I want someone else’s husband: how to seduce him?

I want someone else’s husband: how to seduce him?.

I want someone else’s husband: how to seduce him?

When it comes to personal life, morality retreats to the background. And rightly, for your happiness you just need to fight! It happens that a new friend liked it so much that the thought of getting him does not get out of his head. Even though he has long and reliably ringed. How to seduce him, push him to treason to his legal wife?

Khitcha Method: Ruiser Rules Refinery

The question of treason is actively «Drinks» at every women’s forum. The wives speak aggressively on this occasion, gently hint that a man is not a calf, mistresses. Indeed, why many men step on the slippery path of betrayal? It seems that they have wives of clever, athletes and just beauties, and butterflies on the table in a cozy house appear regularly. It’s all about sex, no matter how strange it sounds. For a man you have to be not «Mom» And «best friend», And the mistress, wild and insatiable in bed.

The intrigues on the side are starting, first of all, men who feel a clear lack of emotions in the bedroom. The wife will feed and caresses, but to admit her in any erotic fantasies uncomfortable. And if she also has a character not a gift or moral principles are persistent (the very concept of oral or anal sex causes nausea), the situation is aggravated. This is in the hands of a mistress, of course. So the first step towards the conquest of a married man – intelligence service. We will have to unobtrusively shoot information about how he has family affairs, about his wife, and if it turns out – About sexual preferences. Light flirting always makes it possible to understand whether a man is ready to cross the line. If ambiguity is captured in his jokes, it’s time to start action:

► interest

The manner of communicating with a man (indicatively more tenderly than with other representatives of the stronger sex), desire, will indicate a manner «talk to him all night» (catch his every word and laugh at jokes), constant flickering on his horizon (as if quite by accident). For a complete influence on a man, it is worth studying seduction recipes.

► become a spy

Network. Today, everything can be traced on social networks, from hobbies to financial situation. So if you really want to seduce a man, you should look at his page and send a request to make friends. Yes, and you will have to work on your profile, throw beautiful photos, put interesting statuses. Many relationships begin through virtual correspondence. The main thing is to pick it up on the hook, and there everything will go smoothly.

I want someone else’s husband: how to seduce him?

► take care of yourself even more closely

If the man’s wife has a crowded and groomed – it will not be difficult to jump with a spectacular appearance. If the legal spouse is remembered by silicone lips and contrasting tattooing of eyebrows, then you should think about a more natural surroundings. A man will probably like a natural, sweet and sincere girl, naive and kind. I want to protect this. I also want to achieve it.

The second point – cloth. Men, especially good family women, scares a deep neckline and high studs, a leopard tight -fitting dress and red lips. It is much better if an openwork elastic band of a stocking suddenly appears from under a completely modest dress or Piquant erotic tights. Or a thin strap of underwear flashes on the shoulder. What is clearly visible is uninteresting. The hawk woman wants to solve. And drag into bed.

► Think about a joint hobby

Maybe the object of desire is engaged in swimming or horse riding? Great, it’s time for yourself to sign up for active athletes and hint at him for a new hobby. Sport, by the way, is very exciting. Grows flowers? Then you can ask for advice on the departure of a new type of orchid and invite her home, where she, poor, dies. Well, if a married man plumber or locksmith – This is generally a song. To drag him home under the pretext of household problems is not difficult.

► Learn to be a holiday

The wife can saw something, demand and even threaten. Divorce. The mistress should be present in the life of a man, but do not bother him. The variety in sex will help to maintain interest, especially the willingness to go to any adventure in order to embody fantasies.

The bait acted, a married man pecked at the bait? Now it remains only to support him sexual interest. There is such a joke – Seducing someone’s property is much easier than her husband after ten years of living. So the chances of losing the powerful representative of the stronger sex in their nets are always high, even if he is not free.

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