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Extensers | Choosing an extension | Which member is considered small | Reviews
According to many men, a large penis is a confirmation of masculinity, a subject of pride and superiority over others. And, of course, the statement "All women like big" Passions about the size of the childbearing organ. Let’s talk about how to add male pride for yourself.

Which member is considered small?

Immediately note that all measurements of the penis are made in an erect state.
The dimensions of the genitals can be divided into two types:

  • in the usual state, a member of a modest size, with an erection, increases markedly
  • looks impressive at rest, with an erection it becomes more slightly

It will be more correct to measure not from above or below, but from the side. Since the root and part "bodies" hiding behind the pubic bone.
By the way, that’s why full people have less a member.
The average size of male dignity is 13-16 cm, this is the norm. Often, men, possessing a completely normal penis, bring themselves to a neurosis with thoughts about "little friend".

But there are direct indications for an increase in penis – the size is less than 10 cm and a conscious desire to give pleasure to his partner or to acquire personal confidence in his abilities and appearance.

What are the ways to increase the member

We immediately mark folk remedies like "Grandmother told the chicken to smear to grow up to grow up", infusions of hawthorn and thyme, sprinkling a member of soda. Let’s move on to more or less real.

  • Physical exercise.
    Dr. Kegel took care not only about women, but also offered exercises for men. Way for very patient and persistent. This method, if it does not increase the penis, will improve blood circulation and serve as a prevention of impotence.
  • Pharmacology (tablets, dietary supplements).
    Judging by the reviews and opinion of doctors, generally a useless waste of time. Since, which could long -term change the size of the penis, only hormonal correction is an increase in testosterone levels.
    But in adulthood, it will not lead to the desired results, it is effective in children and adolescents. The rest of the tablets and dietary supplements will saturate the body with vitamins, and make the hair silky. All.
  • Surgical intervention.
    Terrible words: liposuction, implantation, lipofilling. All these are methods of increasing the length, thickness of the penis and head size.
    The method is effective, but expensive and bloody. Put your own "treasure" Not everyone will solve under the knife.
  • Extensive stretching.
    Extender – a device that is used to stretch soft tissues in orthopedics and not only. For example, to increase the size of the penis, or after surgical intervention to consolidate the result obtained after surgery. Using this device, you can increase the length of the penis to 5 cm, although according to consumers, this is not the limit.
  • Vacuum pump.
    First of all, the vacuum pump is used to improve an erection: pumping air out of the flask in which the member is placed, and creating a vacuum, makes all blood vessels more intensively fill the penis with blood, blood circulation intensifies several times. In this case, not only an excellent erection is observed, but also an increase in the size of the genital organ. Unfortunately, this type of device for a temporary increase in the penis.
  • Jelking (stretching massage). As they say here, "Patience and labor", And the result is doubtful.
    Although if massage is carried out with cream increasing size, The short -term effect will be achieved.

So, let’s summarize, If we want to make our dick more, And the surgical method scares us and seems too expensive, the short -term effect is not interested in us, then The extender will be the best solution to the problem.

Extender. Choose a device.

In general, not only the sufferers to increase the size of the genital organ, but also those who are not satisfied with his form – various types of deformation, bends, injuries.
Extender is a medical equipment, and the requirements for its quality are increased. And since the male body is tender and needs a careful attitude, the extender is not a cheap device.

There are several types of extensors by type of fastening: strap, loop, vacuum and combined.
The most problematic place will be the place of fixing the head of the penis. It is necessary to firmly hold it in a given position, and at the same time you can not squeeze.
Combined types of extensor fastening are a universal solution, everyone can choose a suitable one, but still the strap method is considered more comfortable.

Undoubtedly, the leader in the production of devices to increase the penis is not surgically surgically, the Dana Medic Danish company is. Its first Jes-Extender apparatus was created in 1995 as a device for postoperative rehabilitation of patients, and the increase in the penis became only a side effect.
Extensive experience of the manufacturer, certified goods and excellent customer reviews – Here are the criteria by which we defined our extensor supplier.
And now, in fact, let’s go on the assortment.

Very effective and most equipped device for increasing the member Male Edge Pro from Dana Medic.
This apparatus was developed by doctors and plastic surgeons, it fully complies with all the standards of Europe and the United States, has undergone a clinical check. Our store gives a guarantee for this device and the possibility of exchange during the year. The configuration includes the device itself, a measuring device, a set of rubber straps for fastening, a self -fixing bandage, a softening pillow – and all this in a convenient case for storage on a zipper. Suitable for the size of the penis from 4 to 24 cm.
Material – surgical plastic. Maximum traction force 2.8 kg.

  • How to put on:
    At first, with the help of movable rods and a measuring device, the initial size of the penis is set. Then the device is dressed so that one end of the device rests on the pubic bone, the second end using the latch is fixed on the head of the penis. To avoid pain and rubbing, first the head is wrapped in a self -fixing bandage and a softening pillow is applied. Additionally, all this design is fixed with rubber straps. Do not forget about hygiene – both a member and the device must be kept clean.
  • Operating principle.
    There are two methods of working with the device:
    classic – an increase in the length of the rods one step no more than once every 10 days,
    power – every day the rods are twisted on the most tolerant of a man tension
    You need to wear the device at least 5 hours a day, taking breaks every 2 hours. With regular wearing and compliance with instructions, you can achieve a noticeable result. And this result is not in mechanical stretching of the flesh, as many people think, but in the fact that such a load provokes the growth and division of cells, which leads to growth and thickening of tissues.

Pay attention to the base model Male Edge Basic.
The device is the same, it costs cheaper, just equipment without a self -fixed bandage, softening pillows and additional straps for fixing, although with the ability to buy them separately.

And something between Male Edge Pro and Male Edge Basic is Male Edge Extra Retail -one softening pillow, two fixers-reproaches in the kit.
There is, of course, one "But". The rods of the device are made of high -strength plastic, this is good for the lightness of the device, but some buyers note the fragility of these parts and the need for careful use.Extensers | Choosing an extension | Which member is considered small | Reviews
In another line of models from Dana Medic – Jes-Extender Original All movable parts are made of medical alloy, that is, metal, with nitino coating (medical steel).
This coating excludes allergic reactions and ensures safety when using.

In a red -wood suitcase There is a disc with detailed instructions, lengthening rods, tools for assembling the desired design, silicone flag-fixer, rubber strap, hybrid nozzle, into which you can insert a strap or a tourniquet (who is comfortable), a softening gasket.
A distinctive feature of this apparatus is the fixation of the head using a soft rubber belt, and not thin flagella, which can lead to rubbing and discomfort.

Exteaders not only help to increase the size of the penis, but also significantly improve the erection and increase sexual attraction, have a beneficial effect on the blood circulation and condition of the pelvic organs.
This The device when buying in our store has a guarantee and the possibility of exchange during the year.

In addition to this set, you can purchase Jes Tuneup Kit.
The set of the kit includes a self-fixing bandage, 2 softening pillows for more comfortable fixation of the head in Jes-Extender Original, 2 spare rubber strap, 2 extensions of a small length of 1.25 cm, which will successfully complement the standard set of 2.5 and 5 cm long rods inset of the main apparatus.

The next device from this line Jes-Extender Silver differs from the previous one by another coating of metal rods. They are covered with silver. About the antiseptic properties of silver, I think, you do not need to talk. Equipment with additional accessories and spare parts.

And premium goods Jes-Extender Gold with a coated 24-karat gold.
Gorgeous in appearance, and with the largest configuration of accessories and spare parts.

To summarize: the manufacturer is one – Dana Medic, what is, in fact, the difference between Jes -Extender and Male Edge?
Jes-Extender is a device whose base is made of surgical metal.
Any man will easily collect his model of the device, adding the length due to the rods. The models themselves inside the Jes-EXTender line are covered with different materials on top of the metal: Nitin (Light, Original, Titanium), silver, gold and platinum (Silver, Gold, Platinum). These are hypoallergenic and absolutely safe coatings. Jes-Extender has been used in hospitals and surgeons for 19 years.Extensers | Choosing an extension | Which member is considered small | Reviews
Maleedge is a new product. Patented Dana Medic, as made using innovative technology, Light, durable and easy to use device. High -strength plastic base is cheaper than the same metal.
Maleedge uses retractable telescopic rods, which facilitates the process of preparing and adjusting the device. Well, Maleedge’s traction power is 2.8 kg, which is almost twice as much as Jes-Extender.

The base model in this line is Maleedge Basic, middle -level models – Maleedge Extra, Jes -Extender Original.

Maleedge Pro is the most equipped and expensive model in the Maleedge line.

Maleedge and Jes-Extender do a great job with a paramount task-an increase in penis, And your choice will depend on personal preferences and financial capabilities.
We, in turn, will be happy to help you choose a high -quality and safe device.

Each model has developed its own case – from simple cardboard to the case of red wood.
Despite the apparent simplicity of the design of the device and its principle of operation, Do something similar yourself is not recommended. Behind this simplicity hides long and hard work, vast knowledge of orthopedic surgeons. Therefore, most likely, the use of a device from a circle "skillful hands" will not bring the desired result, and perhaps even lead to injury.

Do not forget that penis is an important male body, so Chinese fakes should not be trusted – At best, there will simply be no result.
In addition to safety and guaranteed efficiency, another advantage of the certified product from Dana Medic will be Service, warranty, And the fact that any spare part, any accessory, you can find and buy even a few years after the acquisition of the device.

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