How to increase a member at home

Ways to increase penis.

The problem of the small size of the genital organ bothers many men. Moreover, in most cases, all these experiences do not have real justifications, but are the result of their own complexes. However, if the problem exists, then there are methods of solving. You can influence the parameters operational or independently. Read about how to increase the member ourselves – we have collected affordable and simple ways that all men can resort to. Here the main thing is to adhere to all recommendations in order not to harm.

How to increase a member at home

The connection of the size of the penis and the quality of sex

Internet space is teeming with advertising with promises to make your male dignity more and now this trend has become fashionable. Clinics offer a number of surgical operations and many men at least once thought about this procedure. But they thought about whether such a change really will help them somehow in bed?

Scientists deduced the optimal dimensions of the penis, which are considered normal and do not require any surgical intervention, this range includes advantages from 12 to 20 centimeters. Methods of increasing the penis at home, then you can also not apply, it is enough only to improve the technique of sex to be on top. However, let’s first find out what the dimensions of the genitals depend on.

What depends on the size of the penis?

The formation of male dignity occurs in the teenage period, then the size of the penis in an excited state will depend on the level of male hormones in the body. So, if the number of hormones is large, then with an erection a member can reach up to 25-30 cm, if the number of male hormones produced is low, then the dimensions can be limited to 14 cm. In addition, there is such a thing as micropenis, which is used if the dimensions do not exceed 10 cm with an excited state. Such sizes are associated either with a low level of hormone in the body or in a hereditary disease of the endocrine system. However, statistics show that the average size of a member during an erection is 16 – 18 cm.

How to increase a member at home

Whether a large penis will affect sex?

And at this moment, scientists also managed to conduct a study and, as it turned out, an elongated member is not a guarantor of improving behavior in bed.  Even in general, large sizes do not affect the quality of sexual activity in any way, the woman will not begin to experience an unforgettable orgasm if her partner increases the dignity. Here, experience and the ability to use your genitals plays a large role, so you should drop your complexes and work better on skills than on dimensions.

Methods for increasing the penis at home

Before we move on to specific methods, in the beginning we learn all the advantages of independent impact:

  • accessibility-such methods do not require large financial investments, due to the simplicity of using improvised means. Unlike the same medicines that can cost a man of several hundred dollars, if not more;
  • simplicity – in order to independently do these procedures, no special skills are required. To do this, it is enough to study the entire sequence of actions and carefully adhere to the instructions;
  • Convenience – the biggest advantage, in our opinion, is that a person does not need to create special conditions. You can use methods anywhere and at any time;
  • Safety – it is present if you clearly adhere to all recommendations using the listed methods. In the case of all the rules of the man’s health will be fully protected.

A significant drawback of home “building” is a long period of expectation of results. Here it is necessary to show patience and endurance.

Despite all the simplicity, we initially advise you to go through a consultation with a doctor.

Exercises for a member

How to increase a member at home

There are special exercises to increase the member of the house, thanks to them you can not only affect the length of the penis, but also on the thickness. This is due to the fact that physical stimulation improves blood flow. Circulation increases significantly in the tissues, due to which all the necessary nutrients enter the cells and the penis is enlarged.

Here are three simple exercises for such a training:

  • grasp the head with your hand and pull. You can move up and to the sides. After you have pulled a member, his position must be fixed for ten seconds. Make about 10 approaches;
  • take the base of the penis with the whole hand and pull it forward. Keep it in this position for a few seconds, then lower it. Perform in five approaches of 4 seconds;
  • Praise the member with your palm in diameter and begin to bend it to the sides.

Exposure should be neat, during exercises there should not be any painful sensations. If you felt a sharp pain, then take a break, then repeat, only now reducing the strength of the effect.

Massage to increase size

Penis massage is another effective tool for independent use. Pleasant and massaging effects on the genital organ, similar to masturbation, will not only affect its physical parameters, but also cause the following effect:

  • In the same way as physical exercises, massage will improve blood circulation in tissues;
  • significantly affect the endurance of the body during intercourse;
  • strengthen the erection, make it controlled;
  • reduce the likelihood of premature ejaculation;
  • Improve potency.

How to increase a member at home

There are many techniques and varieties of massage. Previously, it is worth consulting a doctor here, he must confirm the healthy state of the body, since massive effects can aggravate the disease that has arisen. On average, this method allows you to make a length of five centimeters, and the width is three centimeters.

It is important to know that the effect is only after a regular procedure and after a certain time. It is advisable to massage every day, the first results are expected after 5-6 weeks.

As an example of such a massage, we will talk about jelking or milking to increase the penis ourselves. Before starting the session, the organ needs to be a little warm, this can be achieved by taking a hot bath or just attach a warm scarf.

You can perform such a massage for the penis in two ways:

  1. Pre -lubricate the penis with natural lubricant without flavorings. Then grab the base with your hand so that your fingers are closed. Start moving your hand up to your head, but without clasping it. Try to slightly pull the member up. Start with 50 delay, over time, bring the amount to 200-220 times.
  2. There is no lubrication here. The “body” of the penis is clasped with the palm, fixing the position for 10-15 seconds, then pull it to the sides. Pain and discomfort should not occur.

You can find many positive reviews on the Internet about such a methodology for increasing the penis at home. Men note that it is possible to increase the result by several centimeters, then with the regularity of.

How to increase a member with a soda

Now on the Internet it begins many requests regarding how soda can be increased by a member? Many I think that this is an ordinary trick, in order to attract interest in various Internet resources, however, this method has the right to exist.

How to increase a member at home

The main advantage of this folk method is accessibility, because soda can be found in every house, only here you need to know how to carry out the procedure correctly. To do this, pre -take a hot bath or shower to improve blood circulation in the organ. After that, vegetable oil is applied to the dry surface, it is best olive, since it has many useful substances. Distribute the oil along the entire length, then sprinkle soda in a small amount. Then the penis should be massaged with a sponge for several minutes, at the end of the massage, wash off everything with water.

Be neat! Soda must be poured carefully and in small quantities, so as not to cause skin burns.

The enlargement of the dimensions will be noticeably immediately, however, the minus is that the effect will be held only within two hours. Thus, this option is not suitable for perspective.

Special decoctions

In the list of folk remedies, you can add the use of special tinctures, however, this method of the least popular. However, in vain, because in such decoctions there are special plant components that positively affect the work of the organ. But you should immediately warn that tinctures are unable to directly affect size, they only improve blood flow and potency.

As examples of such tinctures:

  • thyme – take 100 grams of ground thyme and pour a glass of hot water. After the decoction has cooled it, you can drink it, only a portion is divided into morning and evening reception;
  • Garlic – take 200 grams of garlic and pour it with the same amount of pharmacy alcohol. We insist all for ten days. Take tincture twice a day for 20 drops.

Unwanted ways to increase a member

Along with all these methods, there are other ways to increase a member without operations, only their safety under a big question.

How to increase a member at home

It is better to refuse such options, because they are dangerous and can aggravate the condition:

  1. Medications – in most cases, such drugs contain hormonal components. Reception of hormonal drugs causes a number of side means that will affect general health and provoke the appearance of the following side effects:
  • violation of erection;
  • decrease in productivity;
  • development of pathologies;
  • violation of the work of reproductive organs;
  • deterioration in the psychological state;
  • malfunctions in the liver, kidneys and thyroid gland.

Such drugs are recommended only in the teenage period, when the organ is only formed and hormone.

  1. The use of goods

This method came to us from the West, and there from Africa. It was on a hot continent, in some tribes the boys suspended the load to increase the size of the penis.

We began to use this way with us, each time adding the weight of the cargo. However, such a tool can affect the length, only the width decreases. All this due to the fact that the load can exclusively stretch the penis, but not make its total mass anymore. As a result of such methods, an erection is often disturbed.

In conclusion, I want to say that you can influence the size with the help. The type of operation will depend on the source of the problem. If this is a micropenis, then an operation will be undergoing an increase in the number of male hormones that will be released from the fatty tissue of the pubis. In this case, a man can make a penis more than 5 cm.  There are also other operations, for example, using an extender. But the experience of a large number of men convincingly says that you can change the size of their male dignity in the most part at home. This is a very real thing that will give the desired effect, but only if all the instructions and the regularity of the execution are observed. Visual enlargement can be achieved by circumcision. Without the foreskin hanging over the head, it will look longer, many women really like this change.

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