6 pos, when a partner is below tall

6 pos, when a partner is below tall.

Such a thing as a big difference in growth can become a real obstacle to harmonious sexual relations. Even for the most ordinary kisses, you have to do many difficult actions: to lean, pull up, stand on socks and so on and so on…

And in bed annoying problems only increase. For example, in a missionary pose, someone finds himself not face to face, but pressed to his chest, which is often less romantic than expected.

Change your growth, of course, cannot. However, many difficulties can be solved simply by choosing a suitable posture. The following six positions are ideal for couples, where a partner is much lower than a man.


6 pos, when a partner is below tall

A repeatedly tested and proven pose works great for partners of different growth. When a man lies on his back, and a woman takes the whole initiative, a comfortable position is achieved. In addition, this position is ideal for partners with large or, conversely, less than average, penis size. A woman fully controls the angle and depth of immersion for the sensual stimulation of the clitoris and point g. Just saddle your partner, turning to face him or with your back.

On the table

6 pos, when a partner is below tall

In fact, it is not necessary to use the table for this – any flat surface towering above the floor is suitable for the partner. Table, chair, bed, wide windowsill, washing machine… The partner lies on his back or side, hugging a man with his feet by the lower back, or folding them together to one side (this is how the effect is achieved “narrow vagina”, due to which stimulation becomes much more sensual). The difference in growth is leveled, since both partners are at the same level.

Curved spoons

6 pos, when a partner is below tall

In the competition for the best sexual pose, spoons can win in nomination for a pose for sleeping! Despite the fact that this pose does not imply active stormy movements, it has excellent potential to stimulate point G and leaves a clitoris completely accessible to caresses – a magnificent combination! The woman lies on her side with her back to the partner and he enters her from behind. Yes, in this position, her head can be at the level of his chest, but it has much less meaning if the partners were facing each other.


6 pos, when a partner is below tall

A man sits on a flat surface (you can lean on a wall or pillow with her back for convenience), a woman sits on him on top of her face to him. This pose is another nominee for victory in the competition “Best control of the depth of immersion”. The woman is completely possessed by the initiative, while both partners are at the same level and can easily maintain eye contact.


6 pos, when a partner is below tall

Another pose in which the difference in growth does not play any meaning. The woman lies down, leaning on her chest and hands, raising a pelvis slightly. For convenience under the tummy, you can put a pillow or a folded blanket. The man enters the back, kneeling. Moreover, he can lean forward to stimulate the chest and clitoris.


6 pos, when a partner is below tall

Eternal classic or pose for all occasions! A woman stands on her knees, leaning on straight arms. The man enters the back. At the same time, he can be on the bed and also stand on his knees, or he can stand on the floor and then even a significant difference in growth will come to naught. At the same time, his hands are free and he can use them for additional stimulation of the breast and clitoris, which will help to achieve a mixed orgasm to reach a partner!

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