Golden rain in sex. What is this?

Golden rain in sex. What is this?.

“Golden Rain in Sex”, Pissing, Urofilia – all these are the concepts of one gaining momentum in sexual relations. Its essence is that one of the partners defeats in the second urine.

Most often, BDSM fans come running to her. But ordinary people open to intimate experiments try and sometimes repeat a similar experience.

Golden rain in sex: passive and active urofille

Partners excited from the process of urination on others are called active. In BDSM – these are dominants.

The act becomes an element of the role -playing game, is performed as a punishment or remuneration. Various parts of the body are involved in the process.

“Golden Rain” irrigate genitals, face, chest, oral cavity, etc. D. Active position can occupy both men and women.

Passive urofiles – receiving side. It is taken by those people who like the taste, smell of urine or observation on the process of urination itself. There are a variety of pissing variations:

  • on a partner, including in the mouth or to the genitals, the head and face;
  • to bed;
  • to myself;
  • in clothes;
  • in the bathroom.

During the “golden rain in sex”, urine is swallowed, rubbed into the skin. Men can urinate directly into an anal or vaginal opening of a woman. Other urofilia methods are used, depending on the fantasy and preferences of the couple.

Urination during orgasm in women

A special structure of the female genital organs determines the occurrence of various urination intensity during orgasm.

Some experts assure that the presence of such a fact indicates absolute relaxation and maximum pleasure.

But in such a situation, pissing is able to cause disgust in a partner. Not all men are positive about the urine “in bed”.

The fair sex, restraining themselves during sexual intercourse, tightly controlling their functions, may never experience an orgasm.

Meanwhile, in 95% of cases, the liquid during an orgasm of a woman is not urine, it is the so -called squirt, which is completely useless to suppress!

Golden Rain in Sex: History Development of Urofilia

According to some reports, the practice of applying Golden Rain in Sex appeared in France in the Middle Ages. Women who provide intimate services in apartments, offered customers a similar “pleasure”.

Nowadays, pissing began to spread widely due to the popularization of BDSM. Information availability allowed many partners to draw ideas for erotic practices on the Internet.

Experts note that the development of urophilia contributes to both psychological and biochemical aspects.

For example, and an Androsterone is present in male urine. This hormone has a special smell that provokes excitement in a woman.

Psychological factors are related to positive emotions. In the process of urination, a person experiences relief and some pleasure.

Psychologists have their own theory regarding uarophylia. They found out that the tendency to it most often develops in people who, in childhood, forbade parents to touch the genitals, with the exception of cases of visiting the toilet.

Preparation for “Golden Rain”

To make the partner a pleasant and unforgettable “golden rain”, you need to prepare correctly.

Urine really has its own specific smell, which depends on the lifestyle and the products used.

You can avoid unpleasant aroma by abandoning alcohol, smoking, coffee, strong tea, products containing animal protein.

It is possible to ensure a large supply of urine through abundant drinking (pineapple juice, pure water), watermelon use are suitable.

If the fluid will act in sufficient volume, the “golden rain” will turn out to be transparent and “pleasantly” smelling.

It is worth choosing a place for this practice in advance. The golden rain in bed will not work, because then you have to start the wash.

If you want to do this on the floor, then you can lay something that does not pass the liquid, but it is better to go to the bathroom. Showers, bathhouse and large bath will be the best option.

Golden rain in sex is dangerous?

Now you know how to prepare for the golden rain and what it is, which means it is time to find out what the danger of such a practice may lurk.

Attitude to golden rain can be compared with urinotherapy. Some even do not want to think about this, calling all adherents to psychos and perverts, while others list a number of useful properties of this procedure. Pissing on the body and in the mouth, by and large, is the same session of treatment with urine, not his own, but a partner.

In the UK, the scientist conducted a series of research and wrote a book called “Urinotherapy: Guide for Beginners”.

Author Mark Griffis. In his writings, he spoke about the benefits of golden rain in sex and gave recommendations to all pairs to urgently begin to practice this hobby for his health. In addition, this practice brings partners closer and makes relations stronger.

Despite the fact that opponents of urinotherapy, like golden rain in sex, it seems no less fans.

Actually, the physical damage of pissing is absent or at least not proven. If the partner is healthy, then his urine simply cannot threaten the health of the host side. Here is a great occasion to take tests and check your body for compliance with the standards.

In general, there are clearly more benefits than harm. Only golden rain in sex is a practice that is difficult to offer a partner, yet the opinion of society on this topic is still quite categorical. But if you are lucky and the interests coincide, then take tests, adjust the food and start!

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