Perifit vaginal muscles simulator

Perifit vaginal muscles simulator.

Perifit vaginal muscles simulator
More recently, all games on the phone were devoted to collect as many friends as possible in them or plan a safe flight of a “angry bird”. Currently, you can not only play, but also strengthen your health. How is it possible?

French company Perifit Together with uroginecologists, a simulator for Kegel exercises, which is connected through Bluetooth with the Perifit App app. Special sensors inside the device in real mode transmit data to the phone screen so that you can monitor the progress of training. And the main feature is that the programs of classes are made in the form of 10 funny games for smartphones, passing which you simultaneously train the pelvic bottom muscles.

Than the Perifit simulator differs from others?

Many women have diseases associated with the muscles of the pelvic floor, for example, urinary incontinence or lowering the uterus, vagina and bladder. Kegel exercises help maintain these muscles in tone. Unfortunately, about 30% of women do not know how to do them correctly and often, and these training do not bring the desired benefit.

At the same time, the strong muscles of the pelvic floor are a vital indicator of a healthy body of a woman. This is especially true in the following cases:
Pregnancy – both during and after it, the muscles help the body cope with the changes occurring during the expectation of the child, as well as quickly recover after giving birth.
Control over the bladder – strong muscles prevent urinary incontinence, which is caused by stress, postpartum changes, age -related or other factors.
Stability of the musculoskeletal system – strong muscles provide support for the abdominal organs, the stability of the entire pelvic system and the lower part of the spine.
Pleasure – strong muscles of the pelvic floor increase excitement and improve sensations, the quality of orgasm, and also positively affect sexual relations with a partner.

Using the device, you can track the condition of the muscles of the pelvic floor along five important indicators:

  • force;
  • endurance;
  • frequency;
  • relaxation;
  • accuracy.

Perifit is a perfect Kegel exercise system, which was created to strengthen and restore the muscles of the pelvic floor using a clinically proven biological feedback system. This device uses a unique patented technology of a double pressure sensor to determine errors when compressing muscles.

How is the Perifit simulator

The device has a diameter in a wide part of 2.6 cm and a working length of 10.5 cm. These parameters are suitable for comfortable placement in any female body and accurate measurement of compression force.Inside the simulator there are two sensors of the pelvic floor reduction, one in each ball. Superficial sensor It measures the force attached in the direction of the front, this is the axis along which the pelvic floor muscles stretch when the compression is performed by Kegel and Deep sensor measures the force applied along the perpendicular axis, which is an excellent way to measure intra -abdominal pressure and, ultimately, assessing the quality of compression by Kegel. On the white part of the device is a button and an LED, which lights up green when Perifit is turned on. Before the start of each training, you are invited to calibrate the device to determine your compression power indicators to date. It is very simple to do this – it is enough to compress the vaginal muscles 3 times when the device is already inside your body.

10 unique classes will allow you to determine the optimal option for you. In the first game, the goal is that the butterfly caught a lotus flower and escapes birds. Straining and relaxing the muscles of the vagina on command from the screen, you perform certain tasks and switch to higher levels.

You can choose any background designs – mountain, pasture, rural areas;Open and close the clouds, catch fish, or play an analogue of the popular game “Flappy Bird” so that the exercise time is not boring.

The simulator is made of high-quality medical silicone and ABS plastic. Before and after each use, the simulator must be washed with warm water with soft soap and treated with a special spray. Introduction inside will be much more pleasant with water -based lubricant.

The advantages of the Perifit simulator

The Perifit device helps to train two pelvic bottom layers at once – superficial and deep. Their condition has an important effect on sexual sensitivity, and also affects labor, the health of the reproductive system and blood circulation.Perifit vaginal muscles simulator
In the application you can observe the state of the pelvic muscles, statistics of training progress and set goals. So You get motivation, to perform exercises further, open new levels in the game.

The application itself teaches and helps at every stage of classes. All tasks are simple and understandable for execution, and also many recommendations are given so that you can get the perfect result.

Training with Perifit, You can:

  • Recover quickly after childbirth or operations on the genitourinary system;
  • Eliminate problems associated with urinary incontinence;
  • Cure the syndrome of the hyperactive bladder;
  • Carry out the prevention of diseases of the pelvic floor;
  • Avoid or reduce the chance of prolapse (prolapse) of the pelvic floor and pelvic organs;
  • Improve sexual life.

The plus is also that the device does not need charging. The manufacturer guarantees 5 years of the built -in battery. You can arrange training at any convenient time and not worry that the simulator will be discharged.

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