Menstrual cup. How to choose, how to use. Answers to popular questions

Menstrual cup. How to choose, how to use. Answers to popular questions.

Menstrual cup. How to choose, how to use. Answers to popular questions

The demand for menstrual bowls increased in 2022. More and more women began to think about saving on hygiene products or look for more comfortable protection options on critical days. And we decided to answer all questions about menstrual bowls and tell about the pros and cons of application.

How to find the best bowl for personal use? You need to understand, what are they, which is important when choosing. We asked experts and users about this and the features of application.

Menstrual cup. How to choose, how to use. Answers to popular questions

What is menstrual bowl

Menstrual bowl is a special soft device for collecting blood on critical days. Outwardly similar to a soft cap with a tail. It is located inside the vagina, like an ordinary swab, but does not absorb discharge, but collects them.

The bowl is not felt in the body. If a woman uses tampons, and she is comfortable with them, then it will also be convenient with the bowl. If it is introduced correctly, it does not interfere with active life. You can run with her, ride a bicycle and even swim.

Many manufacturers create bowls, every year there are more and more of them. But this is a non -modern invention. They came up with them back in the 19th century, but at that time there were still no perfect materials to use the device everywhere.

Today the menstrual bowl Safe, convenient and economical. She serves 4–10 years, does not require additional protection. And with her you can completely abandon the gaskets and tampons.


The bowl is safer than tampons and gaskets. Since during the use of the discharge is not in contact with the air, the decomposition of blood does not begin. AND excluded toxic shock syndrome, which occurs if you forget the swab in the body for many hours.

Plus, when using the bowl, there are no mass of bacteria that multiply on the gasket. Which reduces the possibility of inflammation or infection. And if there are no bacteria, there is no unpleasant odor.

The material is hypoallergenic, Suitable for all women. And over time does not lose its properties, serves for a very long time.

Menstrual cup. How to choose, how to use. Answers to popular questions


Menstrual bowls can be used by almost all women. There are few exceptions. Here are diagnoses at which, you should consult a doctor before use:

  • Strong omission of the pelvic organs.
  • Inflammatory process or infection.
  • SPPP.

If the operation of the reproductive system is not observed, you can safely test the use of the bowl for menstruation. Consultation with a specialist is not required. And the selection of the device is performed Without the participation of a gynecologist.

Life time

Menstrual bowls are made from medical silicone. This is a delicate incorrect material that is used in the mass of areas. He serves for a long time, does not change properties over time.

Sasha is recommended Change once every 10 years. An earlier replacement is only necessary if the integrity of the subject is violated. Sometimes with nails you can damage thin walls.

The bowls are often changed due to the fact that you want something new, and not because it failed. Break in the design.

But with age there are changes in the color of the product. It becomes less intense or darkens. This does not always happen. But if it happened, it is not dangerous. And after a color change, use can continue.

Menstrual cup. How to choose, how to use. Answers to popular questions

The shape of the menstrual bowl

Small container of flexible material — This is how the bowl for menstruation looks like. At the end — ponytail or loop to extract. And all the bowls are very similar to each other.

Only 2 parameters change: Hardness and color.

  • Some bowls are softer, others are slightly stronger. But even on the package it does not write what you take. It is impossible to describe rigidity. But this parameter is not very important, it does not affect the use.
  • And everyone chooses color according to personal preferences.

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