Stimulation of point G in women – how to correctly

Search and stimulation of the Gure of G in women.

Point G – one of the most sensitive places in women and its stimulation can cause a strong orgasm. But in order to find her from a particular partner, you will have to make some efforts and spend time searching and stimulation. It is not easy to do this in an unexplored state, it is necessary to find your partner already on the platoon, during or after orgasm. It is during this period that the G-zone swells and it is possible to find it.

Stimulation of point G in women – how to correctly


How to find a point g

In order for your searches to be more simple, the pose is suitable when the girl lies on her back, and her legs are divorced to the sides. Next, you need to introduce two fingers into your partner’s bosom and start to feel that zone located under the pubic bone. This place among the representatives of the weaker sex is less sensitive, so a stubborn press will be required. Well, if you ask your partner a clue where you should move your fingers.

It is necessary to feel a small lump with a rough surface, its dimensions can be less than a pea. If you squeeze it, then the girl to feel some discomfort and the feeling that she needs to empty, but in just a few seconds this feeling will begin to grow into pleasure.

In order to achieve the maximum effect, a man needs to grab this lump with two fingers. Then it is necessary to squeeze and unclench it in a given rhythm, while it is unforgettable that these compression should be strong enough. However, you should not get carried away, the surface of the vagina in women is very tender, so you should not apply rudeness and negligence to it. How to caress the point G you can tell you the partner herself, the main thing is to find the cherished area and start stimulating.

If you follow all the instructions about how to find a GO of women and will stimulate it correctly, then your partner will experience the most important orgasm, and you will receive unforgettable gratitude.

For stimulation of the point G A woman is not necessary for a woman, or rather, she will even be easier for her herself. It is necessary to take the same pose indicated above or sitting on the toilet. In the same way, it is necessary to introduce two fingers into the vagina and, according to their own feelings, grope the cherished place. And it is worth remembering that at first you will have the feeling that you are now described now, although in fact you just feel very pleasure.

Stimulation of point G in women – how to correctly

Stimulation of the GOT – Methods and pose

Due to the special arrangement of this point, its stimulation is almost impossible during intercourse, only if a partner’s member has a curved form, as with an erection. To excite this zone, you need to know special poses to stimulate point G. Experts advise using a pose when a man is behind, and a woman rests her knees on a bed or another surface. The pose of a rider is also suitable.

However, for the best stimulation of point G, you can use special vibrators. At the moment, the choice of such toys is quite large, so before going to a sex shop it is worth carefully studying the features of your body and the location of such a sensitive place.

A feature of vibrators that are aimed at stimulating dots g The fact that they have a curved shape. Moreover, this bend may not be very noticeable, or on the contrary, have a large angle of inclination. In addition, vibration massagers can have different thicknesses: from diameter with a pencil to a very large size. The same applies to the length of this sex toy, though do not forget that the coveted point is often at a depth of 3 to 5 cm.

As you could already understand, the selection of the vibrator will only depend on your individual characteristics, for example, if your point reacts from light touch, then the bend of the product should be small, if on the contrary it is better to give preference to the vibrator with a large angle of bending.

Stimulation of point G in women – how to correctly

In addition to the size, the material is also important from which the toy is made. In any sex shop there is a large selection of vibrators using various materials. It can be made of plastic, latex or alloy. Latex is suitable for those girls whose point is deep and has a weak sensitivity. If it is easy to excite, then you should pay attention to vibrators from silicone.

In order to Point stimulation G passed at the highest level, it is necessary to choose massagers with different levels of vibration. In this case, you can choose the speed that suits you. There are also pulsating vibrators, they are best suited for this purpose, especially those where there is rotation. Not the entire massager vibrates in these models, but only its corner. Moreover, here you can choose not only speed, but also the angle of inclination of the head.

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