Can a gynecologist determine virginity

Can a gynecologist determine virginity.

Adolescents or young women are sometimes wondering if a gynecologist can determine the patient’s virginity. The truth is that the female virgin is a flexible area of the skin, without which some girls are born, is not at all a virginity. Wherever the girl had sex?

There is a test in gynecology that helps to determine if there was sexual contact. The integrity of the hymen is checked, based on the assumption that it is damaged only as a result of sexual intercourse. Such testing is considered controversial because of its consequences and because it is not quite ethical in the medical plan.

This procedure is painful and humiliating for most women. At the psychological level, as studies show, examination for virginity can easily lead to a decrease in self -esteem, anxiety, depression and even suicide, especially in cases of forced examination.

Can a gynecologist determine virginity: myths about unambiguousness

This is a myth that doctors can say whether someone had sex with penetration, whether the virgin play.

During puberty, it becomes more elastic when something is introduced into the vagina (fingers, tampons, toys or penis), the spit is stretched like a rubber strip. Over time, it is often erased completely.

Sometimes the virgin is really torn. It can be from sex, from gymnastics, cycling or any other things. Torn-does not necessarily mean that someone had sex.

And often it is very difficult or impossible to say whether there was defloration. Often in girls, this thin skin never breaks – it just stretches.

Regardless of what the sexual life of a woman, the look at the vagina is not enough to say what kind of sexual life she leads.

This organ restores its size as soon as sex ends, regardless of how long and how many times it has happened.

If the gynecologist cannot determine whether sexual intercourse was, it is still important to openly and honestly talk about sex with him.

This is done in order for the doctor to know whether to recommend testing for IPPs, talk about controlling the birth rate and raise other sexual health issues. This is an opportunity to ask any other questions about sexual health.

Gynecological examinations are health. An external genitalia (only in appearance) as an ordinary part of medical care for children and adolescents is carried out around the world.

The papa test, the study to identify precancer cells in the cervix, usually includes the use of a tool called a mirror, to stretch the walls of elastic virgin rods and vagina, is carried out starting from 18-21 years.

Can a gynecologist determine the girl or not: facts about virginity

The virgin pole is a thin membrane closing the vaginal hole. It consists of connective tissue, muscle fibers with blood vessels and nerve endings.

It is easy to detect, because it is located at a distance of 1-2 cm from the outer entrance to the vagina.

The structure and appearance of the rod are individual in each representative of the fair sex. So far, scientists have not concluded why it is needed, a generally accepted theory is a physical barrier that prevents the penetration of infections into the body of a young woman.

The virgin rifle has one or more holes. Menstrual blood passes through them. Sometimes they are so small that a swab does not pass through them.

The rupture of this section of the connective tissue can be accompanied by pain, bleeding of varying degrees of abundance, and can pass unnoticed. Virginity does not harm health, there is no reason to rush to lose it.

If you still have any questions, we recommend that you contact a gynecologist online, to get an answer to specifically your question.

Do not forget to clarify all the details you are interested in to improve the quality of consultation.

Does the gynecologist have the right to inform parents that I am not a girl?

But the question sees whether the gynecologist does the presence or absence of virginity does not bother so much as if the gynecologist has the right to reveal the intimate details of the girl’s life before her parents.

And there are several factors and even the law that regulates such situations.

To begin with, when visiting a gynecologist, a girl is asked the question of whether she is a virgin or not. In the event of an affirmative response, she is believed to the word and use most of the inspection tools do not have the right. This is done in order not to violate the integrity of the virgin rod.

With visual examination and other methods, to say for sure the girl before the doctor or not, it is almost impossible.

That is, even if the gynecologist wants to reveal to his parents a “terrible” secret, he cannot be sure of his words, because it will all resemble a fortune -telling on the coffee grounds.

But even if the doctor managed to somehow establish that there was no virginal, but it was more correct to say defloration, then the gynecologist has the right to inform parents only if the patient was not 15 years old.

Otherwise, it is enough to say that you want to keep this information secret. On your side, the federal law and its 54 article “On the basics of protecting the health of citizens of the Russian Federation from 21.eleven.2011 “.

But up to 15 years, parents are fully responsible for the health of their child and therefore such details should know.

But again, it is unlikely that after the examination, the gynecologist will run to your parents home stumbling on the go, so as soon as possible tell them about what they saw!

Another thing is that starting sex life at such an early age is dangerous to health, which are annually reported by doctors of WHO, but then, as they say, the “personal business of everyone”.

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