Phalloprotes: you need it or not?

How to choose the right phalloprosthesis.

“The size does not matter”, “The main thing is the ability to use …”, “I love you anyway …” – all these are good tales for comfort and raising self -esteem. Supporting the second half and self -confidence is, of course, an important, but much more important objective solution to the problem. Everyone wants sex, and I will even tell you more – sex should be of high quality. No matter how strange it may sound, the quality of sex largely determines the quality of life. But people are complex animals. And their needs are more difficult than the brothers of our smaller. The act alone is not enough to satisfy the main instinct. This act should be enchanting and certainly crowned by orgasm. The woman’s vagina contains many nerve endings and points of pleasure, which are often in the very depths, and a small phallus will simply “not reach” to them. So it turns out that the couple remains unsatisfied, although this problem is insignificant and in principle solved.

How to make a partner idolize you and ask for more, if you, sorry, have a little penis?

Phalloprosthesis: what is it about

In the end, you are not to blame that it happened historically. Phalloprotes is a thing that is used not only by owners of oversized members, but also men who, for some reason, have problems in the intimate field. Such problems may appear due to the venerable age of the lover, of various injuries, leading to impotence or partial (or even complete castration). But this does not mean that the man with whom such a nuisance occurred should be deprived of the joys of sex! For this, they came up with phalloprostheses.

What is a phalloprotes? Almost strapon. Rather, its lightweight version. Full inside, he can be worn on a real member or fastened with straps (for lesbian steam). This device is used both if necessary and for pleasure.

Phalloprotes: you need it or not?

If a girl is operating a phalloprothesis, then it is much easier for her to handle such a toy than a regular strapon, due to his smaller weight.

How to choose a phalloprosthesis?

  • Quality – quality of sexual intercourse with phalloprosthesis depends on the quality of the phalloprosthesis itself.
  • Price – do not take cheap phalloprostheses. The more elite, more natural and realistic the model – the better. Intimate sphere is just the area where you can judge the quality of the quality.
  • Size – the size of the phalloprothesis should be slightly larger than average. You should not buy some prohibitive giant in the excitement: not all girls are ready to accept 25 cm. The optimal length of the penis is 18-20 cm, no more.
  • Naturalness and realism – choose the colors and textures close to natural. Of course, if you and your partner are not a fan of bright colors and bizarre shapes-this is already a personal business of everyone and is suitable for permanent couples who want something new for themselves.

A correctly chosen phalloprosthesis will not only deliver a lot of pleasure, but will also help in solving many bed problems, strengthen relations in a couple, help a man to raise self -esteem and regain the taste of life, as well as give new and diverse sensations when making love.

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