Dapoxetine tablets: patient reviews, instructions

Dapoxetine tablets: patient reviews, instructions.

Dapoxetine tablets: patient reviews, instructions

We present to your attention another typical Muzhsky drug-dopestin. Since it is intended exclusively for the treatment of premature ejaculation, or accelerated ejaculation, it does not arise whether it is possible to take dopensin tablets or not. Recall “Viagra”. Unlike dopensin, the mechanism of its action was clear only to specialists, doctors and physiologists. There was an opinion that “since a man wants and can from a pill,” it is also useful for a woman.

Briefly – Dapoxetine is a really working drug that extends sexual intercourse. If you want to purchase this tool, you can purchase it in a proven Vozbu pharmacy.Shop, and if you are interested in some important issues related to the use of dopensin, we invite you to further reading.

Everything is simple and understandable here: doplesetin is a medicine only for men. He does not move the female orgasm: he does nothing with him at all. Its task is to delay the moment of ejaculation. In this regard, the medicine is completely opposite to Viagra, although it also serves the good cause of good sex. If only because dapoxetine does not affect the genitals, but on the brain. Viagra was received by chance, and its properties were useful and unique. And Dapoxetine only “combed” a little, using for commercial purposes a long -known one, and the “bearded” effect of antipsychotics, antidepressants and drugs.

Dapoxetine tablets: patient reviews, instructions

True, for antidepressants, for example, this property is a difficulty in ejaculation and long -term sexual intercourse, often ending unwilling a unwanted side effect. But then a “bright head” appeared, which realized that this could be a strong side of patients with a “quick finale”.

They went through existing medicines, but they were not very good: reviews about some testified to addiction, reviews about others – about prolonged action. Finally, others caused dry mouth and a pronounced decrease in appetite. It took work, as a result of which, in a series of SIOS inhibitors (selective inhibitors of the reverse capture of serotonin), the original doplesetin (“Podzhazhi”) appeared.

How DAPPETIN drug works?

Dapoxetine acts in the same way as all the other means of the SIOOS group: it blocks the capture and destruction of serotonin – the mediator in the central nervous system, which is why its effect lasts a long time. It was simply found a way to create a short -lived Dapoxetine molecule, which delayed serotonin in a synaptic gap for a very short time – from 2 to 3 hours, which would begin to act quickly. Indeed, dapoxetine is able to significantly extend sexual intercourse after 15 minutes, while the optimal time of sexual intercourse is from 30 minutes to 2 hours after receiving. An hour later, the concentration of dopensin falls in blood plasma, and after another two hours about the possibilities donated by one tablet, you can forget. The time of action is completed.

The existing dosage of dappersin in 30 (half a tablet) or 60 mg (a whole tablet) is usually taken, and washed down with water, outside the meal. As in the case of Viagra, you cannot take more than once a day. In this case, the reviews will also be rainbow: one of the sexual intercourse per day will definitely be full.

Demand gives rise to a proposal, and even “thermonuclear” tablets appeared in which this drug is combined with Viagra in one “bottle”. Of course, do not drink tablets with alcohol drinks. It is clear that this can liberate a person, but alcohol reduces the ability to erection, and therefore the intake of dapoxetine may not end with anything, because there will be nothing to begin, literally.

Of course, the correct reception causes enthusiastic reviews: both the original dopesetin and its generics really help patients with premature ejaculation. But, like any drug, it can have contraindications, and side effects.

Dapoxetine tablets: patient reviews, instructions

Who should not take dapoxetine, and what side effects exist?

The instruction speaks of the boundaries of the use of dopensin and its analogues. The drug is contraindicated to the following categories of patients:

  • with allergies and any form of hypersensitivity;
  • In the presence of serious heart diseases (insufficiency, arrhythmia, unstable angina pectoris), dopesetin is prohibited;
  • Application is prohibited if the patient accepts MAO inhibitors, for example, Aurorix in order to treat depression;
  • when taking a neuroleptic – thioridazine “Sonapax”;
  • If the patient takes other drugs that already affect the exchange of serotonin, for example, triptans for relief migraine, tramadol for anesthesia;
  • If the patient takes some antiviral and antifungal drugs (Inviraza, Ketokonazole).

Dapoxetine is also contraindicated to patients who have severe liver and kidney diseases, with lactose insufficiency and in some other conditions. All of them are described in detail in the instructions, and it does not make sense to list them here, especially since the existing contraindications indicate that this drug should be taken only as prescribed by a doctor, and in no case do not self -medicate.

In addition, before buying dapoxetine at the pharmacy, make sure that you do not have pronounced hypotension and a brisk state, since against the background of low pressure the ability to a full erection is also reduced, and the drug will be accepted in vain.

Side effects from taking dopensin tablets are also numerous. Since, as expected, numerous studies were conducted, they showed that the effects of dose -dependent. Most often, according to patients, complaints arose about the following conditions:

  • nausea;
  • the presence of dizziness, other vestibular disorders;
  • headache and insomnia.

Nausea and dizziness were most often found – in 10% of cases of admission. It is not excluded that if analogues are taken, then there may be a different ratio of symptoms.

Dapoxetine tablets: patient reviews, instructions

In addition, patients had such “polar” conditions as indifference and nervousness, expansion of the pupils, photophobia, and ringing in the ears. Rarely complaints came to the “ebb”, a slowdown in the heartbeat, yawning. Pretty character is a complaint about dry mouth. This is inherent in many SIOS, for example, in paroxetine (the original drug “Paxil”). Also, despite the fast half -life and disappearance from the body, patients had reviews on “restless legs syndrome” at night.

To the adverse reactions of the body to dapoxetine, and quite annoying, is “too good action”, that is, the complete impossibility of achieving ejaculation. The instruction warns that this unpleasant condition can be either a high dose of 60 mg immediately, especially with a small body weight of the patient, or a violation of the multiplicity of the intake – for example, immediately 120 mg, which is strictly forbidden to do.

About Dapoxetine cancellation syndrome

Of course, you should not literally perceive what has been said in the instructions – that if dapoxetine can be taken once a day before proximity, and daily sex is normal, then it turns out that you can drink tablets for twenty years without a break. This is not so, and this approach is the most sure way to “plant” the liver. In experiments on volunteers, it was found that dapoxetine, like all the means of his group, causes the “cancellation syndrome”. This, if you want, the price of daily pleasure.

After taking the drug for 2 months daily, the intake was sharply discontinued. The reviews of the subjects testified that their mood dropped, anxiety, tearfulness arose. Some noted the appearance of pathological drowsiness, while others, on the contrary, had a persistent loss of sleep. These symptoms lasted for several weeks. Therefore, using dapoxetine, the original or generic, you need to remember that this is an antidepressant, albeit narrowly focused.

In which pharmacy can you buy high -quality dopens and its generic?

Currently, there are a sufficient number of generics. But the holder of the rights to the Brand “Podgezhi” is Janssen-Wislag (the pharmaceutical branch of Johnson Corporation & Johnson), USA. You can buy in a pharmacy both the original drug “Podgezhi”, about which the largest number of reviews, as well as the usual doplesin hydrochloride, and “primaxet”.

Dapoxetine tablets: patient reviews, instructions

The price of the original dopein at the end of the summer of 2022 is about 800 rubles for 6 tablets of 30 mg. The price of generic dapecsetin – about 1000 rubles for 6 tablets of 60 mg.

Attention! This site is information and does not sell drugs! In order to get more detailed information about Generic Dapoxinine and purchase it, go to the website of the official pharmacy indicated at the beginning of this article. It is also necessary to recall that it is necessary to accept this tool, just like many others, it is necessary only as prescribed by the attending physician, taking into account all contraindications.

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