Instructions for the application from We-Vibe-We-Connect | Instructions

Instructions for the application from We-Vibe-We-Connect.

Instructions for the application from We-Vibe-We-Connect | Instructions
Meet the We-Vibe application-We-Connect! An application that helps to feel very close, even if you are separated thousands of kilometers from a partner.
Also, the application allows you to flexibly configure your toy compatible with the application.

Attention! The application blocks the creation of screen images, you will also not be able to download a photo or video from a chat with a partner. We-Vibe care about your safety and confidentiality.

First steps

Download and install the application, perform registration in it. The application will immediately familiarize you with the confidentiality policy and the user agreement.
Once on the main screen, you will be offered to connect a toy compatible with the application. Also, if you decide to do this later, on the main screen below you will wait for a bright connection button.
The connection itself is very simple:

  • Click on “Connect toy”. The application will ask you to turn on Bluetooth and start searching for a toy.
  • Press and hold the button on the toy
  • As soon as you feel double vibration, release the button – your smartphone has found a toy and determines its type.
  • Wait a couple of seconds and on the screen you will see a greeting with the name of the toy model and instructions for it.

Ready! The toy is connected to the application and you can fully enjoy the available functionality.

The functionality of the user menu

The first thing you will meet after connecting the toy is toy management.

  • Click on the icon In the lower part of the screen, which is signed by the name of your toy. Here you can get information about the charge of the device, choose the intensity of stimulation, disconnect the toy from the application and set the time to leave the toy in “Sleeping”
  • Press the Play ▶ button for remote control – choose available patterns and in real time adjust their intensity. In toys with two motors, both the first and second motor can be adjusted simultaneously.
  • Also, in the toy control mode, you can create your own modes or choose one of the available patterns. To do this, click on ≃ to the right of the Play button to find yourself in the “Modes” menu.

The mode of creating a vibration pattern

  • Click “Create modes”
  • Select the number of motors corresponding to your toy.
  • Choose an affordable pattern.
  • Add any other to it by clicking on the “Add Vibration mode” button. Then click on “intensity” and/or “duration” to adjust these values. Save the finished result. By connecting two patterns, you thereby make a “bunch” and the modes will flow from one to another as you like it.
  • Click “Draw”.
  • Pull the sliders in the left side of the screen and draw your own pattern with them.
  • Click “Save Vibration Wiber” and try it on your toy!

Connection to a partner

By pressing the button In the upper left corner of the screen, you will open a pop -up window with a choice of functions. To connect a partner and the start of the session, click on the “connect partner”. Further, the application carefully tells you about the principles of action, what data he will use and suggest you read about the methods of observing the confidentiality of the session. So that this window does not pop up constantly when connecting, put a checkplace “Do not ask me another 90 days” and click on one of two buttons:

  • No thanks – And you will be transferred back to the choice of application functions.
  • Yes, I want to use the “Connect partner” function – And you will start the session.

Having selected the last item, click again the “Connect partner” button at the bottom of the screen. After that, you will be offered a way by which you can send an invitation – to any available messenger, mail, SMS messages.
As soon as you send the message, you will immediately move you to the post -posting window from the partner. There will be 5 statuses in front of you:Instructions for the application from We-Vibe-We-Connect | Instructions
When the “communication session is active” is displayed, you can start a chat with your partner. In it you can:

  • Exchange messages and emoji.
  • Send a photo and video.
  • Sow voice messages.
  • Start a video or voice connection session.
  • Manage a connected toy – a partner can configure it for you, and you can adjust his settings.

Attention! The chat, like the whole application, is protected from the ability to take pictures from the screen, in order to use it. Also, you can’t download the received files from the partner chat to the phone, and after the chat is completed, the entire correspondence is deleted. You may not be afraid that your intimate photos will fall into unkind hands, We-Vibe took care of this.

Application settings

In the “Settings” item, you can flexibly and individually configure the application for yourself.

  • General settings: Here you can choose the interface language, and also disable pop -up tips.
  • Bluetooth settings: If you have problems detecting a toy, go to these settings and turn on the improved Bluetooth scanning.
  • Device settings: Here you can install a timer, after which the toy will go into sleep mode.
  • Partner settings: Choose the waiting time for your partner.
  • Confidentiality: Here you can once again read the We-Vibe Privacy Policy, establish a PIN code, ban or resolve notifications, allow or prohibit sending data on the use of the application. We-Vibe does not request personal data, he collects information about the application of the application, so that in the future it becomes even better, more functional and more interesting!

Toys compatible with the We-Connect application:

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