Can a virgin get pregnant

Can a virgin get pregnant.

Device is a girl who did not have sexual contacts associated with penetration into the vagina. But at the same time, she can practice oral and anal sex, engage in masturbation and petting with her boyfriend. Even excluding ejaculation inside there are fears associated with miraculous fertilization. Let’s try to figure out as much as possible.

Can a virgin get pregnant if the guy finished during the petting

A typical situation when a girl masturbates a partner’s member during mutual caresses and hugs. Ejaculation can occur in the external genital organs of a gentle sex and then there is a reason to get scared.

The fact is that the ingress of sperm in the vagina happens without penetration, it is enough to get to the labia and the entrance to the vagina. Many practice genital friction when a man drives his genital organ along the crotch of a partner.

The lesson is probably fascinating and pleasant, only to end in such a position risky. The fact is that Himen is not a concrete wall and sperm can easily slip through the holes in it, after which it will fall into the vagina and cervix.

In such a situation, fertilization is quite possible, although the chances are small. But we are talking about theory, so we still need to take into account such a probability. It’s just that many are convinced that the virgin playing will not allow sperm to penetrate further, and this is a big mistake. It will hurt a little, but he certainly will not block the way.

Can a virgin get pregnant from lubrication

Even if ejaculation does not occur, this does not give security guarantees. During excitation, a special liquid is produced in men, which moves through the urinary channel lubricating it to facilitate the movement of sperm at the time of orgasm.

The sperm does not contain a lubricant of sperm, but if the guy finished shortly before, they can stay in the channel and get out with the pre -ejaculate.

Here the chances of getting pregnant are generally insignificant, they literally strive for zero. But a purely theoretically unpleasant outcome is possible and becoming the only virgin in the world who has become pregnant from lubrication is quite real. It is better not to risk it and friction of the genitals during petting to exclude.

Inexplicable but the fact

There is a funny and terrible situation at the same time. The girl began to lead a sex life, sex ended in pregnancy and a tender representative decided to visit a gynecologist who gives an incredible news -you virgin. How so?!

But in fact, there is nothing surprising here. Himen is quite elastic, and the holes in it are completely different sizes. It may happen that penetration did not lead to a break and partially the virgin playing retained its integrity.

As a result, something funny and, at first glance, impossible. Member freely penetrated the vagina through the hole in the virgin plea, an ejaculation occurred and naturally the girl became pregnant.

But at the examination, the gynecologist saw the presence of a hymen, which outwardly looked like an untouched. Of course, any doctor knows about this very well and after a couple of questions the situation will clear. But what happens, to know is useful. Most likely the gynecologist will offer to perform artificial defloration.

Is anal sex safe for virgins?

It is not recommended to have anal sex without a condom in principle. There is a separate article about this, we will not focus on. In the context of this publication, we are interested in another question – whether fertilization can happen when a completely different hole is penetrated?!

In fact, it can quite. The scheme is simple – after ejaculation into the anus, sperm can leak out and get to the labia, entrance to the vagina and go further. Therefore, here you need to be neat and keep a potential danger in your head.

What to do?!

Stories in life are completely different. There are those from which the hair on the head stands on end. For example, a girl has a clear goal to marry an innocent, but at the same time he allowed herself petting or anal sex with a guy who is not suitable for the groom.

Pregnancy threatens all plans, so you need to somehow get out of the existing troubles. The only option is to terminate pregnancy in the early stages. Medication abortion will preserve the virgin pleasant and at the same time get rid of the child. This is terrible and very sad, but if it happened, you need to contact specialists as soon as possible. The doctor will conduct an examination and tell you about the appointment of the necessary procedures.

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