Cuckold – Who is it?

Cuckold – Who is it?.

Cuckold – Who is it?

The term “cuckold” (“kukold”) can be interpreted with three options: the first translated from English – “cuckold”, the second from the word “cuckoo” (“cuckoo”), tossing eggs into other people’s nests, the third from a combination of English -speaking words – “Cock”(“ Member ”),“ OLD ” -“ old ”or“ inactive penis ”. This is considered one of the sexual epidemics of the 21st century and involves a deviation from the norm of sexual behavior. Nowadays, you can increasingly meet people experiencing sexual excitement with fantasies about a fictional or real betrayal of a permanent partner. Cooking is one of the methods for realizing such fantasies: usually in a pair of puppets is a husband, and his wife is a sexwater.

Cooking can be manifested in various ways:

– Temporary delivery (for several days or all hours) by a man of his partner to one or several men. When a partner returns to a man, she is obliged to provide him with a video with treason.

– Partner and partner invite another man to themselves. A permanent partner warms up his woman, excites and prepares for sexual intercourse, after which he passes her into the hands of another man and observes from the side of their sexual intercourse, without taking part in him, only masturbating.

– A partner and a partner invite a man whom they will have to please, the partner takes a passive position in such a situation. It is interesting that this happens in the same way of mutual agreement of all parties – a woman’s permanent partner with his consent can be humiliated.

Often a woman puts on a belt of fidelity on her partner, which he should wear constantly if there is a hole for urination on his belt. The woman keeps the key to the belt, thereby controlling the sexual life of the partner with another man.

In addition, other layouts are possible. For example, when a woman has sex with a permanent partner using a condom, and with another man – without protection. Thus, at the birth of children, they are brought up by a constant partner of a woman, and not a biological father.

One of the reason for the polling, may be the desire to realize sadomasochistic desires, while the couple follows the scenario based on dominance and subordination. In this case, the masochist is a woman’s permanent partner, and dominants are a woman and another man. This can lead to a woman’s dissatisfaction in sexual contact with her man.

When a man comes into sexual contact with another invited man, all the fault is a latent homosexual attraction. He may not initially admit what he wants, but he is directly afraid to realize his fantasies. In this situation, a man seems to transfer all responsibility for what is happening to his partner, so he feels calm and safe.

Cuckold – Who is it?

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