5 trend inventions for women in the intimate sphere | Reviews

5 trend inventions for women in the intimate field.

5 trend inventions for women in the intimate sphere | Reviews
In the 21st century, it is not shameful to take care of not only the beauty of the nails, but also about the comfort and aesthetics of intimate places. Air conditioners for pubic hair, vaginoplasty, whitening anus or decorative cosmetics for vulva – everything that would have seemed absurd ten years ago became a reality. Today in the list of 5 most trendy inventions for ladies’ intimate zones.

1. Cowns for cunnilingus

Lorals brand startup, whose name is literally deciphered as "I always love orally" He began to raise funds for an outlandish invention in March 2018 with the help of a popular crowdfunding platform. According to the calculations of the American Melanie Crystal, which is the author of know-how, it was necessary to collect about $ 20,000.

The intrigued audience showed generosity, and the project raised more than $ 30,000 in record time. Panties with the aroma of vanilla made of thin latex will be produced in two models (bikini and shorts). They are designed for disposable use, and the price of one model will not exceed $ 25.

According to Mrs. Crystal, panties are intended for women who are shy of their intimate places, worry about hygiene (for example, during menstruation) or for some other reason do not want to be exposed, but they do not want to deny themselves oral sex. Will the product will be in real demand until it is clear. The first lucky ones who managed to test the panties for free were quite satisfied, but among the Russian -speaking segment, the American novelty has not yet found understanding.

Is it difficult to take a shower? Why have oral sex during menstruation? What is it like a partner to lick latex? These issues are discussed by users under the news of a spicy novelty.5 trend inventions for women in the intimate sphere | Reviews

2. Hyaluronic acid injections to point g

Those who, without panties, seem to be not too bright from sex, you might think about a magical injury.

Injections for lips to enhance the lips have not surprised anyone for a long time, but what will happen if you make an injection in the area of point G? So thoughtful scientists thought and did not slow down to check the miraculous effect of hyaluronic acid in the most delicate female zone. The story has not preserved for us the names of the discoverers, but it seems that soon the procedure will become as simple and ordinary as injections in the lips.

As a result of the injection, point G (that is, that sensitive area on the front wall of the vagina) increases in diameter, and its stimulation gives more vivid sensations during sex, which ultimately leads to a more intense orgasm – and what else is needed?

The procedure is simple, and its effect lasts about six months. In Moscow, this service is already provided by several clinics.

3. Magic Kegel Master simulator

Those who want to strengthen sexual sensations, but are afraid of injections, the Magic Kegel Master simulator is suitable. Intimate muscle training – the idea itself is not new. Kegel’s exercises were developed back in the middle of the 20th century, but since then many gadgets have been invented that allow you to train more efficiently, and also introduce diversity into the process.

The KGOAL simulator costs less than 10 thousand rubles, and it looks like a sand clock, but this baby is intended not only for erotic games.

The simulator is introduced into the body for exercises and himself monitors success through a special application on a smartphone. You can choose a regime for recovery after childbirth, for mastering the skills of the best mistress, preparation for pregnancy and others. In general, if in the gym you have a coach for arms, legs or abdomen, then why not get a coach for intimate muscles? Moreover, he will not smell bad then or to joke unpleasant.5 trend inventions for women in the intimate sphere | Reviews

4. Lobkois hair air conditioner

It seems that the trend for absolute smoothness is a thing of the past. For $ 44, you can purchase air conditioning or oil to care for the frontal hair from the brand with the speaking name Fur ("fur"). The brand has not yet been presented in the world, but delivery from the online store is made around the world.

In fairness, it should be noted that the oil is also careful and behind the hair on the head. But the famous star feminist Emma Watson, who does not hesitate to admit this in an interview in an interview, was invented by their pubic zone. And what? After all, you follow your hair on your head? So why is the most delicate place should be without concern? In a woman of the 21st century, they should be thick, silky and fragrant!

5. Highlighter for the vagina

If the air conditioner for the pubic hair for you is an already completed stage, pay attention to the segment of the care and decorative cosmetics for the intimate area. Yes, yes, the brand with the name of The Perfect V releases a whole line of products for the beauty and youth of the vagina. In addition to basic tools for cleansing, moisturizing and tonic, the company offers to try, for example, a highlighter that moisturizes, lights up and gives a delicate radiance of your V VY V, and also cares for it with vitamin E. Shine – so everywhere!

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