How to maintain potency at any age? How to actively make love after 60 years? | Questions about potency

How to maintain potency at any age? How to actively make love after 60 years?.

How to maintain potency at any age? How to actively make love after 60 years? | Questions about potency
A decrease in potency can occur at any age. But you can improve the situation yourself if there are no serious health problems. For this, both drugs are suitable, before the use of which it is advisable to consult a doctor, and different sex toys. Moreover, the assortment of such goods is so wide that everyone will certainly find something suitable for themselves.

The reasons for the weakening of potency

There are a lot of reasons for reducing potency. Here are just a few of the most common of them:

  • various disorders of blood supply, as well as diseases of internal organs;
  • taking some drugs;
  • improper nutrition;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • bad habits;
  • frequent stress and overwork;
  • excess weight;
  • decrease in testosterone levels;
  • Depression, apathy and reduced life tone.

Of course, a decrease in potency occurs against the background of irregular sex. Problems and conflicts with a partner, the lack of diversity also leave their mark. And with the age of complexity they only worsen. Indeed, over the years in the body, there is a decrease in the production of male hormones, a slowdown in metabolism and other age -related changes.

How to increase potency in natural ways: doctors’ advice

With reduced potency, it is important to decide what caused violations. It is not always possible to do this on your own, so in many cases it is better to consult a doctor. But if you have already determined why you are experiencing difficulties, try to eliminate the factor that contributed to their occurrence.

In addition, experts recommend such methods of natural increase in potency:

  • 1. Balanced diet. It is important that the diet has as many as possible products of the Afrodisiacs. Exclude fast foods, flour, sweet, smoked and sausage products from the Fast-Food menu, sweet soda.
  • 2. A good rest. Sleep at least 8 hours a day, try to relax during the day. Proper planning of the day will improve overall well -being, will positively affect physical capabilities.
  • 3. Physical activity. It is important to play sports, walk more if a lifestyle is inactive. It is also necessary to do exercises that improve blood circulation in genitals. Help to increase potency and Kegel exercises.
  • 4. Mental health. Try to get less nervous, avoid mental and physical overwork. If possible, change the situation – go on vacation or arrange a wonderful rest for yourself.
  • 5. Bad habits. Smoking and alcohol – serious enemies of potency at any age.
  • 6. Strengthen the immune system. Air and sunbathing, contrast shower and many other procedures help restore potency at any age.
  • 7. Massage. Massage of prostate and genitals with your hands or with the help of special sex toys always gives excellent results. If such a massage is carried out correctly and regularly, you can avoid many health problems, improve blood circulation, normalize metabolism and eliminate stagnant processes.

To preserve male health, it is important to have sex regularly. It is advisable to do this with one partner with the frequency with which you need. Excessively frequent sexual acts can lead to nervous overvoltage, and too rare – to stagnant processes. Therefore, it is important to listen to your body and observe the balance.How to maintain potency at any age? How to actively make love after 60 years? | Questions about potency

Intimate goods to increase potency

If there are no medical diseases, and libido weakens, sex shops come to the rescue. A huge assortment of things is designed for men who want to be confident in their own.

Each age has its own special set of products that can be useful. And we will talk about each of them.

Universal accessories are masturbators. They help to relieve sexual tension. It is important to understand that any Long break in sex negatively affects male power. It is worth stopping having sex by six months, how further opportunities will decrease. It will affect endurance, self -confidence and erection power. Therefore, it is important to avoid breaks throughout life. And it is in this that help Professional masturbators.

Sex toys that increase potency aged 18 to 30 years

Most often, at such a young age, a decrease in potency provoke various diseases and injuries. Stress and overwork, bad habits also negatively affect. Those who drink alcohol often or only from time to time are especially complaining about problems in sex. And do not immediately run to the pharmacy for buying fast stimulants. Try to normalize your lifestyle, abandon bad habits and play sports.

It is important to normalize the schedule of sexual activity. It is worth experiencing an orgasm at least 2 times a week. This will prevent stagnant processes in the prostate gland. For this, sex with a loved one is suitable. But if it is not, you do not need to abandon masturbators.At the age of 30, it is often not a weakening of potency, but loss of interest. And here it is important not treatment, but the search for new ideas. Experiments, the embodiment of fantasies will give strength again. It’s worth a try role -playing games or light bdsm. Handcuffs, whips and beautiful costumes will reincarnate and realize something unusual in bed.

And it is also worth trying special lubrication that enhance sensations. They cause new emotions, with them ordinary movements become simply magical. Cooling, warming, vibrating – they will bring diversity into familiar caresses. And the impact can be pleasant for both. But it is permissible to use them during masturbation.

Intimate products for potency aged 30 to 45-50 years

In men of 30-50 years of age, the most common reason for reducing potency is problems with the prostate. It is about her that it is worth taking care first of all in a complete absence or insufficiently persistent erection. All toys that make the massage of this organ, for example, are perfect for this, for this, prostate stimulants with vibration. After all, this is good prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system, elimination of stagnant processes in the bloodstream of the pelvis and in the prostate itself, normalization of urination.Prostate massage can be performed as a medical procedure. As a result, ejaculation occurs, the secret of the prostate gland is released. But these manipulations can be part of paired sex, and then they lead to pleasure. A massager can be entrusted to your beloved woman or use Erective ring with anal process. The massage will occur with him in parallel with the usual frictions, but the orgasm will be many times stronger.

If the problems with potency have already begun, then in addition to complex treatment, you can use vacuum pomp. It will help to quickly achieve an erection and make it more stable. A penis is introduced into the flask and air is pumped out from the inside. This causes an instant erection. In a couple of seconds, it will be possible to cause maximum excitation, but in order not to go limp in the process, it is also necessary to use an erective ring.Erective rings tightly wrap a penis or scrotum, preventing blood from cast from the body. Put them on a penis when excited, and not before it. They can increase the duration of sexual intercourse by 30-50 %, can additionally stimulate both a man and a woman, do not have a negative effect on the quality of orgasm. With a weakened erection, this is a useful thing that guarantees that the process will be brought to the end, and the girl will enjoy.For problems with potency, you can use special Lubricants and creams. They enhance excitement, give more confidence. Act on the body, causing a rush of blood to the genitals. This is a good alternative to tablets, the result is the same, but less side effects.

Accessories that increase potency for men over 50 years old

As a rule, recommendations for men over 50 are about the same as for 30-45 years of age. To maintain an excellent erection, it is best to use special gels, lubricants, vacuum pumps, nozzles, erection rings. Also a great addition to traditional sex will be prostate massagers.
How to maintain potency at any age? How to actively make love after 60 years? | Questions about potency

But if the erection disappeared completely, this is not a reason to refuse sex. In such cases, they come to the rescue phalloprosthesis. These are hollow strapons. Visually, this is the phallus that is attached to the body with panties or straps. Inside the phallus is empty space, a member of a man is placed there. Of course, sensations are not identical to ordinary sexual intercourse. But then she manages to give a woman pleasure. You use phalloprostheses and younger men, but to experiment with the size, because the phalloprotes can be huge and small!

Remember, after 50 years, age -related changes occur in the body. And therefore, at this age, it is very important to maintain a regular sex life that will slow down aging, give a charge of vivacity and positive. If you do not have a permanent partner or she does not often want sex, use masturbators. Moreover, you can choose very realistic models imitating vaginas, buttons or mouths.

Preparations to increase potency

Of course, with serious problems with potency, you can not do without the use of various drugs. They are sold in pharmacies, often are tablets. All of them can be conditionally divided into three types:

  • Quick-acting means to stimulate an erection (mainly FDE-5 inhibitors);
  • Natural drugs – homeopathy and dietary supplements;
  • agents indirectly affecting potency, for example, painkillers or hormonal drugs.

It is advisable to select the drug not independently, but along with the attending physician after examination. Self -medication is fraught with various complications, not by achieving the desired result or a deterioration in health status. For example, prostatitis is a common cause of a decrease in potency. In the absence of the correct and timely starting therapy, it can go into a chronic form, lead to infertility, impotence or even prostate cancer. In addition, each drug has its own characteristics, contraindications, can cause side effects.

In some cases, it is better not to use drugs at all to stimulate an erection. For example, it is much safer to buy a special exciting grease or cream. Such drugs from a sex shop is much safer than drugs, since only in extremely rare cases can cause allergic reactions. And using them is much more convenient. They only have a local influence, can be used at any age, and these are significant advantages that not all drugs can boast.

Questions about increasing potency

In the presence of regular sexual relations, it is enough for a man to have only a few sexual intercourse per week. Moreover, the norms in this matter depend on the age: at 30-35 years, it is enough 2-3 times a week, and in 60-one is enough for one. But it should be borne in mind that the number of possible sexual acts for each man can be different and depends on individual characteristics.It is likely that you incorrectly picked up the model of the vacuum pump or kept it for too long. Try more to experiment. Perhaps you will like this experience. If not, try other sex toys: today the choice is limited only by your financial capabilities and imagination.Sex shop toys diversify the sex life of any couple. But with reduced potency, they do not always help. It is very important to choose the right toy model, the material from which it is made, size, type, and also follow recommendations when applying it.The toys that you can buy in our store are made only from high -quality materials, do not cause allergies, and therefore, with proper use, are absolutely safe. But non -compliance with the recommendations for their use can lead to injuries and painful sensations. And improper care and storage can spoil the toy, cause the appearance of health problems. Therefore, it is important not only to choose the right model and manufacturer of your device, but also to know how to care for it so that it serves for many years and is safe.

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