How to understand that the guy is a virgin? 5 sure signs

How to understand that the guy is a virgin? 5 sure signs.

How to understand that the guy is a virgin? 5 sure signs

The girl could meet the guy of her dreams with whom she is pleased to communicate, he can be a sweet and beautiful guy. But often even such cute guys can remain virgins until adulthood. How to find out if he had an intimate experience?

Of course, not one guy, he himself does not admit that he is a virgin, so as not to feel a feeling of shame. In fact, he could not even kiss the girl, not to mention intimacy. But how to find out about it as a girl? Let’s talk about 5 obvious signs that the guy is a virgin.

1. Verbal stiffness

The virgin will be strongly constrained in the discussion of sex or other types of proximity to her. He will not say vulgarity, let go of jokes, hint at something more. He can be very sociable in the team, but in private it is much more modest. It is often difficult for such people to speak compliments, they just have little experience.

How to understand that the guy is a virgin? 5 sure signs

2. Shyness

Indecision — This is also a sign of innocence. The guy is embarrassed if the girl herself takes the first steps. This does not mean that he is not interested, he was just not yet in such a situation, he is not very convenient. At the same time, he can translate the topic, distract from dialogues about something intimate. It is quickly striking.

3. Silly questions

If you get the case to sex, then the virgin can ask stupid questions. For example, he can ask questions: «And how is it done correctly?» or «What will happen if I’m suddenly screwed up?» and so on. And he may not understand what to do, since theory and practice — These are different things. Often it cannot accommodate more conveniently, choose a pose, and gives the whole initiative to her hands.

4. He tries to delay sex

Despite the guy’s desire to end his virginity and finally have sex, he tries to delay the sex himself. He will find a thousand reasons why he cannot have sex now, he can be busy, he does not want, he should go and so on. The girl at this moment is better to insist on sex, otherwise he will remain a virgin. The main reason for this behavior is self -doubt.

How to understand that the guy is a virgin? 5 sure signs

5. Fast ending and inability to do something in bed

Even if you started sex, he does not know how to do anything in bed. He can try «show off», But all these attempts look sorry. In addition, he will quickly finish in bed or at all he will not get up due to excitement. This happens very often with the guys of virgins, so you should not be angry or swear at him. Perhaps the next attempt will be successful for both of you.

How to behave with a virgin

Lack of sexual experience — This is not a problem, and it is very easy to fix. But it is important not to offend a man, and if he hides that he has no experience, do not reveal his secret. Let him think you didn’t guess. But still you will have to show the initiative so that everything goes well.

During sex, it is important to remember the protection. The lack of sexual contact does not guarantee that there are no infections or there will be no pregnancy. Therefore, it is worth stocking up condoms.

And a good lubricant will be very useful. With her, penetration will be more pleasant. Lubricant — This is a great addition to which you should get used to from the first days.

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