How to give a man a pleasure in bed: 12 ways

Ways guaranteed to satisfy a man.

How to give a man a pleasure in bed: 12 ways

It is necessary to give pleasure to a man in bed if you want your relationship with him to remain strong. But do not worry, this article will show how to do this with the help of 12 powerful techniques.

1. Take on more initiative

How can you give sexual pleasure to your partner? Simple: initiate sex. Since men usually begin intimate games (almost twice as often than women), they more often get a refusal when the girls are not in the mood. Even if you usually say yes, the need to take the initiative can become tiring for your boyfriend.

So show more activity:

  • Ask him if he wants sex.
  • Dress and enter the room naked.
  • Let him go when you masturbate.

Say that you plan to have sex as soon as both return home, or give him a passionate kiss in the morning with a hint of continuation in the evening.

If you take the initiative, then remove great pressure from your man. He will feel the desired. He will definitely like it.

There will be more sex, which will become an argument in your favor. The more often the intim, the more pleasure for two. In the end, men usually regret sex that they do not have. The one that is is unlikely to cause negative emotions.

2. Learn to make a fantastic blowjob

If you read our articles for some time, then you know a lot of blowjob techniques and tips on how to give a man a fabulous orgasm. Oral sex can literally “hit a partner”. He will most likely answer you the same. But remember that giving a guy excellent discharge is a much larger work than just read useful tips. To become a professional, you must practice and regularly use the techniques that you read about here.

A man will definitely appreciate your efforts if you train on it. But there is another option that will not let you hit the dirt face. A good idea is to practice new technology on a purified banana first.

When you read the articles on how to suck a member and make a deep blowjob, you will understand: in order to satisfy a man, you need more than just perform reciprocating movements with lips. We will have to become an expert in caresses, kisses and licking his penis, as well as in handling his ass and testicles.

3. Do not forget about his eggs

Testicules are not the sexiest part of the male body, and they usually play a secondary role for exciting compared to the penis. But eggs and scrotum can be quite sensitive due to the nerve endings contained in them. Scientists describe them as an erogenous zone. We agree with them.

So don’t forget about the testicles when you go downstairs or stroke the man. In some sexual poses, you can also reach its scrotum and massage the sensitive area. We advise you to try several techniques, including:

  • Grasping the scrotum.
  • Soft egg massage.
  • Delicate twitching.
  • Sucking testicula.

The caresses of his eggs are a great way to give pleasure and stand out against the background of former girls.

4. Show more activity

It is difficult to get feedback from a partner during sex, if he is motionless and silent. This is why you must act actively. This can begin even to proximity if you act as a “driver” of the process, as we mentioned in the first council.

During intimacy, you can constantly add oil to the fire: it is difficult to puzzle passion, moan, change the poses, “climb” on top of it (find out how to master the pose of the rider). There are other options: pull on the sheets, scratch it with pleasure, wrap it up with your feet or pull it closer in such positions as missionary.

For the most part, these are signs of enthusiasm. Enthusiasm – the key to success in bed. The lack of technology can almost always be filled with active actions. No wonder among representatives of the strong half of humanity appeared the term “log”.

5. Touch the whole body

During sex, it is too easy to focus on the genitals, but the body has not only obvious erogenous zones. Read more about this here. Almost any part of the skin can be sensitive if you influence it.

So run your hands over his chest, hands and back. Use nails if it does not mind or even loves light pain. Touch your face. Stain or pull the hair. Grab the ass. Caress the hips. Massage earlobes.

Imagine that sexual energy comes out of your fingers and flows into it. Of course, this may seem a bias in magic, but if you are able to shift the focus of attention from the head and plunge into your body, then both will feel sex much more satisfactory.

6. Try new poses

Great blowjob is important in order to give pleasure to the partner in bed. But no one canceled active actions. The easiest way to improve your sexual abilities is to study a few great poses for sex that suit your man.

But here’s what you need to know about the search and study of good positions:

Different guys like different poses.

You can find that a man likes to be on top and control the process when you have sex. It is likely that he prefers the “Doggi-Stail” option or when you are on top. The fastest way to find out what your man likes the most is to ask him. But this is not always the sexiest or funny activity. It is much easier to use the method of trial and error.

7. Make variety

Variability is not quite a specific sexual advice or technique that you can use with your man. But without variety, sex can bore a partner. The desire for novelty is one of the most common sexy fantasies. Animals, including people, are increasing sexual activity in response to the launch of the game under other rules.

You need to constantly try new with your man. But this does not mean that you must completely forget that it is already working well to give him pleasure. Continue to do what is tested by time.

Sometimes new approaches do not work at all, but in the process you will find things that excite by five with a plus and likes a man.

8. Cut vulgar conversations

If you never tried to talk with your man before, then you are missing a gorgeous opportunity. Almost all guys like it when their girl is dialogue without intelligent words.

Do not think that a relaxed conversation requires you to excessive sexuality and skills. Even a minimal change in a standard lexicon can excite a man. The phrase “Your little bitch” will affect the psyche much more than silent vaginal sex.

One word, by chance in the morning, will make your partner with rapture to expect an evening date.

9. Ask him to play with your ass

Imagine: actively having sex. You don’t want it to stop. You need more pleasure and intensity. What are you doing? Instead of traditional cries “More! More!”Say your boyfriend:” Fuck me in the ass!”.

What will happen to the reaction? He will be delighted because he is also insanely excited. After all, this is the hottest that you could say. Especially if you usually do not engage in anal games, and he showed interest in this earlier. It may seem that it is more like your desire to enjoy. But the guy will fully receive his dose of adrenaline.

10. Play Role Games

The role -playing game is great for the realization of fantasies that you and your man have. It is so simple. Most people have secret desires: from stereotypical ones, such as schoolgirl/teacher or master/slave, to others, not too harmless.

On the topic: Learn how to use female dominance correctly.

This is normal, if not every script seems correct. The best way to open his fantasies to a man is to tell about them. As soon as he finds out what you like, he will tell about his secret desires. As you reveal each other’s fantasies, both become more comfortable for you to embody more “perverted” games.

Speaking about role -playing games, it is important to be open and unbiased at any fantasies, even if this is that you don’t really want to try.

eleven. Change the place

Change the place where you have sex is probably the simplest thing you can do when trying to give pleasure to your man. There are so many simple options that you should try at least once:

  • In the shower.
  • In the forest.
  • On the beach.
  • In the park.
  • In the kitchen.
  • On the train.

The main thing is that do not catch your eye and do not break the laws.

You do not need to try everything from this list every time you have sex. But an attempt to learn more about his sexual preferences and deliver him pleasure will bring benefits. He will return all the debts with interest to you.

12. Stimulate its prostate

Another sensitive zone on the body of a man that is sometimes forgotten about is a prostate. Perhaps you know that the prostate iron is an organ that gives great pleasure. Access to the prostate is obtained through anus. This is one of the reasons why so many men do not dare to try to play this game.

But if the stereotypes do not allow to use the ass, there is another option: to stimulate its prostate through the crotch – the area between eggs and anus. A game with a prostate gives some men a different type of orgasm or even allows them to achieve multiple orgasm.

These are pretty good reasons to try to play with the prostate gland. You can stimulate its erogenous zone during masturbation, oral sex.

These 12 ways will help to bring something new into sexual life. A man will definitely appreciate your desire to give him unearthly pleasure.

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