adulthood. Contacting to Muslims necessarily provides for circumcision, and there are no exceptions for anyone here.

In most countries of the East, the custom of a ritual «cleansing a woman from filth». To do this, the beaver harness is thrown into the focal: the harness begins to spin, and the woman, without panties, spreading her legs over the focus, should let this smoke into the genitals.

The ritual occurred after each menstruation in women and after childbirth. Since it is difficult for adult men and women to live sexual life, and to touch a woman, desecrated menstruation or childbirth, was not supposed to be religion, you can imagine the cost of a beaver harness on the international market!!))) The man went to everything to get her. So for 5 kg. Bobrovaya Hot Yakuta and Nenets, as well as Kazakhs, paid 56 or more deer or rams. But so many harnesses were barely enough for a year, t. e. At 12—14 rituals.

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