Why men disappear forever after sex, female mistakes

Why men disappear forever after sex, female mistakes.

Why men disappear forever after sex, female mistakes

Good day, dear readers! Your lover, but an unfamiliar man, it would seem, is destined to be destroyed (and thoughts converge, and the stars favors), looked for a long time and beautifully, But after the first sex, he disappeared somewhere.

You ever found yourself in such a situation? The feeling of indignation and incomprehensibility simply overflows, because yesterday it was possible to envy his gallantry, the sea of signs of attention and compliments. I looked in love with my eyes, and today it disappeared. Why do men disappear after sex? The answer here is one: most likely, the woman did something wrong. We will talk about the most common mistakes of the beautiful ladies and the features of such a “strange” behavior of guys.

Why men disappear forever after sex, female mistakes

The main reasons why men do not want to continue

Sex on the first dates for most girls are unacceptable. “You need to get to know each other better” – it is this occasion that is put forward as an official version of the refusal. But in fact, most young ladies are simply afraid to agree to such an early intimate relationship, fearing that a young man will simply run away. Indeed, their fears are not groundless: the reasons why the “cavaliers” were barely disappearing disappearing without a trace for a long time.

For suspicious and loving themselves, to wind up the ladies should specifically note that after sex, the man disappears in two cases:

  1. If he just didn’t like it.
  2. He does not need a serious long -term relationship.

Guys often say that such sex “health for the sake” does not oblige anyone to anything. But emotional and thin romantic female natures can only understand this? Girls, convinced that they were simply used, feel abandoned surrounded by trampled hopes. Being 100% confident in such a turn of events, not a single woman would lay down in bed with such a “Donjuan”.

By the way, that a lot is interesting: each of the above reasons has its continuation. If you figure out in more detail why a man disappears after sex, then we can distinguish a lot of reasons directly related to two basic.

The most striking examples of explanations of male behavior are:

  • I just wanted sex, and a serious relationship is useless to me.
  • I have a girl (or wife), I wanted diversity, so there can be no question of any relationship.
  • I satisfied my sporting interest, sleep with me or not, but I have no serious intentions to you.
  • I am a pickup, which means seduce girls to have sex with them – my hobby. I feel great without a permanent partner.

Why men disappear forever after sex, female mistakes

What to do if a man disappeared after the first sex with him

In these cases, the guys have no feelings for a partner, a decisive role belongs exclusively to lust and interest. But there are other reasons why a man after the first intimacy disappears without explanation. There are guys for whom the quality of sex is a priority in relationships, so they, as a rule, rush their partners as soon as possible to give up love joys. After all, they do not want to waste time, efforts and money for courtship, until they are convinced that a woman is really suitable for them in bed. And the reasons why sex with a particular young lady may not like a man, however, like a woman herself (by the way, the fair sex is much more likely to be disappointed with the first proximity with a new partner), starting from pheromones and smell of body, ending with intimate caresses technique.

Here, only one can advise offended: do not lose heart, but understand and release with a free heart.

All of the above reasons why a man can disappear after sex do not depend on a woman. T.e., If initially the guy does not plan a serious continuation, and enters into touch with the girl to satisfy his own physiology, there is no sense to expect something exalted and mutual from him. The same can be said if sex with a partner came to him “not to taste”. Of course, it will not be necessary to blame someone except herself, a young lady if she neglects hygiene or never heard about intimate haircuts. But in any case, it is pointless to find out the reason here, and she will no longer have the opportunity to rehabilitate.

How to leave a good impression of herself after sex

But what if a woman destroys possible happiness with her own hands? You know what “after -severity” is? It is like a aftertaste that remains after dessert or aromatic coffee. Passionate sensual sex should also remain a pleasant memory, thinking about which a light trembling will run through the body every time.

But how do men regard the quality of sensations after intimacy? In their understanding, the ideal “aftertaste” is:

  • Unrivaled master and guru of sex – the guy must feel like a real hero. The girl needs to behave so that the man sincerely believes that he was on top. In addition to high self -esteem, it is important for each guy to know that the partner was satisfied, and she liked absolutely everything.
  • The behavior of a woman after sex should not be obsessive. Guys do not like when girls begin to panic and shout “God, I am so ashamed that I have done?”, But also they do not like it when lying in bed after intimacy, ladies say:” Now we are a couple “or” This means that you and I will forever get married when we get married?”.

Why men disappear forever after sex, female mistakes

Indeed, no matter how good the lovers in bed, women begin to immediately think about the future. A too serious attitude towards a barely aroused novel after a joint night and dreams aloud about marriage, children and a house with a summer house scare away men. What remains for them if the partner only does what the relationship, requires endless evidence of love and limits the personal space? Of course, run. It is not surprising why men disappear after sex.

Tip for girls: if you have decided to let a gentleman to your place, then do it with pure thoughts, do not guess what will happen later. Everything has its time, the main thing is to stay sincere and open.

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