The man quickly ends – the causes, problems and methods of struggle

He ends quickly.

The man quickly ends – the causes, problems and methods of struggle

Fans of the series “Sex and the City” will surely recall a very piquant scene in which Charlotte, one of the main characters, discovers that her future husband has big problems with ejaculation. “I can inflate sails, but the schooner does not have time to go into the harbor,” the guy sadly explains, erasing the sperm from the blanket – because he finished as soon as the girl touched his penis with his hand. Premature ejaculation is a fairly common problem: at least 25% of men, according to various estimates, experienced difficulties with the length of sexual intercourse.

Often men compare themselves with porn actors, believing that active frictions of 30 minutes of some porn star like Johnny Sins is an easily achievable result for most representatives of the stronger sex. You need to understand that sex in porn is directed from and to, and actors make special injections in a member so that the erection lasts as long as possible. Sexologists give the following calculations: if it passes up to 59 seconds from the vaginal entry to orgasm – this is a definitely premature ejaculation;from 1 to 3 minutes-the norm.

When physiology is to blame

The process of identifying the cause of too ambulance should begin with a trip to the urologist – it is worth excluding hidden inflammatory processes in the prostate, which directly affect the length of sexual intercourse.

The man quickly ends – the causes, problems and methods of struggle

In addition, a short bridle can also provoke an early onset of orgasm – then the doctor will direct to a simple operation, during which the bridle is cut.

Too sensitive the head of the penis does not allow to fully enjoy love games, then special exercises come to the rescue. Having exposed the head of the penis, a man should make them a series of light strike movements on the hips and pubis, accustoming himself to the constant irritation of nervous endings. The circumcision is also called upon to serve – the head constantly related to linen, in the end, becomes less sensitive.

Special lubricants with anesthetics, condoms with a prolonging effect, as well as the choice of a posture will also help reduce the hypersensitivity of the penis. It is worth avoiding poses and practices that create additional stimulation of a member: for example, combinations in which the girl lies on her side and creates additional pressure with the weight of her leg. It will also be useful to ask the partner to refuse during sex of the nipples and stimulation of other erogenous zones. Enrection rings are suitable for some men, which are worn on the base of the penis and block the outflow of blood after orgasm, allowing some time to make frictions and bring the partner to the climax.

Psychological factors

Psychological factors are in the first place in the problem of premature ejaculation. For example, if the first intimate relations between the young man took place in a fairly stressful environment – a hostel, a room with neighbors where it is not prelude and long caresses – you need to finally finish, then in the future difficulties are already possible in more comfortable conditions.

Whatever the cause of the onset of too fast orgasm, you need to break the neural connection in this behavioral template and form a new. Sexologist Julia Gayvoronskaya offers to do this with a solo of training. In the process of masturbation, the man brings himself to the highest point and tries to catch the moment of no return. That is, the moment in which you can still stop and wait for an erection decline without ejaculation. In subsequent sessions, having learned to catch this condition, you need to try to transfer thoughts into another channel at that moment – think about work, utility bills, Trump’s impeachment and track your feelings after that. Thus, a man delays the moment of ejaculation and breaks the familiar template of actions to achieve an orgasm.

After several training, you can transfer them to the bedroom and try them out with your beloved girl. Particularly imaginary can buy a masturbator and surprise it with a stable and long erection, which grows stronger day by day.

You can supplement these workouts with Kegel’s exercises – they are useful not only for women. Reducing the muscles, as when trying to delay urination, the man will strengthen both the quality of the erection and the strength of orgasm.

It is worth solving the problem of premature ejaculation with an understanding partner: if you ask it to massage the member, it will also benefit in terms of breaking the usual template – after all, it takes less time to achieve orgasm independently, and the girl extends it.

Whatever the cause of too fast ejaculation, you do not need to reproach yourself and reproach in insufficient accordance with the image of masculinity. The man is primarily one who is not afraid of difficulties and aims at the result.

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