How to massage a prostate for pleasure?

How to massage a prostate for pleasure?.

The prostate iron is an integral male organ located below the bladder through which the initial part of the urethra passes.

The prostate gland is capable of developing a secret participating in the liquefaction of the ejacules. The secret released during ejaculation contains immunoglobulins, enzymes, vitamins, citric acid, zinc ions, etc. The work of the prostate is controlled by the hormones of the pituitary gland, androgen, estrogen, steroid hormones and it is one of the most important organs responsible for male health in general.

Another feature of the prostate gland is to bring pleasure. Often it is compared with the female point G in terms of pleasant sensations that a man can feel from active stimulation. Many who are familiar with this practice will confirm that the orgasm from the prostate massage is incredibly powerful and prolonged. Prostate massage has nothing to do with human orientation and is often practiced in heterosexual pairs.

To achieve a prostate, it is enough to insert a finger or anal toy into the anus by about 5-7 centimeters, depending on the individual anatomical structure of the body. The desired gland can be felt how a small tubercle on the lower part of the anal passage.

Massage with a finger

If you want to make a prostate massage with a finger, you must first put a glove in the hand in order to avoid the incentive of any infection and observance of hygiene. But in no case do not put on an attacker, because when removing a finger, the product may remain in the anus. After you put on a glove, apply a lubricant to the index finger, and only after that, with slow and rotational movements, enter it into the rectum.

After you feel the prostate, you can start directly to its massage. Make light and smooth stroking from right to left, as well as rotational movements in the form of an eight. Be sure to alternate stroking and massaging from edge to center, and vice versa. Then the massage should become more intense – press on the prostate, increasing the force of exposure. Remember that during massage you should not experience pain.


Prostate massage can be done with a special stimulant. Such a product is most often made of medical silicone, hypoallergenic, does not absorb smells and is very easy to care. In addition, prostate stimulants have an anatomically ideal form for influencing the prostate gland. Toy size matters. It is recommended to use stimulants up to 2.5-3 cm in diameter, 10-12 cm in length. Before using the prostate stimulant, it is recommended to put a condom on it.


It is simply necessary to use lubrication during massage of the prostate, both for a more comfortable use of the stimulant, and to avoid possible injuries of the rectum, since the anus is not adapted to develop its own lubricant.

Self -massage of the prostate

An indirect self -massage of the prostate is possible. Of course, it is not the most effective possible, but the easiest and does not require penetration. To do this, you need to compress and unclench the muscles of the anus. Direct self -massage of the prostate will be fully fulfilled if you have sufficient flexibility.

Method 1. Lie in a bath, throw your feet on its sides, providing yourself with the maximum access to the anus. After that, proceed to self -massage.

Method 2. Lie on your back. Press your knees to your chest, hold your legs with one hand, and do the massage with the other.

Method 3. Stand near the table, leaning on your hands, and make sure that your hands are straight, then tear off your hand from the table and try to reach the anus. If you come out, you can start self -massage.

Method 4. Lie on your side, pull your knees close to your stomach, then you can start massage.

Method 5. Kneel down, then sit down a little. And now, you are ready for prostate massage.

General advice

– The prostate stimulation should only be carried out with a full bladder so that it is a support for the gland itself during the procedure;

– Pay attention to the fact that during the massage of the prostate there is no acute pain, when it appears, it is necessary to stop the effect;

– Remember that if the secret of the prostate gland from the urethral canal did not stand out during or after the massage, the bladder must be empty, then the secret will come out in the urine;

– A prerequisite is intestinal purity and free access to the field of exposure. Before the procedure, a cleansing enema should be made.

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