Golden rain – stories about intimate

Sex story about golden rain.

To begin with, I am a secret pervert and love to watch and read porn stories golden rain, however, I hide it from everyone, and even from my spouse, since it does not share such views. But one case from life has changed everything.

Golden rain in the mouth

Golden rain The story begins with the fact that I was left at home alone while my wife and children flew away to rest. After the hard day, I returned home, but decided to make several rods of cigarettes at the entrance. Then a girl came up to me and asked to smoke. I fulfilled her request without unnecessary thoughts, I did not pay attention to the girl, since she is not at all to my taste. I love slender and miniature girls, and she was tall and complete, besides, the face was mediocre.

Golden rain – stories about intimate

Everything could have passed and unnoticed if she suddenly did not ask me to treat her with tea. Honestly, I was taken aback by this approach, but for some reason this whole situation intrigued me, so we went to my house. If you want to bring home a girl, then find her .

While the kettle was heated by water, I invited her to sit on a chair, but she stood at the door, slightly protruding her ass. In the bright light, she was really unattractive, apparently few who had it, so she decided to take it with pressure. But I had no desire to fuck it at all. I just did not know how to behave in such a situation. We looked at each other for several minutes, and then I finally blurted out.

– Listen, I’m married.

“Sit down,” she ignored my words and pointed to the floor.

And again, for some reason, I obeyed her. Of course, I understood with my head that I needed to send this terrible woman far and for a long time, but curiosity began to play in me. I was wondering what this strange situation would lead to, especially since I read a lot of erotic stories with various oddities and plots, to an example, such as sex stories “Golden Rain”. Maybe I am subconsciously and was waiting for something like that.

As a result, I sat on the floor near the door, and she was opposite and rested with her big ass on the doorway. And then she begins to slowly bend her knees and turn to me. She turned out in such a way that her huge ass was near my face. And what was my surprise when I felt a strange, but at the same time a very pleasant smell. I do not know what it was, maybe some kind of shower gel, perfume or special aphrodisiac, however, this aroma turned my head.

An unfamiliar girl not my taste twisted in front of me with her backward size, while a pleasant aroma came out of him-all this caused a strong desire in me, because of which my cock was heated. I don’t know what kind of game this girl started, but she clearly had the advantages.

She continued to twist her ass, periodically clinging to her close to me. Without any thought, I grabbed on her front of the hips and began to rub my cheeks against her fat ass. I kissed and sniffed all this, enjoying a beautiful aroma. Soon I began to spit deeply at her appearance and the strangeness of the situation, I just dissolved in this smell and enjoyed what was happening.

Golden rain – stories about intimate

A few minutes later she brought her hands to the Shirinka and threw off her ugly jeans from herself. Before me appeared white mediocre cowards, in which there was not a hint of sexuality. I don’t know why, but she did not touch the upper body, so this healthy and cheap -up green sweater still remained on it.

She stayed in her panties and continued to rub on my face. The smell only intensified, which even more made me out. I completely forgot about my tastes, about my family, about everything.

– Live! She said sharply, pulling the back strip of fabric on her underpants.

I began to lick her anus with his tongue, which was gently shaved. Everything was burning between my legs, I barely restrained myself so as not to finish. At first I caressed only the outer part, but then I began to penetrate my tongue directly inside. I did not understand why such a pleasant smell emanated from her.

This went on for a few more minutes until she again said in her indifferent tone: “Lie down!”.

But I completely obeyed her again and lay on her back. Then she threw off her panties and finally got rid of this terrible sweater. Under it was the same plain white bra. While she did all this, I was inactive. I wanted her to endure all this initiative to the end. On the one hand, I wanted her to play with my member, however, all this could end with an orgasm, and I would not yet want to complete this whole story.

And then she sharply sat on me, resting the anus on my face. She moved back and forward, pressing her ass to my face. It all made me madly, but even more I was excited from the sight of such a big ass, because I hadn’t seen this before. In addition, sometimes her click flickered in front of me, which was also much larger than my previous girls, including my wife.

At some point I wanted to lick her pussy. I was going to voice my desires, but she so intensively rubbed her ass on my lips that I decided to wait until.

Golden Rain – Pissing

She stopped abruptly and got up from me and took her hand, dragged me straight to the bathroom. With a sharp jerk, she pushed me inside and closed us to the castle. Then she took off her bra and I saw huge tits with the same nipples. They sagged and were disproportionate, but today I completely scored on her beauty.

Golden rain – stories about intimate

With the same quick movements, she left me completely without clothes and ordered me to go to the bathroom. I did not understand what was happening, but all this excited me even more. And then she hung over me, now I completely saw her shaved gap. Finally I could completely enjoy it. In the mouth began to dry out, anticipating how I will begin to lick it. But as soon as my lips touched her vagina, something strange happened ..

My mouth began to fill the hot liquid with a pungent smell. She completely clogged my mouth, instead of a pleasant aroma, a stench appeared from her urine. Of course, I was fond of stories about golden rain, but I was more excited by the thought of how I urinate on girls, but in any way the situation is in any way.

I was completely confused, however, I did not understand at all what to do, so I was waiting for her actions. She gave me a few more short streams in my mouth, followed by another small. The smell did not seem so sharp to me, but I still frowned.

And then she sat more tightly on my face and again said in an orderly tone.

– Open your mouth.

And again I showed humility and opened my mouth. Now a real urine fountain went to me right in my throat. She completely filled me, I tried to spit it out, but there was such a volume that a lot had to be swallowed by. At that moment, mixed feelings raged in me. A disgust was manifested on the one hand, but on the other hand – all this was new to me and exciting.

And then this urine fountain ended, after which it pressed tightly with her crack to my mouth and began to move. Naturally, I began to lick her labia, but apparently did this not actively enough, so she again crawled to me with her anus. She rubbed against me with her ass and fiddling her clitoris. Very soon she finished, but did it without any emotions, I managed to understand this only by the contracting muscles.

She got up, and I decided to complete this story about golden rain in my favor. Now I wanted to recoup on her. I wanted to tear it off as the last whore and then piss it, but again everything went not according to plan.

My unfamiliar guest got up and turned to face me. After that, she began to kiss me, however, she did it somehow awkwardly. She eagerly stuffed her tongue into my mouth and licked the gum and teeth with them. It seemed that urine was felt from my mouth per kilometer, but she did not give a damn. I tried to answer her kisses and move at the same pace, however, she did not need this. She probably wanted to enjoy her urine more or just fuck my mouth.

Golden rain – stories about intimate

A few minutes of such a “kiss” passed and she moved away from me, then went down to my member. All further was mediocre. She made a few simple movements with her tongue and stopped. There was a feeling that she just tasted my sperm, and that was enough. But even such short touches were with the “head”. I suppressed excitement for a long time, so quickly finished and my sperm hit the chest and her boobs. She licked everything from my stomach and got up.

Just a couple of seconds, she looked at me with her empty look, then left the bath. I immediately turned on the shower and began to wash off all her urine, although it seemed that it was simply impossible to do it.

When I left the bath, I saw her dressed and shod near the door. Apparently, she was not even about to wash, but I had a do not care, because I wanted her to leave soon.

-What is your name?

“Ira,” she answered quickly, “give me a cigarette.

I held it out for three pieces and closed the door behind her. I have never seen this Ira more, frankly, I don’t even understand where she came from near my house. Despite this, this porn story about golden rain I remembered for some more time, especially in the soul. Every time I washed, I felt this smell of urine, it seemed to me that I would not get rid of it. About the fifth day, he was significantly weakened and was elusive, it pleased me, because soon my wife and children should return and I did not want her to feel this stench. Although interesting, but she would go to this ..?

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