How to satisfy a woman – effective methods

How to satisfy your woman in bed?.

Ladies are well aware of a lot of ways to appease a man: oral affection, relaxing massage, erotic sounds and all kinds of poses. Guys are literally saturated with delicate caresses of their loved ones. But how to satisfy a woman, not all representatives of the stronger sex know for sure. It is important that the girls are much more romantic and sensual during the intimate process.

7 ways to satisfy a woman

Most guys who want to like a partner are looking for information on how to make a girl as pleasant as possible for sexual intercourse so that she has ecstasy from the process. It is much easier for guys to enjoy, but women need more time, they need certain efforts of a sexual partner. To bring the lady to orgasm, it is not at all necessary to be a “professor” in sexual contacts. It is enough to study only 7 simple ways of love technique in order to guarantee to call an orgasm in your partner.

How to satisfy a woman – effective methods

More time for prelude

Men are excited almost instantly, after which they often forget all the rules of how to appease their woman by realizing her sexual dreams, since they purposefully miss a very important stage of sexual intercourse. And for each girl it is the prelude that is the most important. This is a certain erotic preparation, when it is possible to fantasize, remaining the most frank. There are many ways to get a partner, configure her:

  • role-playing games;
  • striptease;
  • passionate torn off from the body of clothing;
  • dousing with champagne, and then licking its tongue from the body;
  • Erotic massage;
  • kisses of all zones of the body;
  • View erotica on TV;
  • sexy toys;
  • whispering your plans for the upcoming sexual intercourse;
  • the adoption of the bath is together;
  • Body excitation pieces of ice.

Dams are more important not penetration and subsequent movements, but preliminary affection. There are few such women who are required for pleasure acrobatic experiments in the bedroom, giant dimensions of a member, the ability to perform for hours continuous frictions.

How to satisfy a woman – effective methods

The appearance of a naked man is insufficient so that a woman is quickly excited: she needs a sweet prelude. Here are a few options for how best to bring a wife or sexual partner to maximum excitation:

  1. Light touches. Do not make efforts when stroking your body, enough light touch to the hips and neck, languid sighs, very modest kisses near the ear. The woman is more pleasant to manual affection than licking their body – use the hands as much as possible.
  2. Feet massage. Eastern sages convince that the point causing a woman lust is on the fold of the thumb of the foot. In order to guaranteed to give a partner pleasure, pay close attention to this place before intercourse. You can’t press too much on him, it is enough to click carefully and carefully.
  3. Game with hair. The female body is not devoid of vegetation, there are many small hairs on it. If it is easy to take your hand on them, you can quickly arouse a partner. It is impossible only to cause tickling so as not to destroy the intimate atmosphere.
  4. Low voice. I will be incredibly attracted by a low male voice. It is enough to whisper erotic compliments to quietly whisper with the preludes to excite your girlfriend even more.

Look for erogenous zones

Wanting to know how to give the girl the maximum pleasure, remember that all the ladies have erogenous zones located unequally. Some excite the caresses of the nipples, other earlobes, others – kneading the lower back, sucking fingers on the hands. Experiment, finding those points on which the female body makes a response: increased breathing, back bend, strengthening of groans.

How to satisfy a woman – effective methods

It’s easier to ask a partner for sex
Directly about the zones of excitement: she will say what kind of touches are pleasant to her. Although the girl may not guess some points, so carefully examine her friend – she will certainly feel your good attitude, so you will have more chances to enjoy her qualitatively.

Experiment with the poses

Everyone knows – a change of posture during sex excites and brings greater satisfaction. But then no one prevents the intercourse and to an unexpected place. Try sex in different situations. For this, a bathroom, a table, a windowsill, even a washing machine are suitable.

Change passive and active roles

Usually a man plays an active role, although women also like to dominate sexual contact. The pose in which the girl on top allows the man to relax, and the woman will receive a chance to regulate the pace of intercourse and the depth of penetration. It is also worth trying various role -playing games in sex. They will bring unforgettable impressions, incredible sensual pleasure.

Oral affection

The clitoris has a lot of nerve endings, so it is indispensable to achieve satisfaction. Caring at this point a partner, a man shows her devotion, delivering incredible pleasure.

Labia is also very sensitive. Their affection with the language will help to bring the female orgasm closer, embodying all the fantasies of the ladies before intercourse.


How to satisfy a woman – effective methods

The achievement of an orgasm with erogenous zones caresses that an unforgettable pleasure causes fingers. The main rule is to moisten the vagina in advance with grease or saliva. There are different manipulations:

  • It is easy to stroke the clitoris from top to bottom, using only fingertips;
  • perform stimulation in the horizontal direction;
  • Slowly caress the zone near the clitoris in a circular motion.

A gentle whisper in the ear

Incredibly starts ladies with a languid whisper uttered by a man right in the ear. Say any tender words quietly, creating an intimate atmosphere. Words spoken in a whisper are excited both with prelude and with active sexual contact.

What else to do to a man for female pleasure?

How to satisfy a woman – effective methods

For guaranteed female orgasm, the guy is obliged to prepare for intercourse. Each girl has her own secrets of excitement, but there are those that are suitable for everyone:

  • neat appearance. Before you meet, take a bath, thoroughly shave, cut your nails so as not to injure the mucous membranes with caresses. Clothing must be neat, socks – fresh;
  • Relaxing atmosphere. Slightly muffled light, calm music, a glass of light wine – all these attributes help a woman to tune in properly on intercourse;
  • nice talking. In a situation where the desire is mutual and passionate, you can do everything silently. But more often it is necessary to talk with a woman, because delicate words give her incredible pleasure. Feel free to ask your loved one what she wants, what caresses are most pleasant to her. Such questions should be asked without interruption from the female body. The pleasure multiplied many times is worthwhile to spend several minutes of communication on it;
  • Clean bed. Be sure to change bedding on the bed before sexual contact. . It is impossible to relax in bed if shreds of wool are present on it, there is a stale aroma of linen. Usually such little things instantly kill passion;
  • Other nuances. It is always necessary to remember contraception. You can not protect yourself only in situations when partners discussed this problem in advance, they have a desire to conceive a child. A man must think about the presence of a condom at hand. The young lady is undesirable to strain such a problem. An attempt to remove a condom directly during sexual intercourse is undesirable, since after that a woman can simply stop any relationship, leaving a man and not wanting to satisfy him.

In a happy pair, a man always knows exactly what actions to deliver to his beloved, he is able to do it regularly. Although the problem of female orgasm is really not so simple. There are no universal options that guarantee an indispensable achievement by a girl of sexual pleasure. In order for it to reach the top of pleasure, the partner must study her body well, know exactly the places that are sensitive to caresses. The female orgasm is more psychological than a physical character, since it begins from fantasies that turn into languor, and then the sweet expectation of intercourse.

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