A belt of fidelity for women in the Middle Ages: how they went to the toilet

A belt of fidelity for women in the Middle Ages: how they went to the toilet and washed?.

Beautiful legends that courageous warriors went on the Crusades put on their women a belt of fidelity, which was designed to prevent sexual intercourse with other men, were transferred from mouth to mouth and even found their reflection in the literature.In general, a belt of fidelity for women in the Middle Ages has become a kind of symbol of time.

The drawings of metal structures have also been preserved, which were supposedly used for this purpose. There is no doubt of the existence of the devices themselves, but there are many questions to their use.

A belt of fidelity for women in the Middle Ages: why is it just a myth?

Of course, the soldiers went on hikes not for a couple of hours, but for at least a couple of months. During this time, the poor wife would have received terrible irritation, would wipe not only the labia but also the perineum, would receive wounds and blood poisoning.

In addition, a woman is a person, if anyone has forgotten, and sometimes she wants to go to the toilet, which is at least problematic with a belt of fidelity between the legs.

Although in the Middle Ages women could not wash for months, it even forbade the church, nevertheless, in rare cases, she still had to observe intimate hygiene.

And again, a misunderstanding arises, as in menstruation or for other reasons, a woman could provide the necessary manipulations if she was in a belt of fidelity.

To avoid cheating the piece of iron would help hardly. Yes, it is problematic to get pregnant from another man, but to join him in intimacy, it’s like two fingers on asphalt.

Firstly, a kiss is also a betrayal, but how a belt of fidelity prevents it from kissing it? Masturbation again, after all, her hands are free. Nobody canceled oral sex and in the Middle Ages they also knew about it.

So you have to think about the logic of such an invention. Panties of fidelity for women, if there were, then did not make any sense.

Why actually invented a belt of fidelity for women in the Middle Ages?

The fidelity belt for women in the Middle Ages was definitely, there is a lot of confirmation. Only now we were most likely about fidelity to us too much.

In those years, masturbation was considered a great sin, handwritten was fiercely condemned and punished. Meanwhile, adolescence girls in the absence of a sexual partner often resorted to her.

When parents or other people inadvertently witnessed self -satisfaction, this was immediately reported to the rest and the girl was accepted by the victim of the devil.

They did not burn at the stake, but the temptation was interfered. To this end, a design was invented, which simply did not allow the girl to fully stimulate the clitoris and labia, and even more so to penetrate the vagina. The iron mechanism was supplied with a lock, and the key was with the parents or spouse.

How women went to the toilet and washed with a belt of fidelity

Everything is very simple here. The belt was worn only during the period when the girl, in the opinion of her parents, could indulge in carnal joys.

The rest of the time the mechanism was shot and did not interfere with the leading life, including visiting the restroom or swimming.

One of the writers for the first time saw the device probably wondered why this is actually needed.

And they explained to him that this metal mechanism is needed so that the girl keeps chastity. It was meant by handwritten, but a person could have an opinion that a belt keeps a man from cheating from his woman.

Of course, the belt could be worn on another reason. For example, if friends and acquaintances came to visit the spouses.

During the ball and celebrations, it is problematic to keep track of the spouse prone to adventures, so you can put it in an iron structure for a couple of hours. and access intimate places to lock on the lock.

Most likely a beautiful legend appeared, because it sounds and the truth is very impressive. About. that in practice, a long -term wearing a belt of fidelity is impossible, even when using modern materials, no one thought.

It is also useless and terribly cruel to the representatives of the tender sex. Therefore, the existence of this adaptation is possible only in fantasies and erotic literature. In reality, he has no place.

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