Member hacker: hacked smart belt of fidelity

Member hacker: hacked smart belt of fidelity.

Adult toys bring diversity into an intimate life, help to cope with weak potency, make sexual intercourse longer and pleasant, and orgasms – bright and saturated. However, if you decide to put a member in a cage, be prepared for the fact that he may not get out of the wild.

Member hacker: hacked smart belt of fidelity

The British from Pen Test Partners decided to test the world’s first male fidelity belt with a Qiui CellMate smartphone and was easily hacked. The API interface that ensures the interaction of the toy with the application turned out to be problematic. Actually, the developers planned that the user will be able to transfer the prisoner in his pants to the partner so that he could remotely block and unlock the sex gate. Here are just the exchange of data with a smartphone without password and encryption, and this allows you to intercept control anyone, and even without hacking.

Now – the most interesting. For some reason, the creators of the smart belt for men did not provide an emergency shutdown mechanism, that is, when taking control of the outsider, the device may remain blocked forever. To open the castle recorded by a metal ring under the penis, you will have to saw ..

PS: An unprotected API also threatens with a drain of candid correspondence of users from the CellMate application. Anyone can access them by spending some couple of days.

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