Heir control list

How to calculate a psychopath: Cheir checklist.

According to some estimates, psychopaths make up 1% of the total population of the globe. But often they are by no means maniacs with sharpening, waiting for late passers -by in a dark arch. And not even patients of a psychiatric clinic. A psychopath may be a work colleague. But few people know how to calculate the psychopath and what are its signs.

Her bosses praise her, but she turns the life of her own subordinates into real hell daily. Or we can talk about the former guy, the relationship with which seemed a miracle in the initial stages, but then turned into a game for survival. Or just a waiter who gave you a cup of coffee this morning.

The list of symptoms with which psychopathy can be identified was created by a psychologist from Canada, Dr. Robert Heir.

Initially, this control list was used to evaluate the mental qualities of convicts in criminal articles.

Currently, its use has gone beyond this framework – the list is often used in psychological practice to identify psychopathic inclinations.

Heir control list:

The doctor identified several distinctive features by which anyone can understand how to calculate a psychopath. Remember them, but do not overdo it. Otherwise find that everything around the psychopath.

1. Normal mask. Outwardly, he looks like a charming person not deprived of common sense. Psychopath easily includes confidence in others.

2. Impulsiveness. Such a person is subject to constant outbreaks of anger, which he is extremely poorly regulated or does not cope with them at all.

3. Grandmother self -perception. The psychopath seriously considers himself a “great” person who is much stronger and more talented than others.

4. Constant need for emotional excitement. Such a person does not tolerate silence. Peaceful pastime, a philosophical view of things – this is definitely not about her.

5. Lying about and without. Often the habit of saying a lie is so eaten into the character of a psychopath that he is lying literally on the machine.

6. Manipulative behavior. For the sake of achieving their goals, the psychopaths will lie and dodge in all possible ways.

7. Lack of guilt. Psychopaths do not pursue the torment of conscience at night, and they do not strive to correct the consequences of their actions. But it is easy for them to pretend to be guilty if you need to cause sympathy in other people.

8. Blackness. The psychopath demonstrates a minimum reaction to events such as death, mourning, grief, other people’s suffering.

9. Emotional and material overlap. He tends to parasitize on loved ones, shamelessly using their resources. Moreover, this behavior applies even to those who really love him.

10. Inability to build a long relationship. The psychopath either simply does not have such connections;either the relations are not viable by virtue of the inflated “ego” and the complete detachment from the reality of such a partner.

eleven. Problem behavior since adolescence. Offenses have been committed by psychopaths from the age of 12. In children’s years, often there is cruelty to cats, dogs and other animals.

12. Incontinence in sexual relations, inability to control their actions in principle. Personal life of a psychopath is a lot of marriage, small affairs and minor ties.

13. Irresponsibility and negligence, which do not fit into any framework (even in important work). In no case should you rely on a psychopath in serious matters – it will let down.

14. Resourcefulness. Often, psychopaths, even violating the law repeatedly, deftly avoid punishment. However, they do not feel shame for the deed. On the contrary, they consider their crimes the subject of pride.

15. Unreasonable sense of one’s own rightness. The psychopath feels right even if there are no objective grounds for this.

16. Inability to effectively plan your activities. In the working environment, psychopaths are represented by other people a respected professional, but in reality he is extremely inconsistent.

17. Pretense is unhappy. Being a true manipulator, the psychopath often puts on the mask of a deceived, humiliated, oppressed. Such a victim’s larch often brings him.

18. Errors in communication. Despite the tendency to manipulation and lies, the psychopath cannot be called the “Genius of Communication”. In the process of communication, he often makes stupid mistakes.

19. Irresponsibility in relation to their own children. A child whose parents are psychopaths, at best, remains left to his own. In the worst in such families, psychological or physical violence is committed over children.

20. The presence of 2-3 points of the following in the biography: theft, drug addiction, prison, illegal use or storage of weapons, attempted life and health of other people or murder, violation of working discipline (negligence), sexual violence, flight from a prison colony.

The test is processed as follows:

• there is a sign – 2 points are charged;

• the sign is probably – 1 point;

• No sign – 0 points.

The results are added to a single indicator. The boundary of the norm offered by Heir is as follows: there are psychopathy from those who scored 30 points or more.

You can dial the maximum of the test 40 points. This indicates the fact that it is necessary to score a very large number of points so that the diagnosis of psychopathy is made.

Some psychologists believe: if the total number of points does not reach 30, but a little goes beyond the mark 20, this indicates a mild psychopathy. But this approach is not generally accepted.

Having identified the psychopath in his environment, first of all, you need to take care of your own well -being. For this, any communication with this person should be excluded.

If a psychopath is a husband, wife or just a loved one – such a breakup can be a difficult. But in the end it will benefit. If we are talking about the need to contact a psychopath at work – for the sake of maintaining your mental strength, one should consider the possibility of transfer to another department or even dismissal.

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