How to remove a cast from a member: Cloneboy sets

How to remove a cast from a member: Cloneboy sets.

Well, you are ready? Then we start.

What and where you can buy

A set to create a copy of the phallos is a wonderful gift for any holiday with all its close family and not yet very couples.

Set – mass. I mean, they are different.There are even caramel – chocolate, there are simply chocolate, black – in the sense, there is also from gypsum – instead of the heels of the baby, hang a pussy, here. There are those that will be saved in the dark, zombie member.You can do it, but here can play a cruel joke Grandmother-Colduna Voodoo in the seventh generation.Edible sets are certainly cooler, but do not live for a long time.So we will talk about ordinary, more durable.

The girls, by the way, take copies of their men with them to departures, well, so that they got it – admired – kissed – remembered – calmed down, in other words, to stimulate the most sexual organ – the brain – the brain. There is also a good idea, in my opinion.

In this case, it is better to take a vibrator to create a vibrator so that not only the eyes rejoice.

How to make a copy of the phallus

The set is delivered in simple packaging with instructions for use, so I strongly recommend it several times to re -read it, and making sure that you understood everything, proceed. Not a second earlier.

How to remove a cast from a member: Cloneboy sets

The set includes a packaging-tobus (not to throw it-it takes part in your process as a form for filling 3D gel), two bags of 3D gel powder (if you suddenly fail the first time), a silicone bank, a bottle with a solidator, a kneading spatula "dough", The rope for the penis (you can play by heated after such creative intercourse), disposable gloves, vibrator (if you have a set to create a vibrator), a plate for suspending a vibrator, an elastic band for a tube.

How to remove a cast from a member: Cloneboy sets

The process of formation requires time and temperature.


1. The collection of the tube. It is necessary to cut the shape, reduce its diameter, glue it with tape, put on a member clutch through which an erect member is introduced into the tube.

2. Preparation for the process is a confident erection. The mass freezes very quickly, so you may not have time or be late, or just get not too beautiful a cast.You need to mix 3D powder with water of the desired temperature, follow the degree carefully! Cold water can reduce an erection, and the mass staging will pass more slowly, with hot – on the contrary, everything will happen too quickly.

3. Removing a cast. As soon as the powder is ready – stick your standing member in a tube! Quickly, but neatly! Twist it, correct it, a member should not in contact with the walls of the tube, and then fill it with a hellish mixture. Now – wait a couple of minutes. If the erection began to subside in a minute, it is not scary, the process has already been launched.

4. .

5. Silicon and hardener. Both bottles are taken, the hardener pours to the silicone and mixes, first slowly, then – faster. All this is carefully poured into the form with a cast, and is left to harden for a day. If you have a vibrator in your set – it needs to be introduced into a form with silicone, hang on a special cardboard with a slot.

6. You can leave the remaining silicone in a jar or pour into some beautiful children’s mold, you get a toy – anti -stress! 😉 If you have original ice molds in the form of pussies or at least strawberries – perfectly!

As a result, you get a cool and realistic model-with wreaths, wrinkles, humps, all-all-all available. And very pleasant to the touch!)

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