How to find out that the girl has menstruation

How to find out that the girl has menstruation.

Monthly in girls proceed differently, but most often accompanied by the so-called premenstrual syndrome, which is characterized by a number of signs. They can conclude that the girl has red days of the calendar.

Surely nothing can be said in appearance, so if you think how to find out that the girl has menstruation, then you should know – no way.

All indirect symptoms can only give out PMS, and this is generally not the same. For many girls, menstruation flows so painless and easy that they themselves sometimes do not notice them.

Of course, you have to use additional hygiene products, but as for emotions and mood, nothing unusual happens here.

How to find out that the girl has menstruation by indirect signs

The well -known and most popular sign is sharp mood swings and increased irritability.

There are many jokes and jokes on this subject, but in fact the premenstrual syndrome is not such a funny event. The demon did not get into a woman, but interruptions at the level of hormones are able to make a monster out of her.

Frequent visit to the toilet will be the second sign. Of course, diseases of the genitourinary system cannot be excluded, such as cystitis, but with menstruation, visiting the ladies’ room is required at least at least.

There were times when women did not leave the house these days. I had to isolate from society for several days and spend time alone with myself and with my physiological “trouble”.

Fortunately, modern hygiene products make it possible not only to feel comfortable anywhere, but also to hide any manifestations of female nature as much as possible.

Claims of abdominal pain, especially in the lower part, can also signal that the girl has menstruation.

Again, no one excludes a number of other painful conditions, but if you decide to become Sherlock Holmes and get to the bottom of the truth, then try to combine several signs.

Offer activated carbon, it helps from most abdominal problems. But with menstruation will not help. The girl refused coal? Hmm, it seems you unraveled her secret.

In summer, the chances of a good investigation increase sharply. The girl refuses to swim, which is most likely the case in the arrival of these days.

In general, the situation is much easier. If this is your girlfriend, then you probably already know when to wait for menstruation and the partner will inform you about them herself.

And it is difficult to imagine other situations when outsiders would try to find out how to find out that the girl has menstruation.

As mentioned above, fortunately, modern hygiene products eased the life of the female sex and saved men from unnecessary information.

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