How to learn how to swallow sperm as a girl

7 recommendations, for the correct mood before swallowing sperm.

How to learn how to swallow sperm as a girl

Guys very much start when, after a passionate blowjob, they drink all their sperm to a drop. But not every girl knows how or wants to do it. Someone doesn’t like the taste. Others are not enthusiastic about the smell or viscous structure. In any case, sooner or later, awareness comes from above that the eaten dish is the best gratitude and compliment to the beloved.

How to tune in to swallowing sperm will be discussed below.

Talking with a partner

It is important to always discuss the desire of both parties. That is why there should be no pressure in intimate issues. Better if everything happens in due time. If the guy really insists, it is better to share his concern with him. Together it will be easier to deal with the current situation. Most good relations in pairs and sex are developing if there is always a dialogue.

Particular attention of safety

We need to remember about various infections that are transmitted even with oral stimulation of a member. Blowjob is also an opportunity to become infected with all sorts of diseases. Therefore, it is important that the partner is constantly checked for the presence of STIs. This will help reduce fears and excitement. In addition, a healthy member always gets more caresses than the one that has not been tested on infections.

Catch the mood

It is very important that the girl herself wanted this. The brighter her desire, the more likely it will be just a fantastic blowjob. Therefore, do not neglect the call of the flesh. If you want to taste the treasured fruit, it is better not to put it off for tomorrow. In addition, in the process of strong excitement, swallowing sperm will pass more natural and faster. Thoughts simply will not remain in the head, everything will happen instinctively.

Connecting imagination

Excellent tactics start doing something-this is the idea of this action. You can scroll in your head, as the process of swallowing sperm occurs. At the same time, it is better to represent its taste, structure, movement along the throat. It is more interesting to eat something similar, for example, yogurt, imagining that this is the same cherished liquid. This process is interesting during self -satisfaction. So swallowing seed fluid will be associated with something beautiful.

Admit that each sperm has its own taste

Many people know about the recommendations that will change the taste of sperm. For example, if you drink a lot of pineapple juice, then sperm will become sweet, it will almost turn into this same pineapple smoothie. And most people advise eating less meat and abandon cigarettes. Perhaps these funds sometimes work to one degree or another. But, despite nutrition and bad habits, any seed fluid has its own specific taste. It is impossible to change completely.


The constant use of this “creamy sauce” will soon become a habit. Over time there will be fewer problems in order to feel this composition in a tongue or in the throat. You need to practice more. In the early days, it may not be easy to get used to taste or specific smell. It is better to start with the addition of flavored lubrication, which will add a little variety to sexual life. Yes, and the boots will become more saturated.

Breathing control

First you need to relax your throat. Otherwise, you have to fill your mouth with this yummy so that the cheeks will be like a hamster. Then swallowing can be difficult. During the oral sex, it is important to follow your breathing, it should be deep and rhythmic. Before the “shot of champagne” it is better to relax and substitute an open mouth with a sticky tongue to the lover. Then it remains to enjoy the fact that it did not reach the throat deep.

The process of swallowing sperm can bring lovers closely. Only confidence and patience in this matter is important, and then everything will fail. Good luck!

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