How to hide a member and hide an unwanted riser

How to hide a member as a man?.

An erection often occurs at the most inopportune moment – blood suddenly fills the cavernous body. In some situations, it is quite decent to joke over such an incident, laugh and immediately forget about it. But sometimes it is necessary to know how to hide the penis unnoticed, so that none of those around him will find this.

7 ways to hide the riser

The spontaneous excitation of the penis in public transport and even the family circle is an awkward phenomenon, as it gives out male thoughts to others. However, you should not worry too much. Always remember that such a phallus tension is a natural event, especially inherent in guys when they reached puberty. Many options have been invented to quickly and quietly hide the “growth” on trousers. Consider the simplest of them. If you choose any appropriate way, there is a chance that no one will pay attention to this awkward moment.

How to hide a member and hide an unwanted riser

Straighten the shirt or T -shirt

Panaceay for many life situations are long objects of the upper part of the wardrobe. They help when a man spilled something on himself, blood went with his nose and drops stained the trousers. Such shirts are irreplaceable if the penis suddenly tensed.

Straighten a rather careless movement from trousers T -shirt from trousers. Although it looks slightly strange from the outside, it will always be possible to come up with an appropriate pretext (a fairy tale about the sauce, the desire not to look too officially and t.D.). The goal has been achieved – no one will notice a sudden bulge in the groin.

Be blown up by a book or newspaper

How to hide a member and hide an unwanted riser

It is easy to hide the excitement of the phallus if read the press. Napkin, bag, cart if you visit the supermarket are also useful in this regard. It is desirable to keep the item in front of you, making natural gestures relaxed hands. It is impossible to closely close: this will attract additional views to the blocked perineum.

Switch people’s attention to the other end of the room

An effective way to hide the rising member is to draw the attention of others to any object located in the opposite corner of the room. At the time of general distraction, it will always be possible to rectify the situation and tame your own friend.

Bend down

It is enough to bend sharply at an awkward moment, supposedly wanting to tie the laces, show how you easily reach your palm to the floor or want to tear something adhered to the sole. As soon as the body breaks, the erection will become completely invisible. Those around them will only look at the floor, not paying attention to the state of the penis.

Wear briffs instead of boxers

When an uncontrolled erection is too annoying, it is better to prefer denser trousers. They squeeze the causals more strongly, pressing them.

Simulate nausea

How to hide a member and hide an unwanted riser

An effective option of how to remove a spontaneous erection is an imitation of a sudden deterioration in your state. Bow, covering your stomach with your hands, straighten your shirt from your trousers, go straight to the toilet.

Think about the unpleasant

Any distracting thoughts kill excitement in the penis, since they indicate the opposite, completely non -sexual direction to the brain. It is enough to imagine an accident with a fatal outcome, cutting the carcass in the meat department, any vile movie. Naturally, this method will not work when you are a fan of sexual perversions.

How to hide a member after a floor change – instruction

Many people are interested in how transam manages to hide a member – after all, not everyone decides on the plastic of genitals and below the waist they look like men. A whole leadership has been developed, following which it is possible to hide an unwanted bulge:

  1. Take panties, pull them to the knees.
  2. Gently attach a special lining that imitates the female genital organs in the middle between the legs.
  3. Slightly spread the legs, slightly bending them.
  4. Take one hand behind, grab a member with it and press it to the crotch, as tight as possible. Make sure that the eggs are located strictly on the sides of the barrel.
  5. Continuing to hold the penis, with the other hand to gently move the balls, leading them inside the body. When the pain appears, this means that the movement is made not in the right direction or the time has not yet come to hide testicula inside the inguinal canals.
  6. If unnecessary skin folds remain, they need to be hidden with fingers under a member or deep into the crotch, then all the bulges will be recorded.
  7. Continuing to hold everything with your hand, evenly moving up, put on panties. Necessarily all the bulges are closed by the pad.
  8. Gently remove the supporting hand, while at the same time moving the legs. If at first it does not work to hide a member with eggs, you can not despair. Regular training will help to bring actions to automatism, after which visually the pubis will look completely similar to a female.

How to hide a member and hide an unwanted riser

The described technique has certain shortcomings. The main one: in a similar way, the “extra structure” can only be hidden when putting on dense tight -fitting linen, which has a fairly wide crotch. If a transvestite is an adherent of an active lifestyle, then too tight elastic bands will rub the groin, after which this zone will become inflamed.

. It is worth remembering that with such a “packaging” genitals to the beach is better not to go out, since you can’t swim. After getting wet, any fabric will become elastic, it will stretch and everything will fall out at the most piquant moment!

Almost all adequate men are well aware of how important it is to constantly maintain potency, since the lack of erection negatively affects the functioning of the genitals. When spontaneous excitement disappears, difficulties in sexual relations are coming ahead. The penis no longer reaches sufficient hardness, and the libido is reduced. Wanting to hide from others a “rebel” member, we must not forget about the naturalness of this process.

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