Pleasure without penetration. Part 1

Pleasure without penetration. Part 1.

Pleasure without penetration. Part 1

Parasex – such sex in which there is no penetration. He can make diversity to sexual life or replace standard intercourse, if there is no opportunity for him or abstinence is necessary. Almost the entire body can participate in such sex, and today we will talk about the main types of parasexx, but we will not guarantee that they will all like all of them.

Linguistic sex

This is oral sex, but without penetration. Only kisses, licking, and all. No penetration, pleasing the partner only with the help of language and lips. Can often bring to orgasm, although it is inferior to the standard oral.

Paranasal sex

Of course, it happens in any case without penetration. If you understand that your partner’s nose excites you. Most often looks like friction with a penis on a partner’s nose – about the wings of the nose, nostrils, cartilage (it all depends on personal preferences). If you think that you can complete the case to the end by friction of the penis on the nose, then be careful not to “Fire” Beloved in the eye.

Paraauricular sex

You are excited by your partners’ ears and she is not against unusual experiments? Then you can pay attention to the type of sex, which involves the friction of the penis on the ear, as well as in the interval between the head and the ear.

Trichophilic Frottage

You are crazy about your partner’s hair? You are excited by one thought that your penis will affect its hairstyle? Then the time has come to experiment! Trichophilic Frottage is the friction of the penis on the partner’s head, or rather, hair. But there are several nuances here. First you need to make sure that there are no hairpins, hairpins and other accessories on the head of the lover, which can be damaged. Do not forget that there should be no gel, varnish and other female on her head “Putches”, which can harm a penis.

Pubis Sex

Involves friction about a partner’s pubis (without penetration). The presence of hair on it depends only on your personal preferences, but be careful – if the hair is slightly overgrown and there is “bristle”, You risk feeling quite unpleasant sensations.

Manual sex

Quite popular type of sex without penetration, which is the stimulation of the genitals with the help of hands. The advantage of such sex is that caresses can be simultaneous and mutual.

Glutual petting

With such sex, the friction of the penis occurs between the buttocks of the partner. It is worth noting that if you have agreed in advance for parasex, then be careful – the temptation will go to the usual sex with penetration will be quite large, and the proximity to the cherished place will make itself felt with a great desire.

Mammological Frottage

Friction about the breasts and nipples of a partner often occurs as friction between two mammary glands, especially if the size of the chest allows. With such sex, it is necessary to be neat, so that as with paranasal sex is not “Fire” Suddenly beloved in the eye.

Pleasure without penetration. Part 1

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