How to determine the size of male dignity by the size of the shoes

How to determine the size of male dignity by the size of the shoes.

Want to know how to determine the size of the male dignity by the size of the shoes? Of course, all this gradation does not guarantee full compliance, but it is generally accepted that in most cases the coincidence of a significant. In the previous article, we found that the growth on the size of the penis does not affect much, but the size of the foot is completely different.

A man’s leg grows up to 20 years, almost as well as the penis. He, according to various sources, up to 17-22. But more inclined to 17, after which the dignity is slightly shortened.

Therefore, the growth of the foot and the growth of the penis approximately coincide and the differences should not be large.

Further, scientists found out the proportions how much cm is growing a year. They deduced a certain formula and the average result was obtained, which can tell us about how to determine the size of the male dignity by the size of the shoes.

The scale of dependence of the size of the foot and member

Shoe size up to 35, indicates the length of the penis of 6.5 cm. Next is 36 size and 8.5 cm, the length of male dignity.

It is important to consider the fact that we are talking about an adult man, not a teenager. When the body is growing, parts of the body can lag or ahead of each other, so this scale is intended exclusively for representatives of the strong half of the age after 20 years.

  • 37 size – 10 cm
  • 38 – 11.5
  • 39 – 12.7
  • 40 – 13.5
  • 41 – 14
  • 42 – 14.5
  • 43 – 15.6
  • 44 – 17.5
  • 45 – 18.5
  • 46 – 21
  • 48 – 25

How to determine the size of male dignity by the size of shoes: Formulas

In different countries, formulas for calculating the size of male dignity were developed based on parameters such as the size of the foot, nose and growth.

For example, in the corners of our planet prohibiting a girl to enter into intimacy before marriage, such formulas are very popular. You can’t ask directly, you can’t touch and see.

And my chosen one would not want to be mistaken and all my life to be dissatisfied with the dimensions. Unfortunately, all these calculations drive cute ladies into an even greater dead end and lead to unfulfilled expectations.

But many look quite reasonable and, in principle, are close to the truth. One of the famous formulas says that the size of the penis is the length of the foot + 5, divide by 2. Suppose a length of 26 cm, plus five and we get 31, divide by two and it turns out, in a man 15.5 cm.

It is not known how close to science, physiology and anatomy, but the result is realistic and most likely there are a lot of coincidences.

Just do not forget that the size of the foot is only one of the factors. The role is played by such parameters as nationality, for example. Somewhere far in Zimbabwe, some Gabriel or Lucas laughs at your formulas.

Communication of calculations and statistics

All formulas and arguments on the connection of the size of the shoes and a member, often coincide with statistics. In different countries and in different nationalities, the average size of the penis differs. In the world, 15 cm is considered to be average, and in recent years the indicator is reduced.

Honestly, I don’t know how they calculate it. I have never measured me in a physical examination in my whole life and never recorded the data anywhere.

I suppose with the rest of the men everything is the same. Most likely, the formulas fitted under statistics and made so that any calculations lead to more or less realistic and close values.

In psychology, this is called a fit for an answer, and lovers of mathematics know many examples when a person is forced to make a number, then multiply, divide, add, and in the end you get a pre -well -known figure, which Schuller guesses.

The anatomical parameter is not so important that it is tormented with calculations and try to find out how to determine the size of the male dignity by the size of the shoes . All the more there is a great chance to read and then grief will come. A man with 35 size can have 25 cm, and the owner of the 48 sizes of shoes will delight you 12 cm. This is against the norms accepted and statistical data, but who will be interested later?!

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