The reasons for the fear of kisses

The reasons for the fear of kisses.

Some people are afraid to kiss others. This can have completely different reasons and, depending on the reason, you can cope with this fear in different ways.

Physical intimacy is an important part of many relationships. For many people, kisses, hugs and sex are an important part of them. The fear of kisses is rarely talked. Many people do not dare to raise this topic – especially with their partner. This gives rise to self -doubt, because a person often does not know why he is not kissed.

Fear of kisses is called phylemaphobia. If you notice the presence of this pathological fear, you should consult a doctor.

The reasons for dislike for kisses

1. Inexperience. People who have never kissed anyone, are often afraid to do it. This is because they do not know what to expect, and they are afraid not to live up to expectations. With each kiss, this fear is reduced.

2. Fear of an unsuccessful kiss. Perhaps you already had an unsuccessful experience. Perhaps someone told you that you are poorly kissing. Often such experience leads to the fact that a person is constantly tormented by the idea that he simply does not know how to kiss.

3. Phylemaphobia. This is a pathological fear of kisses. Phylemaphobia can be a condition requiring treatment, depending on how strong experiences it causes. Only a qualified specialist can make a diagnosis.

4. Lack of attraction to another person. Perhaps you have no general fear of kisses. Many people think that they are afraid of kisses, although it is the partner that does not attract them. It can also lead to the fact that you just don’t want to kiss.

5. Asexuality. If you consider unattractive not only kisses, but also sex, and other types of physical proximity, you may be asexual. This is not a disease, but just a different manifestation of sexuality. Asexual people simply have no attraction to sexual actions. In this case, the pressure from the outside often leads to a feeling of anxiety.

What can be done with the fear of kisses?

If you really have phylemaphobia, you should consult a doctor. A psychologist or sex therapist can not only diagnose phylemaphobia, but also help you overcome it.

If you are just afraid to kiss, your first step should be a conversation with a partner, because he is also hard for him. He can also be more attentive, which will help you feel more comfortable. If you are afraid of unsuccessful kisses, he will help you calm down. Be sure to talk to your partner about your fears.

Good advice, especially for beginners and uncertain people, is to practice kisses with your own hand. It is best to practice alone so that no one looks at you. So you can get used to kisses and practice.

General rule: do it slowly. First try light lips contact, do not immediately go to the French kiss.

If you just don’t find your partner attractive, you should think about parting.

In addition to all these tips, there is nothing wrong if you just don’t want to kiss. This is completely normal, and, of course, you should not do what you do not want. But be honest with a partner and explain to him why you do not want to kiss – he should know.

As you can see, fear of kisses can have many reasons. If you experience severe suffering, try different ways to overcome your fear. In any case, you should talk to your lover, he will help you not be alone with your fears.

The reasons for the fear of kisses

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