What is flagellation? Rules of flogging and how to do it

What is flagellation? Rules of flogging.

What is flagellation? Rules of flogging and how to do it

Flagellation – The word at first glance is unfamiliar, but actually close to many of us. Each couple has tried sex with sado-mazo elements at least once in my life. I like to scratch your beloved back? Crazy about the set with handcuffs and a whip that the partner gave? Both men and women equally love cruel games, so getting acquainted with their rules will not be superfluous.

Whip method without gingerbread

Flagellation (from Latin words «Flagello» – «Beaching» And «Flagellum» – «Beach, whip») – This is the name of one of the psycho-erotic practices that is a remarkable popularity in the circles of especially interested people. Simply put, this is a kind of sadism and masochism – in the common people called flogging. Imagination rejoices: erotic scenes with a whip and handcuffs immediately flash. And there are actually much more options: virtuosos in bed do such tricks that most of us have not even dreamed!

Flagellanism – The real movement that began in the 18th century! Tortures were first used only for the purpose of punishment, then – as repentance (mass self -flagellation). The situation today is slightly different. In September, since 1984, even Folsom Street Fair is held, a grand event dedicated to the BDSM and showing products for the Games of Sado-Mazo and flagellation. Tortures have long ceased to be considered something strange and abnormal.

We flagellate correctly!

Flagellation can be of two types: active and passive. A lover of torturing himself and a partner call a flagellant or flagloman. Active flogging – these are inclinations to self -flagellation or tormenting a partner. Passive flagellant is called the one who enjoys accepting such «Lask». To those who do not care the role in action, and the process itself is important, the name has glued «Svitch».

Why flagellation is so common? Even one who has never tried hard intimate caresses, secretly dreams of such an interesting experience. Large selection of techniques, erotic paraphernalia (fetish-webar from sex shop), bandage – Such things turn and inspire on exploits in bed.

What is flagellation? Rules of flogging and how to do it

Consider the basic flagellation rules:

  1. In order to cause pain to a partner, intimate toys for flogging are most often used. It can be an ordinary scourge or whip, a flogger – Watch with several tails, glass – a cane with a handle and a slap that strikes.
  2. You can also launch in the process of sexual games by improvised materials: rods, cords, metal rods, leather belts, massagers.
  3. You can combine flagellation with binding with ropes or belts.
  4. Sometimes physical pain is much weaker psychological pain: many people like the process of humiliation and subordination, you should not forget about it.
  5. As additional «eloquent» Special effects can be used screams and tears, some try verbal rudeness.
  6. It is important to put a border with a partner in advance, for which it is forbidden to cross: the degree of physical violence, the attributes and techniques used.
  7. It is necessary to come up with your feet signal, after which the scourging stops. Often partners use the principle of traffic lights: word «green» means «continue», yellow – a little more and there will be overkill, red – full abuse of authority and unambiguous stop. A similar option is the game in «Cold and hot».
  8. Important: if during the game the partner has gags or a coins in his mouth, then saying a word or phrase will not work quickly, so the stop-signal can be a gesture or action.
  9. The basic principles of flagellation – voluntariness, security and rationality. The practice is quite dangerous, so blows on the head, lower back (especially in the kidney area) are prohibited, on the face (so as not to damage the eyes).
  10. Tortures in the abdomen, hands, IRC, shoulders are not too popular.
  11. The most favorite places for torture are the buttocks (the rear passage, including), back, chest, genitals.

The flagellation begins, as a rule, with a slight use of force, light strokes and slaps with a whip or flogger, ends with frantic physical suffering of a passive fan of flogging. Are such hobbies some kind of mental deviation? If it does not cross the boundaries of the rational, then then. Easy flogging – the erotic fantasy of many of us, so after all?

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