How to dominate a man in bed?

How to dominate a man in bed?.

We live in progressive time, so you should try to open our dominant side. In each of us there is a dominant side that should not be hidden, instead find out how to dominate the man.

Men are accustomed to control and dominate the relationship. This is not bad and not good, it is just a dynamics that sometimes arises in a relationship. If you usually dominate, you should let him take the reins of government from time to time. But if you obey and you are interested to release your dominance out, you will need help.

1. Do not force yourself. If your partner tells you that you would like you to be dominant, but you do not dare to try, just relax. Be sure to remember that if you do not want, you don’t need to do it. If it seems to you that you are forced to dominate, but in fact you have no desire to do this, then do not do it. If you are just afraid, then this is a completely different story.

2. Know that the whole thing is in the head. If you first decide to try to dominate, of course, you may be scared. You must know that all this is happening in your mind. You will feel more confident when you relax and begin to feel more comfortable.

3. Make sure you set the boundaries. Before starting dominance, you should discuss with a partner the boundary of the permitted. You should know what he wants to do with him and what is not, and also mention what you want to do and what you do not want. You both must be on equal terms. In addition, you should come up with a stop.

4. Dominate in bed. You can try to dominate other aspects of your life. However, the easiest way to dominate the man, without forcing him to feel emascidative, is a bed. In addition, this is probably the area in which he will be ready to allow you to take control of yourself.

5. Be powerful. If you want to dominate, you will have to be powerful. Do not ask him how he feels and whether he likes something – he will tell you himself. Your task is not to please him, but to satisfy his own needs. You must remember this.

6. How he wants to be dominated? There are several different ways of dominance over a man: bondage, discipline, sadism. Your task is to find out what method he likes. It will take several times to understand that both of you like it more, so do not worry if you try sadism, but you will not like it.

7. Do not be afraid to be rude. If you have already discussed the boundaries of the permitted and agreed on the stopwood, then everything is in order. Until the partner shouted the stop-word, do not be afraid to be rude. Bit it, lick it, pull the hair;Take control into your own hands and be exactly what you wanted to be – dominant.

8. Make him beg. The partner deserves you when you say that it deserves. Make him beg for sex. It’s cruel? No, this is all part of the game in the dominant. Since he is your submissive, you fully control the situation. So make him sweat and work for pleasant moments.

9. Dress accordingly. This is not necessarily, but if you wear something tight, sexy and black, this will very decorate the scene of dominance. Oh, and don’t forget about heels. Or you can not wear anything at all – you decide. But if you are dressed accordingly, it will only start it even more.

10. Make him worship you. If you want to truly dominate the partner, make him worship you. You are the queen, and at this moment the partner should do what you say. You actually force him to do unexpected actions, for example, prepare you dinner or do your back massage. In return, you reward him as you wish.

eleven. Touch yourself in his presence. But do not let him touch you. Let him only watch you. You can also forbid him to touch yourself. He should just sit and endure. If he does not do what they say to him, you spank him or bind him.

12. Find out his fantasies. What is his biggest fantasy? That it starts most? You can use the fantasies and fetishes of the partner to excite him. You can also make him do something with you if he wants his fantasies to be realized.

13. Tie him. The most true way to lose control and give it to the wrong hands is to be related. Where will the partner go? Nowhere. What will he do? Nothing. He is literally in your power. You can saddle it, and he will not be able to touch or grab you – it will drive him crazy.

14. Do this with the one you trust. You want to be relaxed and feel comfortable, so make sure that you do it with someone you trust. Since this is something new, and you are just mastering, awkward moments may arise, which you want to laugh with your partner.

Now you know how to dominate a man, and the best way to show your dominant side is not to be afraid and try! Be sure to try it with the one you trust.

How to dominate a man in bed?

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