Sex in the car | Informative

Sex in the car.

Sex in the car | Informative
You wanted to experience something new? I want extreme, but you are not ready for sex in busy places? Then this option will be the most optimal. Sex in the car can be both very extreme and completely safe in terms of discovering your couple at the most awkward moment by strangers. This is probably the most popular place, not counting the apartment, than sex in the car so attracts people?

Why a car?

Sex in the car is very popular, probably because it is your property (or your fight), and there you feel in a certain safety, on the other hand, wherever you parked, it is likely that you are caught and, of course, it adds a highlight inEverything that happens. This will help to diversify your sex life. You can have sex as soon. I’ll try to offer you a couple of options for a wonderful time time.

Blowjob in the car

You can, of course, start with some corners of parks, parking lots or streets, but there is a much more interesting option, and your young man will definitely like it. The plot is just like 2×2. Suppose you are going home or vice versa, it’s not the point, the main thing is that it is dark time. Start stringing his leg every time raising his hand above and higher. Ask to park the car somewhere on the sidelines of the lively highway (Kutuzovsky Prospekt – the perfect place). Ask to stop, and give free rein to your imagination, you can immediately start stripping it or start with kisses – this is your choice. If sitting is too close – move back, so as not to beat your head on the steering wheel and give it an unforgettable pleasure. Cars flying nearby will make extreme. Sometimes cleaners drive there and here the main thing is not to fasten and continue, I do not think that he will like if you stop the action at an unnecessary moment.

According to my data, the conclusion of this action will be enchanting) He will not be able to forget this for a long time and will ask for a repeat. Thus, you can learn all the busy tracks of your city. Of course I can’t promise so that you are not fined))) But then you will combine two things that people love: blowjob and car! And do not forget to use Taste lubricants.

I strongly do not recommend sex while driving!!! Remember this is very dangerous not only for you!!!!

Sex in the car | Informative

Sex in the car

There is one very important rule here! Whatever desire you are defeated by the first thing to do is put a car on a handbrake or parking on an automatic box!!!

Done? Continue

I will not disassemble the situation when everything is planned in advance and you are prepared straight. Just impatient. Suppose you walked somewhere in the park and in your bright head the insidious plan has ripened, you can perfectly beat this situation. On the street is gray autumn and any girl freezes (well, or supposedly freezes), ask him to warm you. And here you are in the car, I will kiss a couple, a little crazy pens and you can think about the pose. There is a little option, but the most beloved and famous:

1) pose of a rider. The most convenient for a car is suitable for any seats. But, of course, it is better to avoid the driver’s way, since there is an opportunity to hit not only with your head on the roof, and on the steering wheel and by chance, press something.

2) Doggi Style – this option is more suitable for the rear seats. I hope I hope you do not need to explain

3) Pose 69 – of course you can try the front, but I do not recommend

4) you can try the “hero” pose (not sure of the name) for this you will have to lay out the rear seat and move the front. You go to your back across the rear seat and raise your legs, he kneels.

5) Girl on the stomach. Lower passenger sitting half, you lie down and rest your hands on the back seat, it is from above.

6) And of course, the most famous “missionary posture”, if you are both compactly, you may not have to lay out the rear seat.

Sex in the car | Informative

Not many rules

I have already said about the handbrake, but there are a couple of things that should be observed in order to avoid the consequences:

1) Do not forget to lock the doors, especially if you are in an unscrewed place or forest, there is always a risk of running into robbers, etc.D.

2) Turn off the car engine so that God forbid not to poison with carbon monoxide, of course you can open the windows, but then you can encounter the first point.

Sex in the car | Informative

And most importantly, do not forget to take more money with you! In our country, sex in public places is prohibited, and what is a “public place” is not clear. And maybe you have to pay a fine. It is not clear in what size)))

Well, if you haven’t found yourself a partner, you can use vibrator or masturbator, In order to pass cold, autumn evenings.

Good sex and stormy orgasms.
Olga Romanova

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