How to increase the amount of sperm and what it depends on

How to increase the amount of sperm and what it depends on.

How much sperm should be allocated and what volume is considered normal? There are certain indicators of the norms of sperm allocated at a time.  The norm is considered if it is allocated from two to four milliliters. In order to qualitatively carry out the fertilization procedure, it is necessary at least one and a half milliliters of the ejaculate, they will contain from fifteen to twenty million spermatozoa. Thus, which affects the quantity and is there any way to increase this indicator?

There are times when the number of sperm is reduced for unknown circumstances, in which case a man can be sick or may have bad habits. Smoking, alcohol consumption, excess weight and hormone pathologies are the reasons according to which the procedure for creating seed fluid becomes inconsistent. To do this, you need to eliminate all negative conditions without exception.
The volume and quality of sperm, including the number of spermatozoa can decrease due to hobby for bath procedures or when using medications. To restore sperm properties and the number of spermatozoa, you need to get rid of all bad habits and factors. The quality and amount of seed fluid can talk about the health of a man in general.
The prerequisites for reducing the mass of ejaculates are hidden for various reasons, but most often the young man meets pathologies:
1) General prerequisites. Overwork, bad habits, hypothermia, microbes and infections.
2) specific prerequisites. Inflammatory processes in the genitourinary and reproductive system (disease, testicular pathology).
3) Also, the amount of ejaculate can decrease from allergies, repeating tense conditions, prolonged stay in a depressed state and other conditions that give the body a large shake, suppress susceptibility and worsen the work of absolutely all the functions of the body. The number of spermatozoa can decrease from many other factors.
4) you need to check the entire body, we need the results of allergic reactions, find out the position of the genitourinary system and the possible presence/absence of STIPPs. After all the assigned studies, it will be possible to talk about the possibility of increasing the number of sperm and spermatozoa. It is necessary to prescribe treatment in accordance with all the criteria that are aimed at eliminating the factors of reducing the ejaculate.
5) the faster you visit a qualified specialist, the more chances you will have for the speedy restoration of the normal amount of sperm. It will be necessary to undergo numerous studies and operations of taking sperm – a spermogram. In order to find the reason, the most accurately the doctor will be repelled from the man’s tests and lifestyle, after writing out the most effective treatment.

No need to confuse concepts

What to increase? Number of sperm or the number of sperm? As a rule, these definitions are combined into one, whether there is a difference between them? From a medical point of view, there is also significant: as a rule, under the definition of the “number of sperm” indicate its volume, thrown out once during a sexual action period. But the number of spermatozoa can be less than usual or they may be absent, despite the fact that the volume of sperm is normal.

Is it possible to correct the current situation

In some cases, in order to restore the numerical characteristics of sperm to normal or increase them, you will need not only the drug, the patient will also have to observe some instructions of the doctor. The most difficult in the opinion of many is to change entirely the style of existence:
1) abandon all bad habits. Do not drink alcohol, drugs, abandon smoking.
2) if a man begins to lead the right lifestyle, this can affect an increase in the quantity and improve the quality of sperm.
3) the weight should be normal.
4) a large number of positive emotions and exclude stress.
From food can be distinguished:
• Protein obtained from natural products (meat, nuts, fish, legumes).
• Antioxidants, their sources are fresh vegetables and fruits.
The following products can be especially distinguished: bananas, broccoli, liver, grapes, pumpkin seeds and avocados.
A mass of ejaculate can be increased by taking the following drugs inside:
• Arginine and L-carnitine.
• BADA: spermaplat, Verona, spermactiv.
• Vitamins C and E, Minerals ZN, SE, folic acid.
These substances contribute to the growth of the number of sperm, in addition, increase the number of spermatozoa. However, it is better not to engage in self -medication without consulting a doctor, because improperly prescribed treatment can aggravate this difficult situation.
Men who are concerned about a small ejection of sperm must remember that they do not need to chase the standards, from this you can get only a huge stress. It must be remembered that the standard volume of a one -time emission of seed fluid from two to four milliliters.
Interesting fact! Actors of the Erotic genre increase the amount of sperm as follows: beat about 500 ml of sour cream with 5 chopped bananas. Drink a cocktail gradually four or five hours before the alleged sexual act. It is better not to drink a cocktail at a time, otherwise there may be diarrhea.

Medications to help

When there is demand, respectively, there will be a proposal. The pharmaceutical industry instantly responded to the desire of the stronger sex to possess a huge amount of sperm and preparations were made that increase the volume of seed fluid. When using these drugs, wait for the following results:
1) the probability of conception will increase
2) the strength of muscle contractions increases
3) the number of sperm
4) a large volume of sperm
5) long and intense orgasms
Funds that can help representatives of the stronger sex increase the numerical and qualitative characteristics of sperm are represented in the pharmaceutical market in large numbers. They contribute to the resumption and improvement of sexual activity in representatives of the stronger sex, activate the activity of the body, the number of sperm also increases. However, only a doctor should be prescribed drugs, taking into account probable contraindications or distinctive features of a man’s body.

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