How to seduce your own man. Striptease at home

How to seduce your own man. Striptease at home.

The main scenario of striptease

How to seduce your own man. Striptease at home

This scenario is the easiest to execute, but it will require a lot of different props. For timid advice at once – if you are embarrassed, you can always hide behind the props. It is best to perform striptease in the bedroom, and for the props it is worth preparing a chair with a high back, stockings, thin stilett shoes and a jacket with a tie. Also select musical accompaniment in advance. It is advisable to opt for disco, or any other rhythmic music. Partner should be put on the sofa, and stand up behind the back of the chair. Next, you can move to the bed and gently touch the knees of a man. After that, smooth body movements are reminiscent of a dance with gradual undressing. So you can gradually bring a man to the desired state.

Do not forget about this time about the partner – look directly into his eyes with a languid and at the same time evoking look and gradually undress him too. Start with a shirt and a jacket – unfasten them so that his breasts become visible. Then you can fasten his clothes. Thus, you tease your partner and strengthen his excitement. After that, turn around 180 degrees and begin to tease your man with smooth movements of the berry, swinging them down – up. A few minutes later you can turn your face to your partner and approaching him to demonstrate the beauty of your legs. Gradually expose naked and start exposing the man.

How to quickly bring a man to orgasm

How to seduce your own man. Striptease at home

Try to choose a position so that your breasts are just opposite the eye of a partner. With their appearance, they will make a man’s passion, causing him surgery of delight and strong excitement – this is a great way to quickly bring your boyfriend to orgasm, although he does not even touch you. Dressing a partner importantly look into his eyes and move rhythmically. During the striptease, observe unhurried and smooth movements. Your actions should flow into the movements of the dance pa. Each removed item of a men’s wardrobe must be carefully put on the floor. In no case should you throw it – it will look in the eyes of a partner as a disrespect for him. After you and your partner are completely exposed, you can proceed to touch.

Gently stand on different parts of the body with your own hands and massage the partner’s chest with your buffers. With proper dexterity at this stage, a man can be quickly brought to orgasm. If this is not included in your plans, you can go directly to sexual intercourse. In general, it all depends only on your imagination. It is important to remember only one thing – the brighter your fantasy, which you want to realize in reality, the brightest impressions your view will leave in the heart and mind of a man. In striptease, you can show your femininity and attach creativity. The main thing is to study dance movements before striptease and develop gracefulness. Only then will your idea be truly spectacular and memorable. Do not timid and do not hesitate, because you dance for your loved one. Gain courage and give yourself a real holiday of soul and body. You deserve it!

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