Fellation. What is it and what it is eaten with?

Fellation. What is it and what it is eaten with?.

According to some surveys, the opportunity to allow his partner to give pleasure to his mouth occupies one of the first places in the list of sexual pleasures of men. Fellation (better known as the good old blowjob) has long ceased to be a taboo topic and is one of the common preferences of many couples, because pleasant oral sex is by no means unilateral pleasure!

Oral sex with healthy egoism

Many men would be disappointed if you just blew on their penis, because you need to make certain efforts to deliver true pleasure. Word "blow job" It has a bored and long -outed taste of the service that you provide only for another person.

Important: If you yourself enjoy it as a woman, it can be perceived as a healthy egoism. Good oral sex should be based on mutual respect and give pleasure to both partners. Thus, the blowjob can be erotic for a woman and give great pleasure to both a man and his partner. There are some tips and recommendations so that you both can enjoy oral sex.

Fellation: Enjoy and have fun

For the blowjob to become unforgettable, it is important that both partners enjoy the situation and enjoy. One thing can be said for sure: when he understands how passionate pleasure excites his partner, this will drive him crazy with lust. Deep eyes in the eyes and sensual groan can perfectly emphasize this.


Fellation does not mean that you need to use only your mouth, lips and tongue – you can also use your hands. While you caress your partner’s penis with your mouth, at the same time you can carefully caress his testicles with your hands and massage the crotch – a sensitive transition between the scrotum and the anus. The inguinal and anal regions can also be perfectly integrated into the blowjob.

Caution, but not excessive

Penis and especially testicles are very sensitive, and they should (depending on preferences) carefully. But do not be shy: delicate biting and stretching, slightly more energetic sucking, and sometimes stronger pressure or alternation of fast and slow movements will not be superfluous. The partner will tell or show you what he likes.

Pass the variety on the head, draw up and down the barrel with your mouth, gently supply it – and preferably everything at once. Try new techniques and practice. Bring a variety to the game, the partner will definitely thank you for this. Tender bite (pay attention – tender!) It is also quite acceptable, but remember: there is no place for full biting in oral sex. In addition, you can use oral lubricants, including various effects. In addition to the fact that oral sex will taste more, additional effects will stimulate the partner more and give him even more pleasure.

Deeper – not always better

Although you now and then hear that men find especially attractive when a woman takes the entire penis in her mouth, a motto "The deeper, the better" Usually erroneous. Not all men love the same technique. Most sensitive nerve endings are located in the penis head. If you stimulate them with skillful sucking, licking and caresses with your tongue, you will not have to risk a challenge of a vomiting reflex – unless, of course, this is your horse. If you still decide that you want to make a deep blowjob, a few things will help you – the practice on an inanimate object and an oral lubricant for a deep blowjob, which will make it much lighter and more pleasant oral caresses.

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