Why is there pain during sex? Frequent reasons and methods of solution | Questions about problems in sex

Why is there pain during sex? Frequent reasons and ways to solve.

Why is there pain during sex? Frequent reasons and methods of solution | Questions about problems in sex
Every second woman faces pain during sex. Sensations can be single or repeated. It is important to find out their cause and remove it. In some situations, the help of a doctor will be required. But pain is not a sentence, you can cope with it, so that in the future only joy gives proximity.

Pain happens often

When pain occurs, sex does not give pleasure. He can turn into an unpleasant duty if you do not eliminate the problem. And it is important not to be silent about discomfort, but to discuss this with a partner and gynecologist.

The pain is different. One has an episodic, others have constant. If the severity in the lower abdomen and unpleasant sensations last for a long time, consultation with a specialist is necessary. If sensation occurs only in the process of sex, it is worth understanding the reason on your own.

Gynecologists even have the name pain in sex – this is dyspareunia. This is the initial conclusion, the reason for which in the future the doctor finds out. Unpleasant sensations can occur any age. And this does not need to be scared, almost This can always be fixed.

Due to dry vagina

Many believe that the amount of female lubrication is an indicator of excitement. But it is not always the case. A woman may want sex, but there will be no lubricant. This happens due to stress, wrong diet, fatigue, etc.

80% of women are faced with the problem of dry vaginal. Someone has obvious reasons, for example, menopause or a period after childbirth, someone cannot understand the origin of the problem. But this is solved.

How to eliminate pain? High -quality lubricant to moisturize removes pain. There is no rubbing of the skin with it, cracks do not form. Lubrication is applied to genitals before sexual contact, and it protects the fabric.

Sex with grease is always more pleasant than without it. Millions of pairs know this, and it is worth trying the use of a lubricant at the first signs of dryness.

Important. Replace grease with saliva, baby cream, lotion is prohibited. This can lead to inflammation and even greater problems.Why is there pain during sex? Frequent reasons and methods of solution | Questions about problems in sex

Pain with deep penetration

If the penis of a large man, he can rest against the cervix, and this causes discomfort. It is especially clearly manifested in the Doggi Style pose. The pain is sharp, but short -lived.

You should not be scared, such a discrepancy between the genitals is found in many steam. This is not a reason to sound the alarm. This is not dangerous for health. Such pain distracts, reduces excitement, and you need to learn how to avoid it.

How to eliminate pain with a small depth of the vagina? It is enough to choose other poses and ask a man not to enter too deep. In the pose of a spoon, a rider is easier to control the immersion, not allowing pain.

If you work on increasing excitation, this problem may also disappear. If the prelude lasts longer, the female body will be ready to accept the necessary dimensions. This method does not always work, but there are couples to which it helps.

Burning, pain and itching during sex

If itching occurs during sex, this is a sign of infection. If there is still an unusual smell from genitals or discharge, then you definitely need to go to the doctor. Inflammation is not necessarily caused by infection from a partner, even a cold may cause a reason. Before installing an accurate diagnosis, to understand what kind of illness it is, it is impossible.

How to get rid of pain? Refuse sex and undergo an examination by a specialist. A total of a pair of tests will help exclude possible diseases. Often treated in tandem with a loved one.

Pain that does not pass after sex

If pain occurs during proximity, and then it lasts a few more hours or days-this is a sign of the disease of the urine system. It can be myoma, endometriosis, ovarian cyst. All these diseases are treated, do not pose a threat to life, but the sooner they are discovered, the better.

How to eliminate pain? See a doctor and make an ultrasound. Other tests can be prescribed for diagnosis.Why is there pain during sex? Frequent reasons and methods of solution | Questions about problems in sex

Sex pain after childbirth

If there were gaps or cuts during childbirth, they can get sick. Complete healing occurs from 2 to 18 weeks. And during this period, having sex can bring discomfort.

How to eliminate pain after childbirth? Before healing, it is worth abandoning vaginal contacts. But at the same time, anal or clitoral stimulation is not prohibited. If the pain does not pass after 6-8 months, you need to talk to the doctor, sometimes the seam correction is performed.

Pain caused by negative emotions

There is a pain that is caused by non -physiological problems. It can be divided into 2 parts. The first is an unwillingness to have sex with a certain person, and pain due to the lack of excitement and humiliation. The second-due to the previously experienced injury and fear of its repetition.

How to remove fear? If the relationship is not satisfied, if sex with a man is unpleasant, you do not need to agree to him. Such sexual contacts are destructive for physical and emotional health, you need to try to avoid them. If possible, it is worth talking to a partner, tell him about the sensations, a way out of such a situation needs to be sought together. If he does not make contact, you need to look for help from loved ones, try to get out of such a union.

How to deal with body reaction? If there was a traumatic experience of sex, he can interfere with love. Stiffness, compression in this case occur automatically, a person cannot control them. This must be told to the partner. And then contact a psychologist or sexologist. Only a specialist will help to overcome this problem.

Pain during anal sex

Incorrect preparation can cause pain during anal. What can be mistaken in the process?

  • Little lubricant. In that case, the contact can be very unpleasant, since delicate skin is not protected, there is no smoothness in sliding. This leads to cracks and breaks.
  • The unpreparedness of the hole. The anus is stretched gradually with the help of hands or sex toys. This needs to be spent a lot of time so that the penis then enters easily. If you miss this moment, then there will be a severe pain.
  • Too sharp movements. You need to move during anal smoothly, letting a person get used to the object in the anus. Fast movements are acceptable, but not immediately. If you do not observe the host, it can be easily injured.
  • Intestinal diseases. The presence of cracks, hemorrhoids are contraindications for anal, if you ignore them, there will be a serious pain. Complications will also occur, after which you need to recover for a long time.

Why is there pain during sex? Frequent reasons and methods of solution | Questions about problems in sex
How to eliminate pain in anal? It is worth studying the theoretical part in order to prevent errors. It is useful to buy high -quality lubricant specifically for anal. But still do not rush in the process.

If cracks (even invisible) appeared during the anal, it is worth postponing the next experience until complete healing. If there is itching, pain, burning during defecation, this is a symptom that there is injuries.

Pain during oral sex

Blowjob and cunnilingus can also cause pain. And most often this is due to improper execution. Unpleasant sensations occur both to the given side. The reasons for the pain are as follows:

  • Bites. With teeth, you can injure the skin of the genitals. And the wounds are very painful. To avoid – you need to improve the technique of execution.
  • Rubbing. More often occur with hands stimulation. Sudden movements without lubrication can cause pain. Sometimes it is important not to accelerate, but to change the movement pattern for pleasure.
  • Flow of body parts. Neck, jaw can get tired during the execution process. And even the legs and the receiving can get tired if the placement is uncomfortable. It is better to take a comfortable pose for everyone in advance.
  • Fractures. Happens very rarely and only in men. If a girl falls on a dick. Restoration requires surgery intervention.

How to avoid pain during blowjob and cunnilingus? It is worth remembering that during oral caresses it is worth adding a lubricant. And you also need to do everything carefully, taking care of your health and partner. It is imprudence that causes pain, and it can easily be avoided, adhering to the safety rules.

Pain when using sex toys

During sex or masturbation with sex toys, pain can also occur. Most often it is associated with severe sensitivity. If the touch of the device is unpleasant, if they seem very strong, discomfort occurs.

Pain happens immediately after orgasm, if you do not remove the device, but continue to touch the clitoris or head of the penis. At such a moment, it is better to turn off the device or choose another speed.

How to eliminate pain from sex toys? Use them only at minimal modes. Light fluctuations will not cause an unpleasant reaction. But if the initial movements seem strong, you need to choose a device with lower power or without vibration at all.Why is there pain during sex? Frequent reasons and methods of solution | Questions about problems in sex
If the clitoris is very sensitive, then it can be stimulated through the hood. This is a skin fold, the beginning of the labia that close it. Through them there is a much more tender effect.

The sensitive head can also be massaged through the foreskin if the man is not cut off. Or touch only the penis trunk, avoiding delicate areas.

Questions about pain during sex

The amount of lubrication is not always associated with desire, you can try to explain it to him. But if it’s difficult to talk, say your gynecologist said it was necessary. And then he will try and understand that everything is much more convenient with the lubricant, and in the future it will not be against such an additive.You yourself control the depth of penetration with a sex toy. A man in the process can get carried away and enter as deep as possible. Therefore, it is important to tell him about discomfort. If he cannot limit himself, buy an erective ring that will not allow him to enter the entire length. Wide models are perfect for this.Sensations depend not only on the size, but also on excitement. The female body adjusts to the size. And if strong excitement occurs, the vagina can “accept” a larger size. Most likely, emotionally you treat a partner differently, and with who causes a greater desire, sex seems more interesting and pleasant.Such events affect a lot, and a complete cure takes a lot of time. To cope, contact a psychologist, he will help to cope with the stress. It may be necessary to work together with your man, but this will significantly reduce the recovery time. This problem can be removed, but you need to work with it.During the menstruation of the cervix, the uterus is slightly lowered. And it also becomes more sensitive. And if the penis takes it to her that it is given to pain. So that this does not happen, change the pose. Choose a position in which the penetration is not deep, it is, for example, “spoons”. You can still control the depth in the pose “Riddle”.Do not be afraid of the first intercourse, the process is not terrible. There is a probability of pain, but it is not strong. With sufficient excitation of discomfort, there will be no. It is only important to relax, tune in so that what is happening gives joy.

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