How to find a dot in a woman | Stimulate the ji point | The choice of methods of influence

How to find a ging point in a woman.

How to find a dot in a woman | Stimulate the ji point | The choice of methods of influence
Point G is responsible for multiple and jet orgasms. Her stimulation allows a woman to experience very vivid sexual experiences. But this area is “sleeping”. How to find a point g and activate it? What sex toys help you learn to have fun? How to stimulate this erogenous zone on your own or together with a partner? We have collected all the answers to these and other questions.

History of opening a point g

For the first time about a sensitive place in the vagina of a woman, a scientist became known in the 40-50s of the XX century. Ernst Graffenberg conducted a study on the basis of which he proved that stimulation of a certain area causes female orgasms. He called this place a “female prostate”, suggesting that this is a separate organ. But in the future, scientists have proved that this is not an organ.

About the point G, so it was named by the name of the opener, they began to argue from the 80s of the XX century. Some women participating in studies claimed that this place really exists, others said that this area was not. Until now, in the literature, point G is described in different ways: someone represents it as a “pea”, someone as a “rough area” or even like a hillock inside a female bosom.

In fact, the desired point is not just a point, but a small area. In this place there is a close contact of the vagina and ureter. Since the uric canal is surrounded by parauretral glands, in this place they are very close to the stimulated place. And the effect on these glands through the wall of the vagina causes maximum pleasure. It turns out that the point G is not on the surface of the mucosa, but behind the vaginal wall. But if you act correctly on it, it will really give pleasant experiences.

Where is the point g?

Point G is not determined by all women by touch. It can be visually invisible, but it is still important to know where it is located, for proper stimulation. You can find it when a woman lies on her back with her legs wide apart. If you introduce your fingers inside the vagina, with your palm up, then it is precisely the pillows that can be touched by this place.
Point G can be placed at a depth of 2.5 to 6 cm.

With most poses for sex, this place is almost not involved. The penis only in passing touches the region, without causing strong experiences. At the same time, the woman’s vagina has almost no nerve endings, so vaginal orgasms do not often happen. To stimulate the point G, you need to choose the right angle of entry during sex. The optimal pose for this is behind.

Sleeping point g

There is a theory that most women have such a sensual area simply not activated. Unlike the clitoris that responds to any touch, the internal erogenous zones often turn out to be “sleeping”. So that they cause orgasms, you need to arouse them.

During the mass of experiments, it turned out that the effect on the point G is relevant only with strong excitement. If the woman has not tuned in close to the intimacy, then all manipulations in this place will cause only irritation.

To wake this area, you need to start massaging the front wall of the vagina, acting with different intensity. It should be not only stroking, but pressing with different power. At the same time, you should adhere to some single rhythm and do not rush.
How to find out whether point g is active? If, with vagina caresses, severe excitement occurs, if a certain amount of fluid is released during orgasm, then everything works correctly. If vaginal orgasms do not occur, then you need to work on the activation of this site.

And it is worth remembering that it is the point G is responsible for the jet orgasms. It is the stimulation of the inner glands that leads to the accumulation of the fluid, and then its release. In this case, not urine is distinguished, but a special secret, similar in composition with a male sperm. The secret is an additional lubricant. But if there is too much of it, the feeling is created that the woman was described.

How to properly stimulate a ging point in a woman

To learn orgasms from stimulating points G, time takes time. The perfect result will require many experiments. Since the location of this area, its feeling of each woman is individual, will need to listen to sensations and try to relax as much as possible.

With the first experiments of influence on the erogenous area with your hands or sex toys, strange sensations may occur. At the beginning of excitement, it may seem that I want to go to the toilet. This feeling is deceptive, you should not be distracted by it. Very quickly it will go into excitement. No need to be afraid, it is impossible to describe during such a process.

To strengthen the experiences from the point G, you can combine the affection of several zones. For example, massage of the inner wall of the vagina and cunnilingus. The clitoris can be concerned with a special stimulant or fingers. Sometimes a pleasant impact in the area of the anus and inside the bosom. It is important to just find different places, and at the same time touch them to bring a woman to maximum excitement.

If you look for a point g in a couple, trust and mutual understanding between partners are required. You need to devote more time to each other and not chase the result. Pleasure must be received from searching for a magic point. If you wanted to activate the area alone, it is recommended to use special sex toys, they will help make the process more saturated and quick.

How to “wake up” a ging point using sex toys?

You can learn to experience multiple and jet orgasms using the point g. The easiest method of its activation is the impact of vibration on this area. This must be done with constantly increasing intensity. For such experiments, special points g of points are used. Visually – these are vibrators with a bent head. And most often the motor is located in the tip so that the maximum movements are felt at the right point. There are simple rules for getting pleasure with a vibrator point G:

  • Before the introduction of the toy you need to relax. It is the correct attitude that will help to achieve the result. First, it is important to just start enjoying touching the desired area. Each time it will become more intense. After some time, the impact will lead to the first orgasm. Well, then, if patience is enough, you can learn to finish many times.
  • The vibrator of the point G is introduced into the female bosom to the end, it should not touch the cervix. It is necessary to use it to find point G and act on it precisely. Therefore, the head of the device should touch the front wall of the vagina. It can be moved to find the right place of stimulation. The vibrator is recommended to make frictions with a small amplitude. It is worth turning on the vibration right away.
  • So that the sensations from exposure are only pleasant, do not forget about the lubricant. It will help make movements smooth and tender, avoid injuries of the mucosa. You can experiment without lubrication, but it is not desirable.
  • With caresses of a female bosom, you can add games with a clitoris. To do this, it is inconvenient to use a second toy, so often women buy vibrators that can simultaneously massage both the point G and the clitoris. Two different motorists help to stimulate different or turn off one of the sites at their own discretion.
  • The vibrator is not just immersed in the body, they need to press on the erogenous zone. It is like pressing a head on the wall of the vagina. The force of pressing is chosen individually, but it is only important not to injure delicate skin.
  • . They will automatically become compressed. At this moment it is worth relaxing. Of course, after a few moments they will be tone again. But if you continue the effect of the toy and artificially arouse relaxation several times, the probability of an orgasm increases at times. After some next attempt, he will definitely cover a huge wave of pleasure.

How to choose a vibrator for point g?

Ideal toys to stimulate point G are curved vibrators and vibrators for steam. But if desired, this area can also be arranged by a classic device. What is the difference between the most convenient models?

  • Special vibrator for point g. The vibrator head is tilted forward. The motor is more often in the curved part. The maximum vibration is felt in the tip, t.e. You can massage the desired area point. Always several speed speeds. Sometimes there are different modes and intensity. Vibrators of this form are flexible and gesture. Plastic, glass, metal devices do not change shape, and PVC or silicone products are more plastic.
  • Vibrators for steam. These are devices that simultaneously stimulate both the clitoris and point g. They are created for use during vaginal sex with a partner. A small process is introduced into the body, enhancing female experiences. But the toy will also be used for masturbation or activation of the desired area. Flexible form allows you to adjust the vibrator to the body shape. Management on the device itself or a remote remote control. Since the toy is paired, there is no pen that is convenient during masturbation, but it compensates for the multifunctionality of the application.
  • Rabbits. This is a sex toy that massages several zones. For point G, it is worth buying with a bent head. The device is also able to caress the clitoris, and in individual models, the function of the entrance to the vagina, the rotation of the barrel and vibration is provided. All movements are controlled separately, you can come up with dozens of alternations of different types of exposure, and then try all this at different speeds.

The plus of any sex toy for dots G is Water resistance. Such a device can be used in the bathroom or in the shower. It is very easy to clean.

Reshaquent models vibrators are more convenient to use. Batteries are not needed for their use. It is only worth putting the device for charging, then to enjoy its use within a few hours.

Remote control – This is an opportunity to switch speeds not on the device, but on a separate remote control. The management of such a toy can be entrusted to the partner, and he himself will decide – what is the optimal intensity. And it’s also convenient, because with your hands you can not look for the desired button, but stimulate other parts of the body.

We have collected dozens of models of vibrators for point G in one catalog. These are objects that help women study their body, learn to get bright experiences with every sexual contact. We offer safe, practical and high -quality models from leading world manufacturers. Delivery of all sex toys is carried out in any part of Russia. The baith is always anonymous.

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