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The secret of the kiss.

Kisses. Video, film. Watch online
Someone calls it the touch of the lips, someone smack, someone French kiss and kisses or a suction, or lick, or suck a face. Some kisses are innocent, some are erotic. Kisses surround us throughout our lives. But how they appeared and why they deliver so much pleasure and which of them is better?

People have always loved to kiss and it doesn’t matter where. But what kind of thing is this – a kiss?

Different people describe them in different ways:

  1. This is a connection between two people;
  2. Turning lips to another person;
  3. Attempts to eat someone’s face;
  4. This is something at the level of emotions;
  5. refers to tender passion;
  6. direct contact of people between whom there is a special connection.

But, in the language of the scientists, we can say that a kiss is the interaction of external digestive organs – that is, lips. With a kiss, we cover and touch with our lips the holes of the secret plan. But this is not necessarily a mouth!) We can also apply lips to different parts of the body.

Not all kisses are so different in essence. It all depends on the degree of passion laid down in them. It all starts with kisses. We kiss at a meeting, we kiss our children, we kiss their abrasions to soften their pain, at the wedding we kiss as a sign of this promise, we try to seduce a kiss, kiss the coin before throwing it, we kiss the cards, idols, altars and land.

We give everyday and secular kisses as easily as smiles. But the passionate kisses of two lovers give rise to a whole cascade of emotions that are not comparable to other consequences of human relations.

Lips are essentially leather, only it is more sensitive, thinner, it has more nerve endings on it. Just like that does not happen. There is always a reason for this. And the reason is that a kiss is one of those things that attracts people to each other and holds them for the sake of intimacy.

We have compiled a list of words with which people describe this action.

  1. French Kiss;
  2. kiss;
  3. smoking;
  4. lick;
  5. in the suction;
  6. with tongue;
  7. to the stages.

Eskimos has 40 words to describe snow. In English, it seems, even more words to describe kisses.

The evolution of the kiss

Nevertheless, the origin of kisses remains for us one of the main puzzles. To date, there are several hypotheses. Nobody knows where kisses began, but there are assumptions that many animals lick each other to remove salt from the skin because the salt that goes out with the then settles on the skin or skin.

It is believed that our ancestors also did this. And along the way they found that on some parts of the body it causes a more pleasant sensation than on others.

. Now this is considered an intimate action related to birth. Therefore, when we grow and achieve puberty, we fall in love with the erotic meaning of the action that are so secret and related to the advent of.

Many animals clean each other and feed the cubs from the mouth in the mouth. But why do people go further? It turns out we were not the first. In addition to us, the only animals that kiss for the sake of pure pleasure are bonobo.

During their meetings, these small monkeys, living with strict matriarchy, give kisses and rubbish to each other. A very piquant form of communication, based, according to many, to receive pleasure.

Bonobo this behavior is characteristic of many more than other types of primates. It is believed that from close contact with each other, Bonobo receive a certain form of satisfaction – the devil is especially inherent in people.

People and Bonobo among those few mammals that are capable of propagation throughout the menstrual cycle. While an ordinary monkey can multiply only when a female has an estrus or ovulation. Although the scientist could not exactly determine for what reasons they kiss Bonobo, they managed to look into the depths of history and get several arguments about how people began to show such unusual habits as kisses.

2000 years ago the ancient Romans practiced kiss called Potavium. It was a very deep and passionate kiss with the penetration of the language. He was intended for lovers. He laid the foundation for the kiss that we now call French.

Starting its history as a sign of respect, a kiss of pure pleasure, turned out to be part of the kingdom of physical love.

The kiss received a romantic shade in Western culture. He seemed to continue the process of temptation. In many other world cultures, you are unlikely to find this. Mainly because marriage was carried out by agreement and not by love. Love and courtship were already after. Another reason was: lack of hygiene and bad teeth. People have rotted teeth, which smelled bad from their mouths. That is, people of course mated, but for a long time the period of seduction did not last.

The art of a kiss

Lyla McDenials – a woman conductor in the world of kisses. She conducts classes for those who want to find out that a kiss is not just a kiss. That’s what she says:

– Those who are just starting to build their relationship come to my classes and thus want to strengthen their romantic feelings towards each other. In my opinion, the most memorable is of course the first kiss. Because it is something unknown and you do not know what sensations he will bring. Kisses are, by the way, and the language in which you speak. You do not pronounce the words, but communicate due to the intensity of the process. Although a kiss is an important component of relations, sometimes it is as if they are taken to the background.

Sometimes they ask me: “Who needs these classes?”. And those who say the answer can give: “Finally there is a person who can help my partner understand how to kiss me, how I like it most, or will teach me how to kiss my partner so that he feels good”.

How many varieties of kisses are there?

Perhaps there are thousands of them, perhaps millions – options for love kisses as much as snowflakes during snowfall and none of them is like another and snowflakes also melt in the mouth.

What is the charm of a kiss and what it is? Why does he have such power over us? Why, when we are in love, we can kiss the nights to flight? Our relationship with our loved ones will become stronger if we give them kisses more often. There are many varieties of kisses with which you can shower your lover.

The kiss of the “lips on the lips” has always been at the top of the list, but what application to find our lips depends only on our imagination and fantasy. Most men and women have experience in kisses and over time lips are less and less react to kisses.

The power of the kiss

In general, women love to kiss more than men. Studies have shown that a woman uses kisses as a litmus paper to check the physical attractiveness of the male. Kisses characterize the initial stage of intimate relationships, with it people cross the first line. But some prefer not to cross it at all.

Most of those who provide sexual services know that kisses are very intimate actions that entail affection. Perhaps they also understand that the mouth contains more bacteria than in washed genitals. But not only working sexual spheres turned off kisses from their repertoire.

Although we still do not know who and when for the first time kissed, the scientists managed to shed light on why a passionate kiss carved sparks of passion. >>>>The science of kisses

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