How many years do girls lose innocence? Statistics

How many years do girls lose innocence? Statistics.

There is always a lot of noise around the girlish innocence. This is primarily due to her physical membrane, tangibility, visual existence or absence. Girls experience terrible interest that there is after loss of virginity, what will change and whether at least something will change? How does this happen?

Will there be blood, whether it hurts how to make everything go smoothly, and then.. Will the gynecologist find out? These are not just opinions and assumptions, on our blog, one of the most popular articles are connected just with the topics of loss of innocence.

For example, “can a gynecologist determine virginity” or “what changes in the girl’s body after the first time”. Interest in this topic is truly serious.

But besides the psychological and physiological side of the issue, there is also a moral. The loss of innocence is perceived as a responsible step into adult life and the border forever sharing the girl from the girl.

Everything is important here – not to be mistaken with a partner, not to disgrace, do not get any injuries, hide from adults or on the contrary to share an important event. While these thoughts are spinning in the head of a teenager, there is a desire to spy of someone else’s experience.

How many years do girls lose innocence? What the statistics say and whether it exists? When it is already possible? Will the sad consequences come?

How many years can I lose the girl by law

There is no special law that would give an accurate answer to this question, however, if you refer to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and study its restrictions related to sexual intercourse by mutual agreement, we can draw several interesting conclusions.

Not only matters the age of the girl who decided to loss of virginity, but also the age of her sexual partner.

So article 134 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation categorically prohibits intimacy with a person who has not reached 16 years of age and this act will be persecuted by law. The punishment, by the way, is quite harsh, but there is a nuance.

This article can be charged only to adult, that is, a person 18 years old and older. The girls’ peers in essence does not threaten anything in this case.

If the girl is a peer -peer and he is not 18 yet, then it will not work to attract him. So, according to the law of virginity, you can lose already in 16. But maybe this is not all?

It turned out, and really, not all. Article 134 implies punishment for sexual intercourse, lesbianism and sodilling with a person who has not reached 16 years of age, if the accused was 18.

If he is not 18, then he can be attracted only for a connection with a face that has not reached the age of 14. This is the situation.

If the girl is 12, but not 14, then the guy is waiting for the punishment, even if he is a minor. That is, in fact, up to 14 years to lose innocence under the Law of the Russian Federation. From 14 to 16 you can with a person who has not reached 18 years of age and from 16 you can with anyone.

And if the girl is not 12, then this is a completely different article and the punishment will not follow the fact of sexual relations by agreement, but for rape.

This is pedophilia in its purest form and the court will make a decision on charges of violence, since before that a person is not able to independently decide on the issue of loss of innocence. So, let’s summarize.

You can lose virginity under the Law of the Russian Federation from the age of 14, if the partner is not 18. If he is an adult, then he will have to wait until 16, otherwise his freedom will be limited for up to 4 years and with such a criminal record he will be hard to live. From 12 to 14 years old it is impossible for how many years to be a partner.

Well, if the girl is not 12, then this is a completely different story, another article, another punishment and in general such a normal person will not think. We figured it out, now let’s move on to statistics.

Age of loss of virginity according to statistics

You need to understand that these statistical results have a strong error, because forcing the girls to report the fact of the first sexual intercourse no one has the right.

Moreover, at the examination of the gynecologist, the doctor cannot find out this either, and in case of such attempts it is not always possible to say unequivocally whether there is a spit or there is no longer.

Everything is too vague in this matter. But the Union of Sexologists got down to business and decided to find out the same. Research was conducted and data were collected.

Statistics are based exclusively on polls of schoolchildren and students. How they were carried out, what coverage and whether the rules were observed, we cannot say.

I, as a psychologist, can say that a survey is a very difficult event in which a huge number of little things.

For example, when I was a student, we conducted such a survey and we filled the leaflets sitting at 5 people at the desk, laughing and looking at each other in profiles. The girls were embarrassed and to the question of the virgin whether they answered yes. But sometimes they were cunning.

The most popular answer was 15 years. It is at this age that 41% of girls lose innocence. The alarm was caused by those girls who reported that they had lost virginity at the age of 13. There were as much as 8%.

The Ministry of Health expresses the hope that at least some of them were lied, joked. The beginning of sexual activity at such an early age sometimes leads to serious consequences of which they later learn at the intake of the gynecologist.

The rest was exactly the same in the age group of 16-19 years, which, according to experts, the perfect alignment.

In their student years, people often find a life partner with whom families later create, but I studied other statistics, so I know that the vast majority of prisoners under the age of 23 will break up.

Do not associate sexual contacts with marriage, you can not treat virginity too seriously, but it is also dangerous to be illegible too. No statistics know the truth and no golden middle exists.

Girls need to wish a meeting with a good guy who will become a husband, a father for joint children and a reliable support for life. The rest of the little things and the errors of polls.

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