Intimate haircuts at home

Intimate haircuts at home.

Since the beginning of the 2000s, the amount of hair in the intimate area of the woman has decreased everything. Natural beauty began to rapidly rejected by girls who wanted to see the bikini zone childishly innocent. According to statistics, 75% of women make the bikini zone, 18% use a razor and only 7% of the ladies surveyed do not interfere in the natural order of things at all.

For those girls who love a special approach to business, they offer an intimate haircut or tattoo of splendor. Although there are real pubic tattoos.

An intimate haircut is far from in every beauty salon, and not at all in hairdressing. A master in epilation can offer you such a service, but its cost will depend on the complexity of work.

The simplest in execution will be considered classic haircut. Any master first starts with hair removal and anus zones. This is called deep hair removal. Hair is thoroughly removed with wax or sugar. Hair on the pubis only trimmed with a machine or hairdresser scissors. If the bikini zone is too much «Wide» And the hairs are visible behind the area of panties, then the master removes the hair there and there.

A more elegant option involves the formation of a rectangle or triangle. With the help of a stencil, they create a silhouette around which excess, unwanted hairs are removed. But most often they prefer to completely remove the hair from the pubis, returning the image of innocence and purity. The only problem that women face is a hair survey that can be prevented using scrubs based on coffee or salt and a rough washcloth.

A woman can independently carry out such a procedure at home. Although she will take some time to learn this.

To make a non -standard triangle or rectangle, you should try very well. Of the simple options, the masters offer a butterfly, heart, sun, Plaiboy bunny or Mickey Mouse.

How can this procedure be carried out at home?

Everything is very simple, although time and attention are required. The procedure begins with the elimination of hair on the labia and on the buttocks. If the neckline enters the hips from the pubis, then the hair is also removed there. A wide natural triangle remains. Hair is cut with a machine or scissors to the desired length. It is almost impossible to draw thin details with wax, as it lays uneven. But all the same, after several attempts, you can create complex and beautiful drawings. Usually, masters work with their wax, and not with purchased wax strips., Therefore, it is easy to put it as it is convenient when forming a pattern. But there are also cans with wax in stores if you make a haircut at home.

After you cut your hair on the pubis to the desired length, use either wax or a razor to form a pattern. And this is all complexity, since for subtle work they use «Dangerous» razor. In order to transfer the drawings to the pubis, you should first prepare a stencil that you apply to the body. Tip for girls who will perform this for the first time, on the skin you can draw a drawing with a pencil for the eyes. He easily draws and rinses quickly. Put a mirror in front of you and turn on the table lamp. The main thing, be very careful when you use «Dangerous» razor. After shaving, sprinkle the area with talcum or baby puffing so that there is no irritation. If you used the wax all the time, then use the oil after hair removal, which will remove the remaining wax and prevent irritation.

Intimate haircuts at home

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