Belt of fidelity: torture or guarantee of marriage safety? From the first belts of fidelity to modern species.

Belt of fidelity: torture or guarantee of marriage safety?.

Belt of fidelity: torture or guarantee of marriage safety? From the first belts of fidelity to modern species.

According to history, a belt of fidelity appeared in medieval Europe and was called upon to protect her husband from treason, while he is far from the house. But what goals were really pursued by men and women who wore this accessory?

Belts of fidelity in history

It is reliably unknown when the first belt of fidelity appeared. According to one version, the source of its origin was lost somewhere in slave-owned Rome: the slaves were put on a special leather belt in order to avoid pregnancy, since when it was coming, the slave lost his performance. According to another version, the first belt of fidelity found by archaeologists dates from about the XIII century. They were a metal frame – a waist and a plate in the crotch with slots, allowing a woman to defecate, but no more. It is believed that the most widespread belt of fidelity received during the Crusades, when the knights left their wives for a long time and in order to save a marriage and be confident in their faithful fidelity, put on her forged mechanism on the castle, the key to which was taken away with them.

Features of ancient fidelity belts

  • Due to the high cost, only wealthy citizens could use the belts: aristocrats and merchants;
  • The generally recognized masters of the manufacture of belts are Italians – Until now, the belt of fidelity is called «Venetian» or «Florentine» lattice;
  • The initial designs were made in such a way that a woman could celebrate natural need, but there was no question of any personal hygiene, which adversely affected her health;
  • Together with the advent of fidelity belts, the masters of their hacking appeared: among the scammers of that time, the service of making a duplicate of the belt of fidelity was very popular (I must say it was fabulous money);
  • However, when the jewelers took up the manufacture of castles, everything changed: the locks were made with a secret – Whenever someone tried to open it with an improvised tool, a piece of the master was bored, which already served as evidence of the infidelity of the lady.

Belt of fidelity: torture or guarantee of marriage safety? From the first belts of fidelity to modern species.

Fidelity or chastity?

The same story claims that over time the belts received a completely different purpose – Save the chastity of the girl before marriage. It is alleged that the mother put on the girl’s belt. She kept the key, which on the day of marriage solemnly handed over her son -in -law as a sign of confirmation of the cleanliness and purity of the girl. Since virginity in those days was especially appreciated, this approach made it possible to make a daughter more profitable to marry and increase the status and reputation in society.

In Victorian England, the chastity belt received another function – Prevented handwritten. In those dense times, they believed that masturbation causes blindness, baldness and hair growth on the palms. That is why the boys were put on a special mechanism before bedtime, which was attached to the pubic hair. In the case of an innocent morning erection, the forceps pulled by the hair in the groin, and the poor thing woke up from wild pain.

Actually precisely Victorian England and its race for the invention «Anti -Masurgical costume» We are obliged to the emergence of modern fidelity belts for men.

Of course, there is another theory that there was no fidelity belt and all these are fakes of jokers of the 19th century, who created all this laughter for the sake of, and contemporaries not only believed, but also became interested in improving the mechanisms.

Belt – chastity + game = pleasure

Meanwhile, the so -called belt of fidelity still exists. Of course, it is not at all like those terrible metal structures and mechanisms that are represented in museums, but the principle of its wearing remains the same – There is a castle and a key to it.

Modern fidelity belts have become an integral BDSM IGR attribute and their diversity only confirms the demand and popularity of this sexy toy. It looks especially erotic Having spent on the penis or Thongs-dominance, made of leather or latex with additional chains and rings for decoration.

Interesting facts about modern fidelity belts

  • The fidelity belt today is made of plastic, metal, latex and skin;
  • Its main attributes: castle, key and «cut» practically never changed since the invention;
  • Although at the same time you can find a belt with an electronic or code lock;
  • Male belts of fidelity are more popular, and the opinion that gays are more often thanking them more often;
  • There are several workshops in the world specializing in the manufacture of loyalty belts to order, – About 150-200 zones annually are performed according to individual standards and sketches;
  • Modern belts, although they are similar to the design on their ancestors, are not intended for long -term wearing and are more suitable as an element of the game than a real confirmation of fidelity.

The fidelity belt is a fairly interesting and functional accessory that will take a worthy place in your bedroom and certainly will not gather dust on the shelf.

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