How defloration occurs – details

What is defloration.

Defloration is a medical term that denotes a violation of integrity or rupture of a virgin rod. During defloration, a small amount of blood can be released, or it may not be.

How defloration occurs – details

How defloration occurs?

In turn, the virgin playing is a mucous membrane with folds, which takes the appearance of a certain barrier that protects the genitals of girls. This shell can be of different shapes and sizes in different girls, in addition, it may differ in texture, strength and thickness. It is for this reason that every girl experiences her violation in different ways, someone experiences very severe pain, and someone almost does not notice her. There are times when a girl is born without this rifle, this is called Alazia and she is rare. The situation is also rarely found on the contrary, when after defloration of the pile it resumes again.
How defloration occurs – details

In addition to the concept itself, it is interesting and how defloration occurs? In most of the girls, this all happens naturally – during the first intercourse. The genital organ of a man during the introduction violates the integrity of the virgin. At the same time, the girl feels some discomfort accompanied by the release of blood. All girls have different intensity, someone almost does not notice it, and for someone it can be a real test.

In addition, there are reverse cases when a woman does not feel anything, and there are no blood discharge. All this will depend on the individual characteristics of the virgin rod, as we said earlier, it may differ in density, flexibility and the like.

Also, deprivation of virginity can be of two types: full and incomplete. Everything is clear with full: it implies a complete rupture of pleads, with incomplete a little more complicated. Incomplete defloration indicates a violation of the integrity of the rod, but not about its complete rupture, it can be: with damage to this area, masturbation, incorrect gynecological examination, deep petting, active sports, heavy physical exertion and the like.

How to behave when rupture of a virgin rod?

How defloration occurs – details

Most of all, which is concerned about the weaker sex with sex – pain after defloration. To avoid or reduce its intensity, the following points must be taken into account:

  1. Proper penetration

A man must carefully and as deeply introducing his cock into the partner’s vagina and carefully continue to make reciprocating movements if the girl is ready to continue. As soon as blood manifests itself, it means that the deprivation of virginity has passed successfully. If the partner experiences severe pain, then it is not recommended to continue sex further, since there is already a wound in the vagina and penetration will be painful. In addition, the presence of injury can increase the risk of infections or diseases. Wait two or three days until the wound is completely delayed.

  1. Be sure to use grease

For the first time, it is recommended to use lubricant with an anesthetic component. She will reduce unwanted friction and can reduce pain. Also use condoms so as not to infect a partner with sexual diseases or not cause an unwanted pregnancy.

After the first intercourse, blood discharge can last up to several days. During this period, use everyday gaskets from natural composition.

  1. Prelude

With the first sex, the prelude is required, the rupture of the rifle is not the most pleasant process in itself, and additional excitement will help the body completely relax. If a man does everything correctly and excites his partner, then tension will subside from the muscles. Moreover, the penetration process will become much simpler and less painful, this man can immediately feel.

Many guys should take note that all the pain during the first intercourse will not let the girl experience an orgasm. For this reason, you should not be upset, it will begin to experience real pleasure only for a third or fourth time.

  1. Correct pose

For the first experience, traditional, missionary pose is well suited. The girl lies on her back, spreading her legs wide, and the partner is between her hips.

In addition, be sure to put a small pillow under the buttocks, this decision to significantly reduce pain. Such sex in deprivation of virginity has a number of advantages. The fact is that such a position will help a member to enter the vagina as deep as possible, which means to fulfill the task fully. Otherwise, the process may not be completed, which means you have to repeat all the stages that will cause pain again.

How defloration occurs – details

To minimize the pain, the girl’s knees should be bent and fit to her chest, then the spit will be stretched as much as possible. When the member enters, it is necessary for the partner to make movement towards, but at the same time relax all the muscles.

Like the first sex defloration for a girl, it means a lot, so a man should facilitate this moment as much as possible. Reflexively, the girl can begin to move away from him, do not force her, you need to wait for her complete readiness and conscious approach.

What to do with unsuccessful defloration?

There are times when the rupture of the virgin rod cannot occur naturally and this may be due to the strong elasticity of the virgin rod. Then you can conduct surgical defloration surgery. In the event that a man persist and try to break the pleu, he can harm the vagina and the internal genital organs. In addition to the physiological features that can impede the natural gap, there is a psychological factor. For example, the girl is afraid to experience severe pain during intercourse or is shy about informing her partner about her virginity. The process of surgical defloration takes 15 minutes and is carried out under local anesthesia. After such a short time, the girl can calmly go home. True, if a psychological factor appears, then the girl should discuss this with her partner, because in this topic there is nothing to scare or cause shame.

How defloration occurs – details

Despite the fact that there is such a method, it is necessary to take into account the indications for surgical defloration:

  • High density of the rod – as we have already said, this is the most common cause of complications. If the guy persists, he can harm the genital organs of a woman and cause abundant bleeding;
  • High elasticity is the reverse situation of the first when the spit is very elastic and is poorly gap;
  • Strong pain in the first experience;
  • Late loss of virginity – the first sex after 25 years can complicate the entire process, since with the age of the spit is compacted;
  • strong fear that provokes vaginism;
  • deviations in the structure of the rods, when there are no gaps and bacteria accumulate there, subsequently causing an inflammatory process;
  • Psychological experiences: embarrassment, shame, constraint.

After the operation, no complications often occur, some discomfort in the inguinal region can last several days. However, this method has its own contraindications:

  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • anemia;
  • heat;
  • various neoplasms;
  • Pathology of the genitals;
  • epilepsy;
  • Psychological disorders.

Thus, the first experience is a serious step in the life of any girl, so you need to know how to deprive virginity and carefully study all the subtleties in order to avoid the problem. After completing the process itself, the girl must go to the gynecologist so that he controls the correctness of all actions and eliminate the occurrence of any problems. The second sex can be done a few days later, this time is enough for the wounds that have arisen to drag out and do not bother.

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