How to make a nice man in bed. Male point of view

How to make a nice man in bed. Male point of view.

How to make a nice man in bed. Male point of view

Every woman wants to satisfy her man in bed. And first you must understand that there is no magic tablet that works equally on any man. There is no perfect oral technique that every man will like equally. There is no perfect pose. Ideal behavior. If your former went crazy with certain erotic scenes, it is not a fact that in the future it will suit another man.

True secret how to satisfy a man in bed

A secret that will allow you to satisfy a man in bed — This is an awareness of how your behavior affects sex. And how your behavior cannot affect the proximity. I’m talking about spiritual communication with a man. About your mood. About the mood of a man. About how much time has passed since the last ejaculation. And so on.

Sometimes girls do everything right. Even wow how right. But the man is simply puzzled by problems at work and he doesn’t like.

Understand a simple thing. Great sex — This is the reciprocity of partners. Reciprocity should be expressed in everything: desire, activity in behavior, new ideas and much more. If a man is lazy to make a flame of passion, talk to him about an imbalance in a relationship.

And now I will tell you how to satisfy a man, making him faithful for many years.

How to make a nice man in bed. Male point of view

Principles of male pleasure from the sex of Roman Mironov

According to the Canadian trainer on the relationship between Roman Mironov, in order to satisfy a man in the bedroom, you need to think about love, creativity, courage and about the man himself.

Love in the first place

Some women like to present men with a lesson, abandoning intimacy. This error destroys the relationship. At first glance, it seems that the abandonment of sex will prompt a man to correct, change his behavior and apologize, but this is not so. The more often you refuse your partner in pleasure, the higher the chance that he will find intimate on the side. As a result, both will remain unhappy.

The only thing that keeps the relationship afloat —this is Love. Infinite like the sun.

Roman Mironov speaks:

Share your love because sex — it’s not just a pleasure. This is a chance for creating an intimate and spiritual connection.

Creativity will help satisfy a man in bed

Be inventive in sex, abandoning banal templates. If you go to work every time the same route — This is annoying.

Creativity in the bedroom — This is the path to passion in a relationship.

Roman Mironov speaks:

Inventiveness in bed makes you adventurers. And proximity turns into an exciting journey that never becomes obsolete.

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