Male and female intimate haircuts: types and techniques of execution

About intimate haircuts.

Male and female intimate haircuts: types and techniques of execution

Men’s intimate haircuts: benefits and tribute to fashion

Male intimate haircuts are a relatively new trend, nevertheless perfectly fitting into the concept of leaving for themselves not only women, but also men.
For a modern person, an undoubted fact is the need to observe hygiene. Men carefully monitor their hair, make beautiful and neat haircuts, sometimes even dye and tint the hair, put them with a hairdryer and a special gel.

Representatives of the stronger sex wear neat figure beards and carefully trimmed mustache, shave armpits and chest, remove unwanted hair on the back and shoulders. It is not surprising that the next point in the program for the care of their body was men’s sex haircuts.

What are the haircuts for “shameful” hair

Our ancestors would definitely not understand the need not only of figure haircuts, but also hair removal from an intimate area in general. But the man of our days is very scrupulous regarding unpleasant odors and with all means fights for the aesthetics of appearance. No one is a mystery that the modern world is simply obsessed with youth, beauty, harmony and attractiveness. A person with a thick furry bunch of hair in an intimate zone now looks like an uncouth village or perfect savage.

Nowadays, when men are not shy about wearing microscopic stings swings, to have untidy overgrows of hair in the lower abdomen is simply indecent. They stick out of underwear, prick and interfere with sex, look very unaesthetic and most importantly – they literally condenses and absorb all smells. If we take into account that in the zone of the genital organs there is a specific musky smell, and the proximity of the excretory organs, the presence of magnificent hair caps lead to the appearance of an extremely unpleasant odor, which is also enhanced in the heat, when playing sports and wearing overly cramped linen and dense jeans.

The desire to make intimate men’s hairstyles has another important reason – a man wants to like his chosen one and shock other representatives of the male half of humanity. A neat haircut in the inguinal zone says a lot about a man. He is clean, neat, loves not only himself, but also respects his partner and wants to please her with a beautiful appearance of the genitals.

There is another important point. All men strive to have as larger as possible. This gives them self -confidence. Completely shaved hair in the inguinal zone visually emphasizes the size of the penis and visually make it much larger and more impressive. Even such a simple solution as a sexual intimate haircut makes a man more confident and liberated. And this must positively affect his personal and sexual life.

Types of male intimate haircuts

Intimate hairstyles can have many different variations and types:

  • Hair removal only from the pubis.

This is a very neat and fairly simple haircut, which can be done independently. It is suitable for men who value cleanliness, hygiene and lack of smells, but do not want to “bother” with fashion trends.

  • Brazilian hair removal is done not only by women.

With her, the hair is removed not only from the pubis, but also from the penis, scrotum, perineum and area around the anus. This is a painful procedure, so not everyone will be decided on it. This type of haircut, or rather, total extermination of hair in an intimate zone can often be seen by actors starring in erotic and pornographic films.

  • Strip or square hair on the pubis.

They are very shortened and neatly trimmed with even lines. Such haircuts are chosen by men neat and pedantic, who do not love excessive liberties even in intimate areas.

  • Klin or rhombus.

This type of haircut, like a total shaving hair, visually increases the genitals, so it is suitable for men who consider their penis small, having a tummy or suffering excess weight.

  • Shortening of hair and shaving them along the “bikini zone”, that is, along the hair growth line.

Such a man for the naturalness of the image, but with a note of accuracy – the hair does not stick out, removed from open areas and do not spoil the appearance of the body in linen or in swimming trunks.

  • Figure images.

It can be anything – a fig leaf, heart, palm, mustache, Christmas tree, crown or even the emblem of your favorite car.

The fantasies of men are unlimited here, they can afford to surrender everything that comes to mind. In the end, the hair grows rapidly, and an extravagant haircut can be turned into strict stripes or just shabby.

A haircut is not only a way to decorate yourself or achieve a hygienic ideal. This is also a way of self -expression. Therefore, men do not disdain to use paints, perform henna drawings or even decorate the intimate area with rhinestones and feathers.

How can you make a pubic hairstyle

You can use various tools to create intimate haircuts:

  • Scissors.

They are needed for the “black” processing of the inguinal zone with excessive density and the amount of hair. With scissors you can quickly give the basic shape and shorten the length of the hair on the pubis. It is best to use scissors with rounded ends so as not to provoke damage to sensitive skin on the genitals.

  • Razor.

This is the easiest and most affordable tool that can be given the desired shape and outlines of the hair on the pubis. But in some men, shaving an intimate zone causes irritation and hair growth. You will have to shave off your hairstyle after a couple of days, and growing hairs can be strongly injected.

  • Trimmer.

This is almost the same device as a device for shaving the temples and the back of the head. For an intimate zone, you need to have a separate trimmer – so more hygienic. It is easy to work a trimmer, the skill is produced very quickly, so it is quite possible to use it at home.

  • Wax, shugaring, epi-river and cream for depilation.

Men these funds are used much less often than women. Firstly, making the procedures at home is inconvenient, and not everyone will dare to go to the salon for an intimate hairstyle. Secondly, it can hurt to remove hair with the root, not all men are ready for this.

A neat intimate zone and the choice of haircuts for her can tell a lot about a man and his habits, but first of all characterizes him as a person of a clean and modern.

Performance of manipulations at home or in the cabin

At home, making haircuts on their own on the genitals is not very convenient, besides, it can be risky enough, especially if you wish to select everything total. At home, you can use a trimmer to give a neat type and shape to eliminate excess hair volume. A razor is suitable for a simple shaving of pubis or creating a strip, wedge.

A more complicated or curly intimate men’s haircut at home will require help. It is best to attract a wife or sexual partner for this, such joint actions will even bring a man and a woman closer.
In order to create a haircut that are difficult in shape and outlines, you can use a stencil. For this, the pattern is applied to dense cardboard and cut out. You can transfer the drawing to the body by a felt -tip pen, they can draw the contours of the future haircut right on the skin.

When performing a haircut or shaving, it is very important to properly prepare the skin and disinfect the tools so as not to make an infection. Do not use drugs containing alcohol – it dries the skin and pulls the skin, interfering with hair extraction. It is better to use chlorhexidine, miramistin or ordinary 3% hydrogen peroxide. They do not pinch, do not overdry the skin, subject to all the rules of their use.

When using a razor, the skin is best steamed, so shaving is best performed after bathing in a bath or taking a shower.

The trimmer is used on dry skin, to improve gliding, it can be sprinkled with talcum or children’s puffing.
After removing the hair, you need to beware of wetting the processed place so as not to provoke the rashes and the appearance of an abscess rash.

Making complex haircuts in the intimate area is most convenient and practical in the cabin. There the visitor will be offered a catalog with photos of intimate men’s haircuts, help you choose the best option, remove excess hair quickly and without pain and process the cut or shaved zone. The result will be perfect.

Female intimate haircuts and their implementation

Intimate haircuts are a product of modern times, they began to penetrate our life only after the 60s of the last century. Before that, the hair in the intimate zone had a original appearance.
Time had its influence not only on sex, but also on such a deeply personal thing as an intimate haircut. In the old days, European women were fond of rubbing and aromas, but not removing hair in an intimate zone, while Muslims always had smooth and clean skin throughout the body. Islam believes that the presence of hair on a woman’s body is an insult to Allah. And that’s right, because clean and smooth skin is not just beautiful, it is pleasant to touch, looks satin, young and fresh.

In the conditions of a hot climate, hair not only accumulates all unpleasant odors, but also become a real nursery of infection. So the decision to remove hair in the intimate zone was logical and correct not only in terms of beauty, but also hygiene.

Types of female intimate haircuts

Nowadays, intimate hairstyles are constantly progressing and changing. At first, the hair in the inguinal zone was simply blurred along the bikini line so that they did not spoil the impressions of a beautiful swimsuit or from expensive underwear. Gradually, the hair removal line increased, and part of the hair was reduced until it turned into a narrow vertical strip. The fashion for such an intimate haircut lasted a long time until it fell under the blows of a new fashion on very catchy curly haircuts.

An intimate haircut was performed in the form of various figures – a triangle, a square, a rhombus, heart, stars, palm trees, in a word, anything, that only the soul wishes.
Often such haircuts were painted in different colors. Women really liked it when the pubic hair was dyed in the tone of the hair on their heads, but the young and daring allowed themselves unusual neon colors and very vivid expressive combinations of colors.

After the era of crazy shapes and flowers, a reaction occurred. The hair began to be removed completely and Brazilian hair removal came into fashion, that is, the complete removal of hair on the genital organs of a woman. Women’s sex haircuts are still in demand, but many women prefer to remove their hair entirely.

In salons, masters offer various photos of intimate haircuts to choose from clients. It is very convenient, fast and practical, but making a female intimate haircut at home is quite possible.

How to make an intimate haircut

In order to get rid of hair in women’s intimate places, you can use the following tools and means:

  • Razor.

This is the most common and popular tool with which you can quickly give the desired shape a haircut or completely select a pubis. Has both advantages and disadvantages. After the razor, inflammation and irritation may remain, you can cut, hair grows very quickly, begins to stab and stick out in all directions. Also often arises such a problem as hair survey. But this is the cheapest and very quick way to put the intimate zone in order.

  • Epalator.

This device pulls out the hairs “with the root”, so they do not grow for a very long time, and the processed area remains clean and smooth. But the method has a drawback – this is a very painful procedure.

  • Wax and shugaring.

These are another popular ways to remove hair in which they break out with the bulb. You can do these procedures at home, but in the cabin it turns out faster, neat and more painless. With their help, you can both completely remove the hair, and make a beautiful and clear pattern.

  • Trimmer or electric razor.

This small device is able to work miracles. It is very convenient and simple to use it, you can use it yourself at home, as well as ask your partner to demonstrate your hairdressing abilities.

  • Cream for depilation.

This is the most soft and delicate remedy that helps to completely remove the hair and make a neat design in the intimate area. But after the cream, the hair grows very quickly, as after shaving.

  • Laser and photoepilation.

These are the most radical methods of hair removal in the intimate area, but at the same time the most expensive. Such methods are not available to all people, since there are contraindications precisely for the bikini zone in people with very susceptible and reactive skin. They have severe redness of the skin, inflammation, swelling and even burn.

It is believed that the most “clean” result when completely removing hair gives shugaring. The method of removing unwanted hair of sugar or honey paste is also the most painless and environmentally friendly, because the product includes only sugar or honey and lemon juice.

A variety of intimate haircuts

There are so many options for haircuts and hairstyles in the causal place that sometimes even beauty contests are held for such extravagant “styling”. The pubic hair is not only figuratively and exquisitely, but also diligently stained and even wound in special ways, decorated with rhinestones and other interesting elements.

It is believed that all hairstyles in the intimate area are built on the basis of four main types of haircuts:

  1. Brazilian, which provides for the complete removal of hair.
  2. Brazilian triangle – a narrow wedge of trimmed hair against a background of carefully cleaned skin.
  3. “Runway” – a narrow vertical line from the hair.
  4. Figured haircuts.

On the basis of these main haircuts, you can create many different combinations and options. The advantage of the pubic hairstyles is that they can be very easily changed. To do this, just shave the existing hairstyle and wait for the hair to grow to the desired length. Everything, a bridgehead for the manufacture of a new haircut is ready.

This is true in the case of superficial hair removal, that is, shaving, cutting or removing a trimmer, removing creams. If the hair is removed with the root, that is, when using sugar paste, wax or epilator, over time, the hairs become thinner and become less frequent. With many years of use of hair hair removal in the intimate area, much less remains.

Laser and photoepilation in several sessions destroys the bulk of the hair, but in some women with particularly thick and strong vegetation they continue to break through periodically.

Preparation for an intimate haircut

Regardless of the method of execution and outlines, all intimate haircuts in women require special hygiene conditions and high quality execution. Before performing the procedure, the genitals and hairy part must be washed very thoroughly.
Removing hair with the root is more convenient, faster and less painfully on well steamed skin, so most often such manipulations are done after visiting the bath, sauna, hammama, but the intake of the bath or bathing in the shower is suitable.
For shaving and working with a trimmer, the skin and hair should also be prepared. To shaving it was clean and did not cause irritation, a good sharp razor is needed. There is no need to remind that all tools and accessories for work in the intimate field should be strictly individual and disinfected.

Before shaving, the hair and skin must be softened. To do this, use both ordinary soap, turned into thick foam, as well as special gels and shaving creams. The purpose of their use is to soften the hair as much as possible to make it removes painless, and the skin is smooth. After the end of the procedure, the skin is washed from soap and treated with an antiseptic. Do not use alcohol -based products – it will strongly pinch and dry the skin. It is better to apply a pharmacy alternate drug, for example, chlorhexidine or ordinary hydrogen peroxide 3%.

After the end of the work, all the tools need to be disinfected, you can use special sprays and liquids for processing manicure tools, they are sold in cosmetic stores.


Working with a trimmer involves the presence of other skills. This convenient device is a hybrid of a small hair cutting machine with electric razor. It is very convenient for them to remove their hair in an intimate area, armpits, in men – on temples and the back of the head. This is an individual use device, it must be regularly cleaned, and the nozzles are disinfected.

Using a trimmer, you can perform various haircuts using stencils and without them. The easiest option is to adjust the bikini line. If a woman wants to look natural, but very neat, she can use a trimmer to remove the hair that is knocked out by the line formed on her body with lower linen or swimming swimming trunks.

To facilitate your work with independent haircut at home, you can use a felt -tip pen or cosmetic pencil and carefully draw the contours of a future haircut.
Sometimes, to simplify the work, it is worth first to remove the hair volume, that is, shorten them all over the pubis. For this purpose, you can use scissors, but faster, more accurately and more uniformly it turns out when using a trimmer with a special nozzle.
After the bulk of the hair is removed, you can start processing the contours. Separate hairs may have to be cut additional with scissors. To do this, after the end of work by the trimmer, the intimate hairstyle is thoroughly combed, and all the hairs knocking out from it are trimmed.

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